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Gemma—that last minute addition was amazing. Thank you for looking out for the crazy things I live for! And thank you also for the years of friendship and laughter. You’re amazing xox

C.M. & Elena—It’s been a hectic twelve months, but I can safely say I’d never have gotten through it without you. Thank you for being my sanity through the hard times. I love you both to the moon and back xox




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About the Author

Also by Mary B. Moore

Eat Crow


I made a mistake seven years ago and opened my mouth, letting words fly out of it that I didn’t mean. I said something about the one person I never wanted to hurt and lost my best friend. Now she’s back and needs help her with her loss, and I’m going to be the best rock in the history of rocks and make it right between us again.

I’d do anything to get Bexley Heath back in my life, even if it means helping out with her dog, who hates me and loves to destroy everything around him.

Time doesn’t kill love. Neither does a giant Irish Wolfhound eating my favorite chair.


I’d successfully avoided Logan Richards for seven years, but somehow losing my grandpa brought him back into my life. Perhaps Papa was right when he said in his last letter that it was time to get over it and just let it go. Life’s too short, and forgiveness is divine, right?

He’s my anchor when I need it and my tissues when I cry. But that doesn’t mean I can’t reward my dog for causing him grief and destroying some of his furniture, though, does it? To heck with it, good Doyle.



The countdown to graduation was on, and I was ticking off the days now.

There’d be no more getting up at the ass crack of dawn or staying up until my eyes started burning, working on papers about stuff I was never going to need to remember.

No more juggling life with football or teachers who spoke down to us like we were idiots.

Tonight we were having a party to mark the starting point of the end of school, and staring at the fire we’d started as I lifted my beer to my mouth, I worked out the number of days I still had to fake it for.

Seven weeks left. Seven times five days a week at school was… Shit, what was it? That’s how exhausted I was, I’d forgotten basic math. Thinking a little harder, I got it—thirty-five days.

A movement behind the flames caught my attention, and I watched as my dad’s best friend’s daughter laughed at something one of my teammates had said.

I’d known Bexley since we were babies. We’d spent every birthday, holiday, most vacations, and whatever else had come up together. She’d been my constant shadow from day one, and it hadn’t bothered me up until about two years ago when things had changed overnight.

We’d parted ways as the Logan and Bexley who were best friends, but then I’d had a dream about her. I’d kissed and touched her in it, and it’d been so vivid that I swear I felt how soft her skin was and how great she smelled.

The next morning, I’d noticed the changes in her.

Gone was the gangly and petite girl I’d always thought was pretty, and in her place was the new Bexley Heath. Long dark hair that reached to the middle of her back, tits that were slightly too big for her frame, an ass that would fit perfectly in my hands, and curves that made my brain go blank when she walked up to me in a freaking basic black tank that I’d seen her wear many times.

That’s all it took.

I didn’t want anything tying me down, so I’d tried to pull back from her, but our parents’ friendships

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