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Bad Bridesmaid

Billionaires Club #11

Elise Faber



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This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters, and events are fictitious in every regard. Any similarities to actual events and persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. Any trademarks, service marks, product names, or named features are assumed to be the property of their respective owners, and are used only for reference. There is no implied endorsement if any of these terms are used. Except for review purposes, the reproduction of this book in whole or part, electronically or mechanically, constitutes a copyright violation.


Copyright © 2021 Elise Faber

Print ISBN-13: 978-1-946140-96-8

Ebook ISBN-13: 978-1-946140-95-1

Cover Art by Jena Brignola


Billionaire’s Club

Billionaire’s Club Cast of Characters

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Bad Swipe

Billionaire’s Club

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Billionaire’s Club

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Bad Bridesmaid

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Billionaire’s Club Cast of Characters

Heroes and Heroines:

Abigail Roberts (Bad Night Stand) — founding member of the Sextant, hates wine, loves crocheting

Jordan O’Keith (Bad Night Stand) — Heather’s brother, former owner of RoboTech

Cecilia (CeCe) Thiele (Bad Breakup) — former nanny to Hunter, talented artist

Colin McGregor (Bad Breakup) — Scottish duke, owner of McGregor Enterprises

Heather O’Keith (Bad Husband) — CEO of RoboTech, Jordan’s sister

Clay Steele (Bad Husband) — Heather’s business rival, CEO of Steele Technologies

Kay (Bad Date) — romance writer, hates to be stood up

Garret Williams (Bad Date) — former rugby player

Rachel Morris (Bad Hookup) — Heather’s assistant, superpowers include being ultra-organized

Sebastian (Bas) Scott (Bad Hookup) — Devon Scott’s brother, Clay’s assistant

Rebecca (Bec) Darden (Bad Divorce) — kickass lawyer, New York roots

Luke Pearson (Bad Divorce) — Southern gentleman, CEO Pearson Energies

Seraphina Delgado (Bad Fiancé) — romantic to the core, looks like a bombshell, but even prettier on the inside

Tate Connor (Bad Fiancé) — tech genius, scared to be burned by love

Lorelai (Bad Text) — drunk texts don’t make her happy

Logan Smith (Bad Text) — former military, sometimes drunk texts are for the best

Kelsey Scott (Bad Boyfriend) — Bas and Devon’s sister, engineer at RoboTech, brilliant

Tanner Pearson (Bad Boyfriend) — Bas and Devon’s childhood friend, photographer

Trix Donovan (Bad Blind Date) — Heather’s sister, Jordan’s half-sister, nurse who worked in war zones, poverty-stricken areas, and abroad for almost a decade

Jet Hansen (Bad Blind Date) — a doctor Trix worked with

Molly Miller (Bad Wedding) — owner of Molly’s, a kickass bakery in San Francisco

Jackson Davis (Bad Wedding) — Molly’s ex-fiancé

Kate McLeod (Bad Engagement) — Kelsey’s college friend, advertiser extraordinaire, loves purple and Hermione Granger

Jaime Huntingon (Bad Engagement) — vet, does excellent man-bun

Heidi Greene (Bad Bridesmaid) — science, organization, and Twilight nerd

Brad Huntington (Bad Bridesmaid) — travel junkie, dreamy hazel eyes, hidden sweet side

Additional Characters:

George O’Keith — Jordan’s dad

Hunter O’Keith — Jordan’s nephew

Bridget McGregor — Colin’s mom

Lena McGregor — Colin’s sister

Bobby Donovan — Heather’s half and Trix’s full brother

Frances and Sugar Delgado — Sera’s parents

Devon Scott — Kels and Bas’s brother

Becca Scott — Kels and Bas’s sister in law

Heidi Greene — Kels’ friend since college

Cora Hutchins — Kels’ friend since childhood



She was wearing a bridesmaid’s dress and holding a leash.

Not the strangest sentence ever uttered.

Unless, perhaps, she included what was on the other end of the leash.

Because she’d been escorted down the aisle by a rooster name Sir Fuzzy McFeatherston, or the Fuzz, for short.

He was cute. He was cocky—ha—and he was not happy to be on a leash.

Thankfully, though, the ceremony was wrapping up. The bride and groom—her best friend, Kate, and her almost-husband, Jaime—were kissing. Soon, she’d be able to put the rooster in the cage, and she could get to drinking.

Because her best friend was getting married.

After an engagement she had promised Heidi would be extremely long but had ended up sort of average because Kate hadn’t been able to wait to make Jaime officially hers.


Heidi loved Kate, loved Jaime, and how he treated Kate.

But she was losing her best friend.

So, yeah, maybe she was feeling a little mopey, but she wasn’t going to let her funk ruin her friend’s night. She was going to be the best rooster-wrangling bridesmaid there was.

Not maid of honor.

Kate hadn’t wanted to hurt Kelsey or Cora’s feelings, the other half of their quad-sized friend group, so they were all bridesmaids, each with a different job.

But that was Kate.

Kind. Sweet. Inclusive. In a word, the absolute best.

That was two, or three, Heidi, supposed, but the point still stood. Kate was awesome and her best friend in the whole world.

And now she was married.

God, they were all growing up. Sniff.

She hated it.

Still, her heart was full, and she sniffed again, dashing away a tear as the officiant declared the newlyweds officially married before they strode down the aisle hand-in-hand.

Heidi followed, striding—hand-in-leash?—with the rooster.

And, well, if that wasn’t an apt description of her dating life . . . she didn’t know what was. She could find a man who wanted to sleep with her—cough, cock—but couldn’t find one with staying power.

“Not the point,” she muttered under her breath, somehow getting herself and Sir Fuzzy McFeatherston safely down the aisle. The rest of the bridal party paired off and followed her.

They snapped some pictures, but eventually the Fuzz got tired of the paparazzi, and Heidi wrestled him into her arms, taking him to the crate Kate had ready for him.

She was just bending to place him inside—while trying to slip off the harness without letting him escape—when she felt someone come up behind her. Assuming it was Kate, she said, “I’m fine, Katie girl. Go enjoyed your husband. I’ve got your”—she giggled, a twelve-year-old at heart—“cock well in hand.”

Silence instead of her friend’s cackling.


Heat stained her cheeks, and Heidi yanked the leash and harness out before slamming and locking the cage. Then she shored her spine and spun around.

Tall. Dark. A smirk on a gorgeous mouth.

One that grew as his gaze

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