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For my dad. My first supporter. My rock. My anchor.

My life.

Table of Contents


Meet Chloe and Caroline

Oh! What About Him?

We’re Having a Spring Wedding

The Beautiful People

Bound to You

Makeup, Make Out

May the Ground Swallow Me

Keeping Distance

Do I Look Like I’m Joking?

Let the Magic Begin

Underneath the Moonlight

I’ve Got a Dream

Oh, Paris!

Rain Doesn’t Last Forever

Selena or Selene? Or Maybe Both?



Don’t Provoke the Witch

Worlds Apart

New Leaf


I Gotta Get Out of Here

Look Who’s Back

So, It Was You?

Underneath the Spotlight

He’s MIA. Again!

Truth be Told

Feeling Nostalgic

New Chapter Begins
















You gave light to my dark world.

Just the right amount of light to hide the chaos.

Chaos that makes up the world.

You make me see things little by little.

So little that it's almost only you that I can see.

Only you that I can feel.

You shine upon me up in the sky.

Together with your stars.

You guard me when it's dark. 

You give light when I lose hope.

You're always there for me.

You're all I have with me.

We're million miles away.

But you still manage to make me smile.

Smile that reach my eyes.

All these is because of you my moonlight.

This is the fifth letter that she will give him and yet he never showed his self. She is already losing hope that he will really notice her. It has been a month but they are still not having any progress. Maybe it's better that way, just focus on your upcoming play this week. I swear if I see him again, I will not be swoon by his baritone voice or even his ocean eyes. I will not play nice with him anymore. That's a promise.

Chloe is comfortably sitting on a bench in Heighfield University Park while listening to the music blasting through her ears. Next week, the university will showcase its best musical play for this year.

"I have to focus on that more since I will be the one directing it." she said to herself with a nervous sigh. No, she's Chloe effing King, she must never feel nervous. She was born to hit the stage and that is what she will prove next week.

Yes, that's it, Chloe, focus on more important things than dwelling on some douche-b's who never gave a damn about you! Chloe was about to stand up from her seat when someone threw a crumpled paper on from her back.


Tuesday. Auditorium. 3pm

That is everything that is written on the paper. That's weird, no one was near the bench where she was sitting, but there was a tree a meter behind the bench.

Without thinking twice, she immediately ran the distance between her and the tree and search for anyone suspicious. No one was there as well. She also checked the wall behind the tree and there he is, the culprit, a douche-b running for his dear life. I wonder who he is. She never got the chance to see the idiot's face because he already crossed the street and she has no plans on sacrificing her outfit just to climb the wall and follow him.

"Hey, Ginger" a guy from behind her said.

That husky baritone voice is very familiar. Of course, how can Chloe forget that voice, she used to admire that voice during the audition months ago.

She remembered having her mouth opened the entire time he's singing. And how dare he call me ginger? It is so irritating, yes, she has a very gorgeous red hair but for him to call her ginger, that is so irritating. It makes her blood boil.

She calmed herself and prepared herself to face the douche-b with a sweet smile on her face. Bitch, didn't you just tell yourself not to him a few minutes ago? With one swift move, she turned around with her iconic flirtatious hair flip and smiled.

"Hey, Jesse."













Meet Chloe and Caroline


Heighfield University. An institution made for the most talented and most artistic students in town. Today we celebrate the university's foundation week inclined with its school year opening. Banners are everywhere as well as club booths which each represents the artistic clubs this university has to offer.

And at the end of the line stands HFThespians' booth. Heighfield universities best actors and actresses group together to form a tight-knitted organization.

"I cannot believe only 5 people came to our booth; we have to gather at least 30 people for the play on December." Chloe said in a worried tone.

Chloe is a senior student in the university, but unlike other students she never graduated, her reason, she wants to stay in HFThespians for as long as she wants. Chloe stands 5'3 in height. Pale skin, natural red hair, and natural rosy complexion. She is one of the well-known actresses in the university because of her iconic performances since her freshman year.

"Relax, Chloe. By the end of lunch, I assure you we are going to get all the people that we want. And besides, it's just 8 in the morning, we just put up this booth half an hour ago. And we have a week to display this booth. Just chill, we are going to held the auditions successfully. Just like last year." Caroline told her.

Caroline Reed, Chloe's best friend and assistant director, has been her companion since her first year in the university. They both came from the school during their elementary days and they also auditioned at the same time for

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