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The K9 Files, Book 11

Dale Mayer

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Welcome to the all new K9 Files series reconnecting readers with the unforgettable men from SEALs of Steel in a new series of action packed, page turning romantic suspense that fans have come to expect from USA TODAY Bestselling author Dale Mayer. Pssst… you’ll meet other favorite characters from SEALs of Honor and Heroes for Hire too!

For Caleb, returning to his hometown for his brother’s wedding should have been cause for a wonderful celebration. However, since his brother is marrying Caleb’s ex-wife, Caleb doesn’t want to go anywhere near the event. Yet Caleb returns, as his best friend, Laysha, is in the same town, and they are overdue a reunion. Plus Caleb’s been asked to look into a War Dog adopted out but now missing.

Having Caleb back in town, at her house even, Laysha couldn’t be happier, all the while knowing Caleb still had issues with his ex-wife. When Caleb and Laysha take a trip to the last known residence where the War Dog had been and instead find a human corpse, life takes a dark turn.

Even worse, they are seen at the house and have both become targets … in a game Caleb has to win or will lose everything that’s important in his life.


Badger sat at the Titanium Corp boardroom table with the whole original crew—Erick, Cade, Talon, Laszlo, Geir, and Jager—which was unusual. Badger said, “Did I just hear that Rowan is coming back to New Mexico with Brandi?”

“Yep. The whole crew. Including War Dog Hershey and Brandi’s Lab, Lacey, with her three puppies, which I don’t know if they have names for yet,” Geir said. “Talk about a happy ending.”

Talon shook his head. “We’re getting damn good at this, aren’t we?”

Badger chuckled. “And trust you to take the credit for something like this,” he said.

“What do you mean?” Erick asked. “We’ve all done a hell of a job.”

“Maybe so,” Badger said, “but the bottom line is, these couples worked it out themselves, and that’s what matters.”

“And the War Dogs get a whole new life,” Cade said.

“A whole new life but also a family,” Badger said. “That’s the best part. Not only is Hershey back with Rowan, but Hershey will have a perfect retirement now.”

“We’ll get to see them too,” Kat said, as she walked in. “I’m looking forward to meeting Brandi.”

“Why is that?” Jager asked.

“She’s into stem cells,” she said. “I want to talk to her about rejuvenating some of the scar tissue at amputation sites.” She gave Badger a sweet, yet sexy, tilt of her head. “You know there could be an awful lot of benefit to having her around.”

The men looked at her, as Badger wrapped an arm around his wife, kissed her on the temple, and said, “That’s Kat for you. She always wants to make our lives better.”

“Hey, you can’t argue against that,” she said, turning to wrap her arms around him.

He reached a hand down and patted her belly. “In case you guys hadn’t heard the news.”

Immediately the guys jumped up and gave her hugs.

“We’re pretty thrilled,” she said, “but we’ve still got more War Dogs here that need checking up on.”

“We do,” Badger said. “Plus the commander contacted me, and he said that we’ve done such a hell of a job that he’s wondering if we can take on a few more cases.”

The men looked at him in shock.

“We’re not done with the ones we have yet,” Laszlo said.

“I know. I do know that,” Badger said. “So we’ve got to finish these jobs and then maybe take another look at what we want to do. He’s got a few more cases for us.”

“I’m game,” Geir said.

“Agreed,” said Talon, the rest nodding. “So what have we got?”

Geir pulled one of the two remaining original War Dogs folders closer to him and flipped it open.

“And what’s with that one?” Erick asked, sipping his coffee.

“Texas,” he said. “He’s at the El Paso border.”

“And what? The dog has gone to Mexico?” Cade glanced at all the men gathered here.

“We have no idea,” Geir noted. “It was there with a family one day, and, the next day, he was gone.”

Laszlo asked, “Kidnapped, coyotes, shot, what?”

“No clue,” Badger said. “Do we have anybody we can send?”

“Me.” The voice came from the doorway, and they looked over to see Caleb walk in.

“You’ve got a connection to Texas?” Badger asked.

“I do,” he said. “Family down there. Where in Texas?”

“Not too far away from El Paso,” Geir said.

“A good friend has a big place down there, lots of land.”

“Not a whole lot grows there, does it?” Talon asked.

“No, it takes a lot of land to make a living,” he said. “But, she bought it for the peace and quiet.”

“Are they down by the border?” Geir asked.

“Both sides of the border actually,” he said. “What’s the deal with the dog?”

“Not a whole lot to tell you,” Geir said, reading the file quickly. “It was adopted by a family, and, when the government did the first check, the dog had already disappeared.”

“Was it a runner?”

“It never used to be,” Badger said. “You want to go down and find out?”

“Oh, yeah,” Caleb said. “I do.”

“You got a hidden reason for going?” Talon asked.

“Not hiding anything,” Caleb said. “I’m going down for my brother’s wedding.”

“Oh, good,” Kat said. “I love hearing about weddings.”

But Caleb’s face darkened. “Not this one,” he said.

“Why is that?” she asked.

“Because he’s marrying my ex-wife.”

Chapter 1

Caleb Dansworth walked out of the airport and headed toward the rental cars, when he heard his name called. He turned and stopped in surprise as Lazy—or Laysha, her real name—raced toward him. He opened his arms at the last moment, as she threw herself into them. He laughed, hugged

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