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Jacqueline M. Wilson


Illustrations by

June Burton

Publisher Information


First published in 2004 by

Apex Publishing Ltd

PO Box 7086, Clacton on Sea, Essex, CO15 5WN, England


Digital Edition converted and distributed in 2011 by

Andrews UK Limited


Copyright © 2004 by Jacqueline M. Wilson

The author has asserted her moral rights

All rights reserved.

This book is sold subject to the condition that no part of this book is to be reproduced, in any shape or form, or, by way of trade, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, be lent, re-sold, hired out or otherwise circulated in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition, including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser, without prior permission of the copyright holder.

Cover Design Illustration by June Burton

Edward Goes On Holiday


Edward was packing his suitcase, he had put in his best shorts and hat

Eric the fox was going to feed his goldfish, so he left the key under the mat

He made some jam sandwiches and took his train guide

Edward was off on holiday, off to the seaside.

He was very excited on the train and fidgeted most of the way

The other passengers were getting fed up with him, so he thought of a game to play

He counted all the brown cows he could see, now this really was fun

The game didn’t last long, it was getting boring, he’d counted a hundred and one!

At last the train pulled into the station at platform number five

His auntie had been waiting for his train to arrive

She greeted him enthusiastically with a hug and a kiss on the cheek

She was cuddling him so tightly Edward felt his legs go weak!

In the car on the way back they chatted and laughed about

About when Edward was young, how he and his brother had made a raft

They had taken it to the river and jumped on board ready to sail the seas

Their adventure was cut short, the raft sank and the water was up to their knees!

At last they arrived at aunt Kate’s house, Edward went to find his uncle Ted

He was at the back of the house painting his rowing boat white and red

Edward helped his uncle paint until his tummy started to rumble

Just at that point aunt Kate came out and said “who’s for apple crumble?”

Not only was there apple crumble but scones, chocolate cake and home made bread

Edward had never seen so much food, his eyes nearly popped out his head!

He ate as much as he possibly could, then he ate a little bit more!

He would really have to stop now, his tummy was getting very sore

He went outside and played in the sand, with his bucket and spade

And built the biggest and best sandcastle he had ever made

He ran in and out of the sea and jumped over the waves

Then went walking across the rocks and looked in the old caves.

Edward loved to explore, but the caves were dark and he was a bit wary

What if he should meet a spider that was big, black and hairy!

He collected funny shaped stones and shells even though they did smell

He found the shell of a dead crab and put that in his pail as well.

It was getting dark and getting late, it was nearly time for bed

He would be glad to climb under the covers and rest his weary head

He saw the light in the distance, what a welcoming sight

He said goodnight to his aunt and uncle and went out like a light.

The next few days were spent playing on the rocks and on the shore

Having adventures in the caves, he wasn’t worried about spiders any more

He would pretend to be a famous explorer, a pirate or sometimes a buccaneer

Who would always be the hero of the story and never show fear.

People would speak to him as they passed by and some would even smile

But when he dug up a dead crab, or bones of a fish some of them ran a mile!

Edward had loved his holiday and didn’t really want to leave

He had been there seven days which he found hard to believe.

As he waited to board the train, his aunt and uncle said goodbye

Edward felt all sad inside and thought he was going to cry

“Don’t feel sad Edward” auntie said as she wiped away a tear

“We have enjoyed having you, please come back next year.”

Edward’s New Friend


Edward was in a playful mood, he was looking for animals to harass

When all of a sudden, he saw something moving in the grass

Edward was a bit of a coward, should he go over there?

He didn’t know if he was brave enough, or even if he dare.

What if it should bite him, that had happened to him before

He still remembered that, it really was rather sore

A little animal with sharp teeth, had bitten his big toe

But curiosity was getting the better of him, he really had to know.

He lay down on his tummy and slithered like a snake

So it wouldn’t see him, but Edward had made a big mistake

Edward was a rabbit and rabbits have big ears

So all the other animals could see him including the tigers and the deers.

The other animals were used to Edward and never batted an eye

It was probably a game like hide and seek or maybe even eye-spy

Little did they realise Edward was on a mission, with a mystery to solve

Undertaking an investigation and all that would involve.

Edward was nearly at the spot and was trying to find a smell

Of the newcomer’s whereabouts and all was going well

When all of a sudden a head popped through a hole in the ground

It was black, with a large bill and wearing glasses; Edward didn’t make a sound

His heart was racing, he jumped back totally in shock

He landed in a big heap and banged his toe on a rock


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