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Everyday Calm

Relaxing Rituals for Busy People

by Darrin Zeer

illustrations by Cindy Luu

Find Calm

. . . within.



Five Simple Steps to Everyday Calm

Tranquil Morning

Refreshing Midday

Effortless Afternoon

Easy Evening

Nurturing Nighttime




Stressed out? 24, 71, 78, 84

Need an escape? 34, 40, 46, 54

Need to get organized? 25, 28, 29, 57

Whole body aches? 68, 72, 86, 92

Can’t concentrate? 42, 50, 52, 60

Feeling impatient? 29, 30, 58, 85

Looking for a healthy boost? 22, 38, 71, 76

Sore back? 16, 20, 66, 86, 91

A little inspiration? 19, 23, 59, 62

Give to others! 23, 31, 35, 36


You’re busy—who isn’t these days? Whether at work or at play, you’re always on the go. From the moment you wake up, as you drive through rush-hour traffic, when you’re talking on your cell phone, until your head hits the pillow, you’re in a hurry. And the drive to get things done is taking its toll. Your mind gets overwhelmed, and your body gets tense.

It’s time to find calm. When you slow down and think clearly, you become more efficient. When you take time to be friendly and polite to those around you, the day is much more pleasant. When you’re rested, you make fewer mistakes. When you take de-stress breaks, your creativity skyrockets. When you focus on giving to others, your relationships improve. Taking care of each area, step by step, you are guaranteed to find more peace of mind.

Everyday Calm has many quick tips and tricks for keeping your cool from morning to night. Learn how to get out of bed gracefully. Turn your home into a blissful sanctuary. Relax for a moment of meditation while you do the laundry. Make a “to do” list to manage your busy day, and try a yoga stretch while you wait in a long line. Slip into a cyber café for a virtual vacation. Indulge with a soothing soak in a scented bath. This book has relaxing ideas for your every need. Turn to the section that speaks to you: Tranquil Morning, Refreshing Midday, Effortless Afternoon, Easy Evening, Nurturing Nighttime—which-ever part of your day needs a little calm.

To get started, open the book to any page and see what area of calm you discover. Or if you have a specific need, check out the Quick Help Guide on page 9. Whatever you do, if you make an effort to relax more during your day, I promise that you will find more fulfillment along the way. Take care, and enjoy yourself as you discover everyday calm.

five simple steps to everyday calm


I will breathe and relax moment by moment.


I will stay calm and focused in all my interactions.


I will treat myself and others with care and patience.


If I feel overwhelmed I will take a calming break.


I will travel through my day peacefully.

tranquil morning

Start your day in a peaceful way.

Wake-up Wisdom

Try to spend a calm moment before jumping out of bed and starting a busy day. Taking time to stretch will help you start your day on the right foot. In this exercise, focus on gently relaxing your mind and body.

1. Lie flat on your back and take a few breaths.

2. Notice any areas in your body that are sore or tense.

3. Gently raise your knees to your chest.

4. Wrap your arms around your knees and breathe deeply.

5. Let your knees slowly drop to one side.

6. Enjoy the stretch in your lower back and hips.

7. Take your time in the stretch; then switch sides.

8. When you’re ready to get out of bed, slowly roll to your side and push yourself up with your hands.

Yoga Yawn

Wake up, sleepyface! Here is a way to give yourself a natural face lift. Turn your morning yawning into a workout, to help relieve puffiness and stiff facial muscles. Yoga Yawns will enliven your face and mind.

1. Imagine that you are chewing an enormous piece of gum.

2. Move your mouth up and down, then side to side.

3. Stretch your face up and down while chewing.

If you do this in your car or at your desk, expect some interesting reactions.

Motivational Mirror Session

Stand strong and flex before your mirror. Fill your lungs with air. Shake your head or body if you just can’t perk up. Give yourself a pep talk before launching into your day, and you’ll receive an instant boost. For better or worse, this is the you you’ve got today! Check in to see how you are doing.

What is special about today? What challenges lie ahead? Any final words of encouragement? Try repeating this: “Today I will calmly conquer the world.” Or make up a motivational phrase that is appropriate for you. Attach a note of your special reminder to the bathroom mirror.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Instant Coffee Bend

This is a great stretch to do while you are waiting for the coffee to brew or the teakettle to boil. When you make room in your daily routine for a stretch, you’ll be sure to feel the results all morning. When you finish the stretch, rise and enjoy your morning libation with renewed vigor.

1. Grab the counter edge and step back a couple of feet.

2. Spread your feet shoulder-width apart.

3. Let your upper body stretch down.

4. Enjoy the powerful stretch.

5. Try not to bob; your body is still waking up.

6. Relax your head and neck.

7. Focus on your breath to help loosen tightness.

8. When the coffeepot is full or the tea whistle blows, release out of the stretch.

I bend but do not break.

—Jean de La Fontaine

Bar Hopping

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