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Boss DaddyA Secret Baby Romance

Natasha L. Black

Copyright © 2021 by Natasha L. Black

All rights reserved.

The following story contains mature themes, strong language and sexual situations. It is intended for mature readers.

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without written permission from the author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.



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His Best Friend’s Sister (Sample)

A Note from the Author

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An ordinary life, that’s all I wanted.

But the chemistry between us is anything but ordinary.

I’m back in my hometown after two decades in the military.

She’s the new girl working at the bar.

Next thing I know, I’m teaching her to mix drinks and making her laugh.

This energy between us is insane.

The sparks in one look could start a forest fire, I swear.

She acts like she wants to disappear.

I want to protect her from whatever she’d hiding from.

Then he comes for her, Hannah’s abusive ex.

She comes to me, soaked in the pouring rain and terrified.

I promise I’ll keep her safe.

I don’t want a boring normal life anymore.

I want Hannah, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine.

1 Jordan

“That’s perfect. It’s much better with the cheese like that.”

I scooped up the last bit of the tasting Tyler brought me and put it in my mouth, nodding as I ate it like I was reaffirming the comment I just made. My brother was trying out several new items for that night’s menu and was nervous about them.

That was one thing about my brother that never ceased to amaze me. Cooking wasn’t ever something he’d seen as a potential career for himself. It wasn’t like he ever dreamed of being a great chef or even just being a line cook. He’d tumbled into it when our oldest brother, Tom, bought this bar for us as a way to make money and support our parents as they both battled cancer.

All of us kind of fell into different roles and jobs we didn’t see as part of our path when we looked into our futures. We picked them up and did the best we could do because it was what we needed to do. The bar was our saving grace, and especially when we were first starting out, we couldn’t afford to hire anybody from the outside to help.

That had changed since The Hollow had gone from just a little neighborhood corner bar to a local destination. We got far too busy to be able to handle it all by ourselves, and we more than made up the money to compensate for payroll. But even as we added extra staff, Tyler didn’t leave the kitchen.

In fact, he got more dedicated to coming up with menus that set us apart from all the other bars in the area. This was especially true for our theme nights. That was what we were known the most for among our customers. The brilliant idea of my brother Mason’s wife, Ava, the theme nights transformed the bar with decorations, lighting, music, games and contests, and specialized food.

It was those that put us on the map and started drawing in the big crowds. Now some of them were so popular we had to give out wristbands to prioritize who was allowed in when we opened. Tonight’s event probably wasn’t going to be quite to that level, but that didn’t mean we weren’t going to be busy.

Board Game Night was something other places had done, but Ava was, of course, putting her own special spin on it. I was looking forward to seeing how the customers would react to the life-size versions of games being set up in the two back rooms and the speed-dating-style rounds at the tables in the front of the restaurant.

Opening time was just a few hours away, which meant we were all hurrying around trying to get the bar ready. The only one of the gaggle of us brothers who wasn’t preparing for that night’s event was Tom, and that was only because he lived and worked in San Francisco. He and his wife Amanda came to town fairly regularly, but it had been a couple months since we’d last seen them.

I finished cleaning the souvenir glassware we’d ordered and had it set up behind the bar just in time for the shipment of supplies for the bar to arrive. As I walked outside to the back parking lot to start hauling in boxes and crates, a car pulled in. Ava and Mason got out, and I watched as they walked around to the back of the car. They paused for a kiss and grinned at each other before opening the trunk.

They had gone out in search of more games to have out on the patio and to break down and use in decorations for the night. I watched as Ava leaned over to get a bag out of the back of the trunk and Mason pinched her butt. She let out a little squeal and whipped around toward him.

Mason gathered her up in his arms, and they giggled, hugging and kissing again. Watching them flirt and then walk into the bar holding hands only reminded me of how badly I wanted that. Not Ava. She was like a sister to me and had been since they were just teenagers.

I wanted a relationship of my own. A family. There was a time when I thought I was almost there. Being in the military for nearly twenty years was hard and pushed me mentally and physically. But I always reminded myself I had a good woman back home who was waiting for me. And

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