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My name is Roldian McFarland and I've been around for way too long. I've grown tired but I can’t sleep. I don’t care too much for mankind, but they’re only part of my problem. I’ve my very best with translating and putting words that didn’t exist where they should have gone.  This is the story of my life, the hurt, the adventure, the love all of it.  It’s raw and disturbing and as unbelievable as it may seem, it’s real and it all happened because I was there and I know.

I'm about to begin this story from the get go, where it all began, back when we had no time. No known, accurate record of this time existed.  It was far back, and I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but Adam and Eve were not the first humans made, they were the first Nephilim. It wasn’t even Adam and Eve, it was Adam, Eve and Lilith.  Lilith was the daughter of Lucifer, and Lilith was the apple that Eve took a bite of, she was a metaphor. Men and women were on earth long before Jehovah showed up. He wiped most of them out, kept a few around for the rebuild, as I called it. There may be mention of Gods in this book, but it is anything but a religious book.

My brothers and I were divided into three groups, being at the time it was only me and my brothers that were immortal, there were of course the vampires (one brother), then of course the werewolves (the other brother) and then my class.  I never got an official name for my group, but most commonly, we were referred to as Nephilim and sometimes "Sons of Jehovah".

Now I tell you for those non-believers Jehovah is real, but Jehovah is not great. Jehovah isn’t just a god, but one of many gods. The whole of story of Jesus was wrong to an extent, Jesus was sacrificed but not to have our sins forgiven, not even Jehovah can help with that, but to show Jehovah has no mercy.  If he was willing to sacrifice his son, he is willing to sacrifice everyone else.

I can still remember what Paradise used to look like, but I can’t remember Jehovah’s face, just his eyes.   His eyes were no particular color, but every color, mixing and swirling, his eyes seemed alive.  They almost looked like a galaxy within them. I also remember Lucifer, he wasn't always all hellfire and brimstone.  He used to be very nice.  There came a time when we all divided, my two brothers went with Lucifer and I was brought up to stay with Jehovah.  Over time of myself growing, I became curious on how I came to be.  So, one day I asked.

"Lucifer led some angels down from Paradise and they fell in love with humans, even Lucifer himself mated with a human woman. I wanted the race there to be pure and Lucifer and the rest were corrupting them. The humans found out about Lucifer and the rest and a murderous rage took over, something I didn't expect from them.  They didn't want anything superior over them and once they found out they could kill, I feared for your lives.  I managed to send Michaël down and swoop you up but your brothers stayed.  You've been here ever since, of course now you know, Lucifer and your brothers reside there and now that you have lived past the age of mortality, your immortality has kicked in."

I was still young at mind, so I didn't quite understand the meaning of what "Immortality" was.  Jehovah explained to me my purpose, I was to watch over the humans, keep my brothers in line and if needed strike them down.

Now Paradise wasn't what its been believed to be either.  It's not all pearly gates, white and purity, Earth is or was a perfect likeness to Paradise.  Everything on Earth was made in God's image, it was an exact mirror from the greenest grass to the highest mountain from one animal to the next.  Now Jehovah did not create Paradise, it was created by other Gods for him.  There are more than one and they are spread throughout the stars.  Despite what most believe we are not the only intelligent life and from what I've seen, not the most intelligent either.  The story of Adam and Eve was a safeguard story to stray those from the truth.  If anyone honestly believes humans came from family members screwing each other and we are all brothers and sisters, they’re an inceptual idiot and should probably seek help.

Some many of years had passed, then came the time I remember most, my first day on Earth. On Earth, it was getting night and I was just outside the village of Zoar. I was standing at the edge of a sea there, now known as the Dead Sea.  I could feel the sand under my feet start to cool as the sun went down and the people of Zoar, instead of putting the fire out, made it bigger.  A group of people walked around the village lighting large fires at the corners.  Then a village gathered and prayed in the middle of the village.

"Hello brother!" I heard from behind me.

I was shocked to see my brother Derium standing there behind me.  He looked different from the last time I had seen him, his eyes black instead of blue, his skin a pale white instead of tan. My skin was white as well, but his was so much paler than mine.  He smiled, and his once white teeth were stained red and I noticed he had fangs, much like a snake.

"Brother....what has happened to you?" I asked.

"Our father done this to me.  He took away everything I loved, the sunlight, the silver, my love for humans.  Now I catch fire if I touch

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