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Harlequin Romance March 2021 Box Set

Matchmaker and the Manhattan Millionaire

Winning Back His Runaway Bride

Secret Billionaire on Her Doorstep

Rescued by the Guarded Tycoon

Cara Colter

Jessica Gilmore

Michelle Douglas

Rosanna Battigelli

Table of Contents

Matchmaker and the Manhattan Millionaire

By Cara Colter

Winning Back His Runaway Bride

By Jessica Gilmore

Secret Billionaire on Her Doorstep

By Michelle Douglas

Rescued by the Guarded Tycoon

By Rosanna Battigelli

This wonderfully complex, smart, sweet, sexy woman who was wearing his ring. On her engagement finger.

Jonas had to keep the fake part of this exercise in the forefront. But hadn’t it moved out of that territory last night? Hadn’t he just been thinking they could take it beyond the weekend reunion—after he’d won the bet—and see where it went?

He was never confused! He was not going to let confusion rule now, not this late in his life.

He was keeping his eyes on the prize! But his eyes moved to Krissy.

His hand in hers was a mistake. He loved touching her, casually like this, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Come to that, it feels like the most natural thing in the world.

Matchmaker and the Manhattan Millionaire

Cara Colter

Cara Colter shares her life in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, with her husband, nine horses and one small Pomeranian with a large attitude. She loves to hear from readers, and you can learn more about her and contact her through Facebook.

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Praise for

Cara Colter

“Ms. Colter’s writing style is one you will want to continue to read. Her descriptions place you there…. This…story does have a[n] HEA but leaves you wanting more.”

—Harlequin Junkie on His Convenient Royal Bride


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THIS WAS WHY, thought Krissy Clark, she had been avoiding Match Made in Heaven. It felt as if there was a possibility her aunt Jane could walk into the cluttered, tiny Queens office at any second. Krissy looked down at the file on the desk in front of her. It had been left open, as if her aunt expected to get right back to it. No doubt she had expected to get right back to it.

Make the first call, Krissy ordered herself.

She looked down at the file. It had a picture of a man stapled to an application form. He was on the better side of sixty, bald and bespectacled. His timid smile was so darn hopeful. All she wanted was a name and a phone number, but instead her eyes grazed the first heading.

What do you do for fun? Nothing naughty, please.

Krissy snapped the file closed. She did not want to know what—she looked at the name in bold, black Sharpie on the front—what Alexandro Helinski did for fun. This was why she could not take over her aunt’s business. She didn’t have the people skills. The instincts. That almost magical intuition Aunt Jane had possessed.

It had been three weeks since her sixty-six-year-old aunt had died, killed instantly, struck by a car, just down the street from here.

Things had to be dealt with, and yet Krissy couldn’t even make a decision about what to do with the ashes.

Spread them in the place I love most. That was what Aunt Jane’s will had said. But all that came to Krissy was Macy’s!

On a more practical level, the clients needed to be called just in case they had missed the obituary. There might be refunds owed. The office needed to be cleared, or another month’s rent would come out of the small bank account Krissy found herself in charge of.

Her aunt had done it for love. If the bank account was any indication, there was no money in the matchmaking business.

And there it was. The real reason Krissy could not take over this business—aside from the fact she was deliriously happy with her own life—was simple.

She did not believe in love. Or at least not the happily-ever-after variety her aunt sold.

Come to think of it, Krissy had not really believed in much that Aunt Jane had believed in: horoscopes, cards, premonitions, reincarnation, life after death. Aunt Jane had claimed she still spoke regularly to Uncle Elias, who had died the year before Krissy was born, which was twenty-three years ago.

And yet, despite not sharing a belief system, she had loved her aunt madly: admired her ability to be genuinely herself in the world, even when that self was a little left of crazy. Compared to the rest of her family, Jane seemed downright sane.

Krissy looked at the flashing red lights on the answering machine. Forty-two messages? She, herself, was not sure she got forty-two messages in a year. Still, listening to the messages might be a better place to start than with the files. She had managed to procrastinate so long it was now too late in the evening to be phoning people, anyway.

Her hand hovered over the play button, then dropped away. She rested her chin on it.

“Auntie,” she said out loud, “if you can hear me, I need a sign.”

Of what? That her aunt was, somehow, okay. That death, as her aunt had always believed, was just a transition, not an ending. That the aunt Krissy had always counted on to make her feel safe and loved in the world was still there, in some way, supporting her and guiding her.

Krissy immediately felt ridiculous. She was a university graduate. Her major had been in science. She loved systems—unlike the one she had grown up in—that had rules

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