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This book is dedicated to Molly.

My dog and constant companion and friend... when she’s not eating cat poop out of the litter box.


Glossary of Terms

The Prophecy

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About the Author

Also by Rinna Ford

Copyright © 2019 by Rinna Ford

All rights reserved.

Cover design by Quirah Casey of Salvation Creations

Editing by Dani Black

Formatting by Gina Wynn

No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without express written permission from the author. Any unauthorized use of this material is prohibited.

This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, businesses, companies, events or locales are completely coincidence.

Glossary of Terms

Supernatural - Term used to describe those other than human. Specifically casters, shifters, and vampires.

Casters - Magic users. Casters have natural magic and can cast spells. They can also have other skills, such as premonition and telekinesis. Their extra powers range from naturally weak to naturally powerful. The males of the species find their mates when they are both at least 20 years old and are driven to find them, no matter the distance. Mates can always feel their other halves when they are close by, even if they are not fully mated. Casters, both male and female, are stronger psychically, mentally, and physically when fully mated. They have long lives and can live around 600 years, if not killed prematurely.

Shifters - Supernaturals that transform into animals. Shifters can either be wolves, bears, dragons, horses, tigers, or sharks. They can only take one form and it is the form one of their shifter parents take. Each species of shifter has strengths and weaknesses the others don’t possess. They are the most volatile of the supernatural species. Children first shift into their beasts when they reach puberty and are able to change at will after that. Males find their mates when they are both at least 20 years old and are driven to find their mates, no matter the distance. Mates can always feel their other half when they are nearby, even if they are not fully mated. Shifters, both male and female, are stronger physically and mentally when fully mated. They have long lives and can live around 500 years, if not killed prematurely.

Vampires - Blood-sucking supernatural creatures that are made, not born. They appear human, except for their eyes that turn red and fangs that descend when feeding or agitated. Vampires are able to go out into daylight, but prefer the night because of eye sensitivity. They feed solely on the blood of other beings, human and supernatural. Vampires possess the ability to influence others, can move very fast, and are expert hunters. They too have mates, but males only find them if/when their mates are made vampire. Males can go their entire lives without finding mates. Once a male senses his mate has been made, he is driven to find her, no matter the distance. Mates can always sense their mates whenever they are close by, even if not fully mated. Vampires are stronger mentally, physically, and psychically when fully mated. They are immortal and can live forever, if not killed.

Supernatural Council - Ruling body of the supernatural species. It is made up of three members of each of the three species; vampires, casters, and shifters, making nine total Council members. There is one member of each of the chosen Council member groups that is made to be a Head Councilman. Vampire Council members can only rule up to 500 years since they are true immortals. Shifter and caster Council members serve until they choose to step down or until death. New Council members are chosen by the remaining Council members, not elected by the society.

Supernatural society - Supernaturals live in secret, hiding in plain sight. Most choose to live among humans, but some live outside in community groups. Each of the supernatural species rule themselves, like states, with their Council members at the head, while the entire Council rules them all as a national government would. Each of the supernatural races can only procreate within their own species, never mixing the others. Vampires cannot give birth to children, so they are forbidden from turning other supernaturals to vampires. Mixing species will result in dilution of the races, according to the Council, and is punishable by death. Paranormal races are to remain pure and intact.

An accursed child of earth and fire,

bathed in blood on the darkest of nights

will rule supreme.

War will be waged,

lives will be lost,

but harmony and peace can be found

when three destinies are one.

Chapter One

“Well, I guess that’s it. It could be worse, right?”

I looked back and forth with concern between the tiny, rundown diner at the end of the quietest, most deserted street I’d ever seen and my mate, Xander, as he gripped the steering wheel tightly. He was concerned too, but not about the diner’s appearance. I quickly learned pretty much everything in the supernatural world wasn’t as it seemed, but it was something he had known his entire life because he had grown up in it.

No, he wasn’t concerned about the way the diner and its street looked, he was concerned about the fact we were literally walking into a strange place that would more than likely be crawling with supes. We didn’t know anything about the place, other than there was possibly a woman inside who could help me.

We did our best over the last week and a half to keep to ourselves as we took a roundabout way from Xan’s home in the Tennessee mountains to Graystone, California. We had been on the run for eight days before approaching the tiny coastal town, in

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