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The Forgotten Empire:

War for the Empire

A Forgotten Empire Novel

(The Forgotten Empire: War for the Empire, Book 4)



Raymond L. Weil

USA Today Best Selling Author

Books in the Forgotten Empire Series

The Forgotten Empire: Banishment (Book 1)

The Forgotten Empire: Earth Ascendant (Book 2)

The Forgotten Empire: The Battle for Earth (Book 3)

The Forgotten Empire: The War for the Empire (Book 4)

The Forgotten Empire: The Confederation and Empire at War (Book 5)

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. No part of this publication can be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the author.
























This book is dedicated first and foremost to my mom, Debra.  She encouraged my dad to follow his dream of writing and supported him throughout his writing career.  She was his inspiration and comfort in times of struggles and hardships.  They enjoyed 46 years of marriage.

To my Dad’s sister, Diana, who he could joke around with and who allowed my dad to be his ornery self.  They shared a love of cooking, which I believe came across in numerous books, in the detail of the food.

To Aunt Bobbie and Uncle George, who were like parents to my dad.  Thank you for supporting and taking care of both of my parents throughout their health struggles.  You are truly appreciated.  I know Dad always enjoyed your presence and nurturing manner.

To my brother, Chris, who shared a love of farming and soccer with our dad.  I am glad he had someone to pass on all of his farming wisdom too.

To Payton, his oldest grand-daughter, who was cherished from the moment she was born.  He was so proud of you for working hard in pursuit of your career goals.  He enjoyed many years of watching you play soccer and your dad try to coach you.

To Lexi, who he loved watching out on the farm spending countless hours riding and training your barrel racing horses.  He was so proud that you were so determined and persevered through everything to follow your passion of barrel racing.  He always did have pointers for you on how you could get better, but deep down knew that you probably knew more than he did about the subject.

To my son Braden, who shared a love of camping and fishing with his grandpa.  He also loved hearing Grandpa’s campfire stories.  He always insists we tell stories around the campfire, but no one holds a candle to the stories Grandpa could tell.

To Jacob, who I believe inherited his orneriness from his grandpa, as well as his creative imagination.  Grandpa loved hearing all the stories I would tell him of how ornery you are and the things you say.

To Victoria, who always had an ongoing game of tag with Grandpa.  He really loved all the time he was able to spend with you and being able to pick you up from school.

To Beckham, who will carry on the family name.  He was so excited to watch Chris “pay for his raising.”  I am sure we will all get some good laughs in the future watching you grow up.  Hopefully you will take after your grandpa a lot, especially in orneriness.

As for myself, I think I inherited my Dad’s imagination, although I don’t hold a candle to him.

The treasured friendships of Dusty, Dana, Judy, and Bud, I am glad you guys were able to have the special friendships that you guys have had all of these years.

To the friends that Chris and I grew up with who, throughout different parts of our lives, were like kids to my dad.  He really valued you guys more than you could know.  Ray, thank you for all that you did for my dad, I sincerely appreciate it.

To all the kids my dad ever coached in soccer, he really had a passion for the game and for coaching, thank you for allowing him to pursue that passion.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of the fans, who really allowed his dream of becoming an author to come true.  Through you and his books his memory, and his imagination will live on.

Raymond L. Weil



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The Seven Races of the Confederation




The Forgotten Empire:

War for the Empire


Chapter One

The Great Council of the Confederation was once more in session. They gazed at a number of large viewscreens, showing the shattered remains of the fleets they had sent to attack Earth. Out of over eight thousand ships they had sent, only 2,237 had returned, many of them showing major damage.

“How could this have happened?” demanded Clun, the Druin Councilor. “That fleet should have rolled over the Humans.”

“Fleet Admiral Horrabe, in his last message, stated the Humans of Earth were far more dangerous than those in the Empire,” answered Morag Councilor Damora. “Horrabe believed it was due to them having a barbaric culture for many years, before making contact with some survivors from the Human Empire. Horrabe claimed the Humans of Earth would be the

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