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Praise for Meet me in London

‘A classic romance with the added bonus of a festive feel. I loved the passion, the romantic tension, and the way the characters leapt off the page. An ideal Christmas escape.’

Laura Jane Williams, bestselling author of Our Stop

‘Uplifting, romantic and festive – the perfect book to curl up with. I couldn’t put it down.’

Rosie Nixon, Editor-in-Chief, HELLO! Magazine

‘Fresh, fun and full of romance! I loved it!’

Heidi Swain, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Secret Seaside Escape

‘A perfect escapist, heart-warming read! I was hooked from the first line!’

Katie Ginger, author of Summer Strawberries at Swallowtail Bay

‘Unwrap and enjoy this Christmassy treat of a read.’

Mandy Baggot, bestselling author of My Greek Island Summer

‘The perfect escape… it’s like one big warm hug.’

Kelly McFarland, editor at CelebMix

Readers Love Meet me in London

‘This was an absolute joy to read…It honestly ticked all of the boxes for me.’

5* NetGalley Reviewer

‘Meet me in London is the perfect winter romance. Get snuggled up and cosy with this joy of a read.’

5* NetGalley Reviewer

‘This has to be one of my favourite reads this year. From the first page to the last I was hooked.’

5* NetGalley Reviewer

‘Meet me in London will without a doubt warm your heart this winter.’

5* NetGalley Reviewer

GEORGIA TOFFOLO is a broadcaster and British media personality. Meet me in Hawaii is the second book of her quartet, and her second fiction novel. She lives in South West London with her dog Monty.

Also by Georgia Toffolo

Meet me in London


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This novel is entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are the work of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental.

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This book is dedicated to the dreamers, the round pegs in a square hole. Never give up because you have the power to change the world.




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Chapter One

MALIE PUKUI CLOSED HER eyes and raised her head to the setting sun. She took a long, soothing breath and smoothed her corkscrew curls back from her face, holding her hands either side of her head as she bobbed on the surfboard and let the water lap around her knees. This was her favourite time of day. This and dawn. When it felt as though it was just her, her board and the beautiful ocean…

Peace. Calm. Tranquillity.

No expectations, no nothing.

Just me, she thought, me and Koa, against the world.

A bark from the deserted shoreline told her that wasn’t quite true. She had Nalu, her four-legged friend and the surf school’s honorary mascot with her. But he didn’t encroach on this time.

She’d chosen this stretch of beach because it was secluded by the natural flora that had overtaken the public access long ago. It meant she was free to surf in peace, free to reconnect with her late brother and take time out from her full-on schedule.

There was no need to put on a front, no need to be anyone but herself.

She lowered her hands to her board and turned to look at Nalu now, playing in the swash, his tail wagging as he pranced back and forth.

‘I’ll be back soon,’ she called out. And she would, really soon.

Just a few more minutes, one more perfect wave and she would paddle back in. She had a function to attend after all. A function that was important if her charity work was to grow and flourish like she hoped.

Still, she didn’t feel ready to be that perfect face again. To smile and be polite, to laugh and be merry with those that held the purse strings and likely didn’t do anything unless it rewarded them financially to do so. And she knew she had a mouth on her, that keeping it tight-lipped would be a challenge, but she’d do it if it meant she could help more people. People like her friend Zoe.

Now she smiled. The memory of seeing Zoe and her two other besties – Lils and Victoria – back in England last week. Learning of V’s engagement, a real bona fide one, and not the pretend shebang it had started out as. It had been lovely and had certainly taken some of the sting out of Christmas with her parents.

One week back in Hawaii and the strain of it was still hanging over her like a cold she couldn’t shake. And maybe that was the real reason she was sticking it out with the waves when she should be back at the apartment preening for tonight’s cocktail party.

‘Urgh!’ She thrust forward on the

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