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Families First ~ Battle Grounds

A Post-Apocalyptic

Next-World Book Series

Volume 6

Copyright © 2021 by Lance K. Ewing

The characters and events in this book are fictitious.

Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental

and not intended by the author.

All rights reserved. The scanning, uploading and distribution

of this book without permission is a theft of the author’s intellectual property.

If you would like permission to use material from the book

(other than for review purposes), please contact lance@lancekewingauthor.com.



Thank you for your support of authors’ rights.

ISBNs: 978-1-7350305-4-8 (Kindle)

978-1-7350305-5-5 (trade paperback)

First Kindle edition: March 2021

First paperback edition: March 2021

Printed in the United States of America






For Kyle, my biggest fan. Thank you for always supporting me.


For David—you have departed this world but are missed.

I finally made it back to my favorite spot

on the entire planet, and one of yours, too.

Until we meet again…


To all my Beta readers,

thank you for your contributions and support:

Chris S., Judy R., Larry R., Pam W., David E.



Recap of Volumes One, Two, Three, Four & Five



In Volumes One, Two and Three of Families First ~ Post-Apocalyptic Next-World Series, we were introduced to a cast of characters spanning multiple locations across the United States, all with diverse points of view and hardships to overcome.

     We learned that North Korea dropped an EMP in the center of the United States, knocking out power to all states except Hawaii, as well as parts of Canada and Mexico. With no electricity, food or running water, and few working vehicles, the country is instantly reduced to the hardships of days long gone. It’s every family for themselves in this new and hostile world.

     Lance and Joy, along with their children, like-minded friends and neighbors, embark on their journey, headed to Saddle Ranch in the Colorado Rocky Mountains by way of Raton Pass, on the Colorado/New Mexico border.

     The first leg of the trek to Raton Pass would prove more difficult than they could ever imagine, plagued with injuries and losses along the way. Relying on faith, and loyal to the group, they soldier on and finally arrive at their destination.

     Vlad is transferred to a FEMA camp, and eventually to Trinidad, Colorado, for surgery following a life-threatening injury.

     The sons of Lance and Joy each face hardships and potentially catastrophic situations.

Former McKinney police officer, Mike, proves to be a hindrance to the group as well as an invaluable help when safety is on the line.

     Lonnie and Jake keep everything running as smoothly as possible.

     Joy, Nancy and Tina earn MVPs on the first leg of the trip.

     Mac, on Saddle Ranch, falls in love with a beautiful medical doctor, but the relationship is complicated from the very start.

     Crossover has begun between the communities of Saddle Ranch, led by John, and The West, led by Samuel.

     David and the Jenkins family in Raton, New Mexico, suffer a devastating loss after an accident involving mistaken identity.

     James and Janice, in Weston, Colorado, start their new family, taking in a young orphaned boy named Billy. With both James and Jason in new town government posts, they try to remain neutral as the Sheriff and Judge passively battle for control of the town.

     It is clear to all that Ronna is working with the US Military, and always has been.

     Volume Three finds our main group held up at Raton Pass longer than they had planned, but their assistance will prove invaluable to David Jenkins and the Raton Pass Militia.

     The battle for control of the town of Weston, Colorado, heats up, with both the Sheriff and Judge vying for the allegiance of the town Mayor, James VanFleet.

     On Saddle Ranch in Loveland, Colorado, old foes unexpectedly turn into allies and the security detail is gutted and put back together, piece by piece, for the imminent battle for control of the pristine Valley.

     The Colonel takes a shine to Lance’s group and forges a friendship with the always-boisterous and joking Vlad that may prove life-saving for many others. As they learn new information about Ronna’s and Baker’s intentions, they become more concerned with getting to Saddle Ranch in a timely manner.

Volume four continues with James VanFleet being shot and subsequently paralyzed from the waist down, but that won’t keep him from his family or his town’s responsibilities. The rivalry between Sheriff Johnson and Judge Lowry is heating up, and the only thing they agree on lately is that one of them has to go. With the death-defying show right around the corner, the Sheriff becomes distracted, and even his girlfriend Kate thinks he is becoming increasingly irrational.

Mac and Cory, on Saddle Ranch, have their hands full with Ralph once again, but they aim to make this the last run-in. They have bigger fish to fry and need the entire Valley focused on the threat that is literally walking towards them.

Lance and group are teaming up to help David and the Raton Pass Militia defend the mountain against only a small part of Baker’s group. They are counting on the Colonel’s help if things go badly, but there are no guarantees in this Next-World. Either way, they have outstayed their welcome and are back on the road to Saddle Ranch. Every town and pit stop they go through is an opportunity to help those most in need, even when it puts the group at risk.

Volume 5 is the last leg of Lance’s

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