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Special Offer – Free Science Fiction

Space cities have been locked in war for centuries over the resources of an asteroid belt.

Humans pilot swarms of pod fighters to protect their city’s mining operations from other cities, risking everything and suffering multiple deaths and regenerations. Then Landry goes through a regeneration which introduces an error that will destroy the delicate balance of the war.

Resilience is a space opera short story by award-winning SF author Cameron Cooper.


Epic science fiction at its finest. Realistic far future worlds. Incredible characters and scenarios. – Amazon reader.

This short story has not been commercially released for sale. It is only available as a gift to readers who subscribe to Cam’s email list.

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Special Offer – Free Science Fiction

About Galactic Thunder

Praise for Cameron’s previous Hammer series:

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Special Offer – Free Science Fiction

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About the Author

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About Galactic Thunder

Danny and her crew learn that humans may not be alone in the galaxy.

Thirty years ago, Danny and her crew on the Supreme Lythion were instrumental in the defeat of the sentient array, the crumbling of the Empire and the development of crescent ships.

Now wildcat crescent ships are opening up the known galaxy, finding more worlds to be settled and new resources. When the wildcat ship Ige Ibas goes dark and silent, Dalton comes to Danny for help, because his son, Mace, is on that ship. Despite their history, Danny agrees to try to find Mace.

But the Ige Ibas has gone dark for a reason, and Danny’s investigation rouses the ire of a new enemy, one that emerges from beyond any worlds known to humans…

Galactic Thunder is the first book in the Iron Hammer space opera science fiction series by award-winning SF author Cameron Cooper. The Iron Hammer series is a spin off from the acclaimed Imperial Hammer series, and features many of the characters and situations from that series.

The Iron Hammer series:

1.0: Galactic Thunder

2.0: Stellar Storm

3.0: Planetary Parlay

4.0: Waxing War

5.0: Ruled Out

6.0: Stranger Stars

7.0: Federal Force

8.0: Redline Rebels

Space Opera Science Fiction Novel

Praise for Cameron’s previous

Hammer series:

I love sci-fi and this story makes me love it even more.

I am in awe of the writing ability and imagination of Cameron Cooper.

Before reading any of this author's work, I would have stated I did not really like science fiction. THAT has changed.

It's full of action from beginning to end.

Brilliant and intricate.

Many memorable characters – but my favorite is Varg.

Twists and turns so you’re never really sure what is going on behind the scenes.

I am so enthralled with the series that I am impatient for the release of the next book.

Cameron somehow describes scenes in ways that make me feel like I am actually present

This story truly does justice to the legacies of the greats, like Orson Scott Card and Frank Herbert.

Edge of your seat action will keep you captivated until the final page!!


Dalton was late.

In the nearly fifty years I’d known him, I could easily count a dozen times he’d failed to show up at the appointed hour. What was a few minutes here or there between friends? But three hours was pushing my limits.

I stayed under the twenty-five-meter high, age-withered oak I’d staked out, even though I wanted to collect Vara, stalk back to my shitty little spacer quarters and find the second half of the printed scotch bottle stashed at the back of the kitchenette shelf.

I was pissed at Dalton and pissed at myself, too. Why was I still here?

The shady oak I was under soared over the far corner of the family reserve in one of the residential suburbs of Melenia City station. The suburb dome was one of the oldest in the city. I could remember, from long ago, having to arm myself to traverse it safely. Since the Shutdown, the city had made efforts to reclaim the dome for the families it had been built for. Beefing up security. Extra monitoring and speedy emergency responses. And this reserve had been de-trashed, sterilized and the soil rebuilt.

Families had trickled back to the dome warily, until there were enough of them to make dubious business inconvenient, forcing the gangs and criminal organizations, the homeless and desperate to move elsewhere.

I didn’t have a family. I lived here because it was cheap and because of this park, which Vara loved. She had made a dozen nose-in-hand friends here, who would obediently scratch her head and ears when they saw her. I could see her down by the river now, her bushy multi-colored tail up as she pushed her nose into the soft, dark brown loam by the edge of the slowly cycling green water.

The daylights were hot, but the broad canopy of the oak made my wait shady and pleasant. I could even smell the peppery, green scent of the still, silent leaves overhead, baking in the light.

The residents scattered across the open grassed area and clumped beneath the other ancient, gnarled shade trees had probably assumed I was doing what they were. But I was not here to enjoy myself. Except, in a way, that was exactly why I was here.

Not for the first time, I shifted on my ass, fully prepared to get up off the blue plaid blanket I sat upon, call Vara back to me, shove my pad into my jacket pocket and go home. I aborted the movement, though.

I was second guessing myself, which wasn’t normal for me. I didn’t enjoy the sensation. Yes, I had sat here for three hours, my ass was numb, and I

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