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Empire Builder 1Breed, Populate, Conquer

Dante King

Copyright © 2021 by Dante King

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without written permission from the author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.


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About the Author

Chapter One

Melody’s soft voice moaned urgently in Ben’s ear as his tension released inside of her. His vision exploded with light, and his body prickled with the heat of her skin pressed against his own. His muscles tensed, seizing up as he teetered over the edge.

Melody’s legs wrapped around his waist and squeezed as Ben froze then released. He took in one deep breath after another as each pump filled her before he collapsed on the bed, laying on his side. Melody gazed at him with warm, sensual eyes as she gently dragged her fingertips over his chest. A soft noise that sounded almost like purring flowed from her mouth.

Ben rolled off to the other side of the stiff hotel bed and stared at the cream-colored ceiling, lit by early morning sun. The light reflected off beige walls as it filtered through the thin curtains of the eastward facing room. The furnishing was sparse—a couple of bedside tables topped with lamps, a coffee table with a pair of chairs, and a low cabinet with a TV. The only other things in the room were their clothes, which were strewn haphazardly all the way from the door to the bed.

The room was sound-proofed, which was good, as the cheapish hotel was downtown where lots of ears were around. The only noise in the otherwise still air was the quiet hum of the AC, cranked up to the max in the late summer heat.

As Ben caught his breath, the events of the last few days rushed through his head. Just a few weeks ago, he’d been frantically cramming for the last of his CS exams. He couldn’t have imagined then that, just a few days away from starting his new position in one of the most prestigious tech firms on the West Coast, he’d be lying next to this hot as hell woman in some random hotel.

It was his last weekend of freedom before entering the working world, so he’d decided to make the most of it. He’d met some of the guys in the new firm already, guys who liked to party. Opportunities for getting wild would be hard to come by during the seventy-hour work weeks to come, so they’d decided to have some fun while they could.

The club last night with the guys from work had been fun, but he hadn’t at all expected the night to end this well. He’d met this beautiful foreign girl, whom he’d figured to be an exchange student, out on the dance floor. Her dance moves had caught his eye from a mile off, like there was no one on the dance floor but her. She was graceful, and could keep a good rhythm, sure, but the way she was dancing was totally different than everyone else, like she was using ballet moves to a beat. And she had this…grace that none of the other girls on the dance floor, all of them half-wasted on vodka cranberries, could hope to match. She’d met his eyes from across the club, narrowing them in a seductive, come-hither way that’d struck him as almost feline.

They danced, they drank, they made out under the stairs. And when she’d grabbed his cock through his jeans with that same seductive look in her eyes, he’d known it was time to get her to the nearest hotel.

“Benjamin of Davies,” Melody half-whispered, drawing his name out to sound like “Benzhameen,” her accent peculiar and hard to place. “You really have a way with women.”

He’d given up on explaining to her that it was just Benjamin Davies. She’d kept insisting that Davies was the name of his realm. Why she was talking about “realms,” he had no idea. Best not to ask too many questions when you’re minutes away from getting a total dime into bed with you.

Her accent had struck him as Russian-ish. But it still seemed odd how fascinated she was with his mobile phone, as if she’d never seen one before. Civilization wasn’t that far behind in Eastern Europe, was it?

Not only that, but last night she’d been fascinated with the switches on the bedside lamps. He figured she had to be pulling his leg when she asked if they were powered by magic, but the wide-eyed stare on her face was cute, so he didn’t complain.

Now, Ben’s breath started to steady a bit more. He’d never been with a woman who could knock him on his ass quite like Melody could. He liked to lift weights, and he’d taken part in some martial arts training on and off too. But the night of athleticism they’d just had still pushed him to his limits.

Ben shifted his weight, rolling over to put his arm around Melody’s curvy waist. Where he’d expected to feel smooth, soft skin, the taut but supple muscular flesh of the lovely woman’s torso, his left forearm touched a hard and slippery surface. It was lukewarm like skin, but not as nice to the touch.

His half-closed eyes opened wide.

Melody’s half

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