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Jade Waltz

Copyright © 2020 Jade Waltz

Scaled Heart is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, brands, media, and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

All rights reserved.

Published by: Jade Waltz

First Edition: August 2020



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Project Universe Timeline

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About one month earlier…

“If you two are going to keep stewing on how you should impress a female, perhaps you should do some research,” Oeta grumbled from her workstation. “Your thoughts are distracting and interfering with my work.”

I stifled a chuckle, happy for once that I couldn’t overhear thoughts like the others around me.

“Kaica should know something about how to attract a nestqueen,” Oeta replied. “Being always surrounded by her sisters and studying other species, she should know what you need to do.”

“Oeta,” I hissed, shooting a glance at the hopeful males. “I thought we were friends!”

“We are,” she replied sweetly. “But I know you would be better at answering their questions than me.”

Glaring at her, I studied the fuchsia glowing coworker as she smirked at me with mirth in her eyes. She was up to something, and I had a feeling I knew what.

She was teasing me, knowing full well that I had a crush on my two coworkers.

It wasn’t my fault I thought both Chyox and Usthu were attractive males, despite the species difference. I just knew they would never think of me as someone they would approach to be their nestqueen. I was just the silent coworker they often forget when I was around.

“Why don’t you ask Xylo how to attract a nestqueen?” I glanced at the star-patterned Wudox, who met my gaze from his position between the two Circuli unmated males. “You are the only one in our staff who is in a relationship. I am sure you have some pointers for them.”

“I don’t know.” His vines contracted around his waist as his petal wings fluttered behind him; a clear sign of nervousness from our boss. “Selena and I started our courting bond as soon as she woke and completed it shortly afterward. Other than showing her kindness and perhaps, how you would care for her, I don’t know what else to suggest. Females, no matter the species, are confusing creatures.”

Rolling my eyes, I sighed.

Such a generic answer. These males need more help than I thought.

I knew I wouldn’t get any more work down for the day, so I started closing my workstation down. It was late, and if my coworkers had any hope for getting into a relationship with a female and convincing her to be their nestqueen, I needed to help them.

They deserve their happiness.

“Xylo, could you explain to me what type of gifts you usually give Selena when you take her on dates?” I paused as Xylo stared at me, stunned. Chyox and Usthu took the opportunity to gather their tablets and started jotting down notes. “Wait. You have given her small tokens of appreciation, right? And have been private outings with her, especially since we have been on Destima for almost a month now?”

“No,” he drawled, confusion laced his face. “Am I supposed to?”

“Yes.” I snapped my head toward Oeta. If I was going to lead this lesson, she can help by agreeing with me. “What do you think, Oeta?”

“You haven’t, Xylo?”

“No, am I supposed to?’

“YES!” Oeta and I replied at the same time. She snapped her head toward me and smirked. “I believe anyone, regardless of the gender and species, loves token of appreciation. Kaica can help you with ideas to what to give to Selena.”

“Because I am a demihuman?”


All three males were surrounding me, looking anxious as they held their writing tablets, prepared for me to give them pointers.

“The simplest thing you can give a female like Selena is flowers—”


All three males paled as Oeta chuckled behind them.

Stars help me.



It was said that the Stars had a way to guide you along your path, but what if I didn’t want to travel down it?

I often wondered what happened to those who resisted Fate’s plans and made their own destiny. Were they severely punished as the tales warned? Or were those warnings based on a lie that had spread into a galaxy-wide religion?

There were many who believed that all souls of the dead became stars, watching over their loved ones. It was scientifically disproven, yet many technologically advanced species across the galaxy believed in the romanticized fable.

Sadly, my brother Kaede had foolishly fallen for the fabricated tale. Perhaps out of desperation or the drive for love, our leader had lost his way. Kaede was now hunting for Selena, our new Beacon, hoping to return her to where she belongs.

He was acting on his faith that they would be reunited once again. Not out of duty, but love.

Those four letters were the root of all problems.

What was the point of love when all it did was cause pain? Was it worth all the trouble?

My brother was chasing love desperately and now, one of my sisters had fallen for its allure. Like a seed, once planted, it only took a little attention to sprout and take root deep within their heart, refusing to let go.

Which one of us would be next?

I shivered at the thought as I scanned my patients' readings, making sure my infirmary was in order before Xylo's fathers arrived.

We were on the brink of war, Selena was still missing, and two of her clanmates lay in barely stable condition in the infirmary. There was no time to dream about a relationship, much

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