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Polly Babbington

In a little white Summer House at the back of the garden, under the shade of a huge old tree, Polly Babbington creates romantic feel-good stories including The Boat House PRETTY BEACH.

Polly went to college in the Garden of England and her writing career began by creating articles for magazines and publishing books online.

Polly loves to read in the cool of lazing in a hammock under an old fruit tree on a summertime morning or cozying up in the Winter under a quilt by the fire.

She lives in delightful countryside near the sea, in a sweet little village complete with a gorgeous old cricket pitch, village green with a few lovely old pubs and writes cosy romance books about women whose life you sometimes wished was yours.

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A Pretty Beach


Polly Babbington


© Copyright 2020 Polly Babbington

Pretty Beach Kindle Edition

All rights reserved.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.





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Secret Evenings in Pretty Beach

Chapter 1

Juliette Sparkles opened the back door of her house on Mermaid Lane and stepped out into the garden. The lawn was topped with a bright blue sky and butterflies fluttered over the old roses in the flower beds to the left. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful, she thought to herself, and lucky, very, very lucky. She then stopped again, shook her head, and changed her mind. Actually, no luck involved, just a lot of hard, exceedingly hard, work.

Juliette walked all the way across the lawn to the small sitting area at the back. She and Luke had cleared out the small section of the garden by the back fence, levelled it off, and then landscaped it with tiny white stones her friend Sallie had left from the renovation of her Orangery.

As Juliette walked down the path she looked at the small seating area in the suntrap and thought how incredibly pleased she was with how it had all turned out. She’d placed a couple of striped blue and white deck chairs and a side table in the middle with a huge white sun umbrella nestled over the top. Little terracotta pots she’d painted a pale pink full of lavender were grouped on top of the table, and a large lantern sat on the floor next to the deck chairs. Nestled up against the old stone Victorian wall, climbing roses laden with flowers dropped petals all over the white stones, and two huge grey pots with olive trees sat on either side of the deck chairs. Juliette had always fancied a couple of deck chairs and a white parasol in a little sun trap looking over a pretty garden full of flowers. Now, those wishes were no longer just that, now they were hers. Juliette Sparkles was living the dream.

Juliette, in a white linen frilled dress, slipped off her flip-flops, put a large glass jug of home-made lemonade down on the side table and sat back in one of the deck chairs. She looked all the way down the lawn to the back door and smiled at the sight greeting her.

Luke, in a pair of navy-blue shorts, barefoot and shirtless strolled down through the garden in the sunshine. Juliette watched him from behind her sunglasses and smiled to herself. Was it possible that he was getting more gorgeous? Possible that she loved him more? It seemed quite preposterous that either of those things were true. But, since he’d moved in with her and her daughter Maggie to Mermaid Lane she definitely loved him more. And she wasn’t sure how he’d managed it, but he seemed to be even better looking now than when she’d first seen him in the car park of the hospital in Newport Reef. He’s getting better looking and I’m getting plumper, she thought to herself.

‘What a day!’ Luke exclaimed, looking back towards the house and up at the deep blue sky.

‘I know. What a day for an extended weekend off work more like. Four days of nothing. We couldn’t have picked it better. Who wants to be anywhere other than Pretty Beach when the sun is shining?’

‘Tell me about it. I had my doubts about not going away. I thought we might get a run of rain and drizzle, but by the looks of the forecast, it’s going to be nice all week. All the better for the day trips we’ve got planned.’

‘Absolutely. If the sun is out like this and it’s this glorious, I’m actually quite happy sitting here with my feet up to be honest. Not sure if days out are what I want. I could just potter and garden and doze here all day long.’

‘Yeah, maybe we’ll knock a couple of the days out on the head. Just saunter down the beach with a picnic and get fish and chips on the way home.’

‘Sounds good to me. I couldn’t ask for anything more - no work, no worries and a weekend off with you. Bliss.’ Juliette said, as from behind her sunglasses, she continued to feast her eyes on Luke and the abs as he sat down on the deck chair beside her.

‘I’ve made the booking for the kayaks tomorrow though, so we’ll keep that,’ Luke said taking a sip of the lemonade. ‘Oh wow, glad I didn’t plump for the beer now. This is delicious!’

‘Long-perfected recipe Luke. It’s taken years. Holly said I should

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