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The Lies


Natalie W.

Copyright 2021 by Natalie W.

All rights reserved.

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About the Author

Chapter 1

“Em wake up! We need to run, they found us!” I open my eyes and focus on the person in front of me, Tyler.

“What the fuck is going on Tyler?” My voice is hoarse from sleep. I did not have full eight hours sleep as I should because of him. Why the hell he is here and how stupid he is to wake me up?

“There is no time for questions. Get up and run as fast as you can. The car is waiting outside the house. Do not stop and do not look back. I will be right behind you. Wait for me in the car but only for 2 minutes, if I will not come after this time, you need to go alone.” I hear his instructions; something is really bad. My father taught me how to act in dangerous situations. His voice automatically rings in my ears: “Remember Emlyn, when the life will push you to run, you need to run, and when the obstacle will appear on your way to freedom, destroy it and do not regret it.” Yeah, I know harsh words but how true. I rush to the door and down the corridor to the nearest staircase. The building is old and unwelcoming, but this is my home. I quickly run down the stairs to the emergency exit. The black SUV is right in front of me. I want to look back and check if Tyler is behind me, but I can’t. I take my phone and set the timer. 2 minutes starting from now.

The time is ticking slowly, too slowly. I look out the window and desperately stare at the door. Please open up, please open up. Suddenly, the doors open but the first thing that I could see was a black cloud of smoke. Oh no, no, no, no! The building is on fire! I look right, then left to check if someone is coming, but the street is empty. Completely ghosted from people, which is kind of unexpected because London never sleeps, but here we are, not a single soul. The knots in my stomach tighten even more. Where are you Tyler, you have 20 seconds left. I prayed in my head for my family to be okay but then the person appears in the doorway. Tyler! My heart explodes in my chest and I rush to open the door, but when I did, I realized that the person who just came is not Tyler. Nether someone I know. The guy is huge and dirty from smoke. His ugly face turns to a hideous smile when he raises his right hand and points his gun at my head. Quickly, I removed my Colt Cobra from my holster and point right at him. My quick moves surprised him, and I use the moment to shoot. Bang! The bullet passes right between his eyes. Hm... One less. My phone starts to ring to remind me that the time is up. I look out the window for the last time but there is no sight of Tyler. The driver starts with the squeal of the wheels and begin to drive away from the building.

Couple seconds later I hear a loud explosion. I turn around to look out the back window and realise that the building, from which I escaped 2 minutes ago, is dancing in flames. My home is gone as well as my family. A single tear runs down my cheek as the driver and I rush past the streets.

Chapter 2

I don’t know where the driver is taking me. We pass London’s buildings as I stare out the window. I would never think about my life without my family. ’Family’ it is not even my real family. I have been adopted when I was four. My father found me on the street, without shoes and jacket. That was a raining day, a normal day in London. I was sitting alone on the bench in the park. I don’t remember how I get there nether I remember my real parents. Tom, a man who found me, become my father. I remember how cold I was, and then I remember him approaching me out of nowhere. I was staring into his green eyes and caramel colour skin. He was like an angel back then; he took my hand and lead me out of the park. He was quiet and mysterious, but I didn’t feel bad vibes from him. He was my rescuer, I was thinking, and I wasn’t wrong. We came to the old building with the big, red sign ‘entry for club members only’ on double doors. I was curious what I will find behind those doors. My watery eyes were scanning my surroundings and then Tom kneeled next to me and asked if I want to come in.

“There is no coming back if you gonna step to the club, even if you’re small, the decision is yours. You can either come in and become a ‘snake’ or you can turn around and you will never see me again.” Temptation, that I was feeling back then. I didn’t know him, but I trusted him. I cannot explain why, maybe that was this curiosity or maybe I felt safe.

“What is behind those doors?” I asked because I wanted to know what I am signing to. He laughed, his laugh

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