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One Of Them Girls

Cala Riley


1. Xavier

2. Xavier

3. Xavier

4. Cassi

5. Cassi

6. Cassi

7. Cassi

8. Cassi

9. Cassi

10. Cassi

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Cala & Riley



“Hey, man,” Jack calls out to someone as we walk through the house party.

Part of me is surprised that he knows so many people already. We’ve only been here a week.

“Hey Jack, who’s this guy?” some random guy asks.

“My roommate, Xavier. He’s new to Texas.”

I half-wave while looking around, taking in the scene before me. I don’t know why I was thinking a house party here with college kids would be any different. It’s just like any other house party. Well, except the ones back at Brighton. That has more to do with the wealth being thrown around than the actual party itself.

I follow Jack through the house and into the kitchen where two kegs are on ice and a counter full of liquor.

“Here’s a beer.” Jack shoves a cup in my hand. “Try to enjoy yourself.”

I take the beer, making my way to the edge of the room. Finding an open spot, I lean against the wall.

It’s your run-of-the-mill frat house. Small rooms with furniture pushed against walls to make more room. I let my eyes wander over the dance floor. Mostly women gyrating against one another, casting quick glances to the guys standing around watching. A couple of the guys have joined in on the fun, their hands sliding all over their partners’ bodies.

One couple breaks off, heading upstairs.

I shake my head and take a sip of the warm beer. Gross. I set it down on the floor next to me and continue to people watch.

I suppose this is better than staring at my ceiling.

A couple of the girls try to catch my eye, but I’m quick to avoid them. I don’t need any drama, and these girls have drama written all over them.

My phone buzzes in my pocket. Taking it out, I see a text from Tinsley. I had texted her earlier, letting her know I was going out.

Tinsley: Yay! I’m so glad you went out. Have fun and tell me all about it tomorrow. Finley says don’t forget to wrap it before you tap it.

I chuckle. Finley would say that. I’m about to respond when a body runs into mine.

I look up from my phone to tell the person to fuck off, but freeze.

Her eyes trap me in their gaze. She’s gorgeous. Her head comes up to my shoulders, so she has to lean her head back to look at me.

Her long, blonde hair is curled, falling down her back, highlighting her bright blue-green eyes looking up at me expectantly.

What does she want?

I don’t know, but I sure as fuck might be willing to give it to her.

My heart beats heavy in my chest. This is the first time since her I’ve felt anything for a woman.


“Hey, babe. There you are.” Her hands settle on my chest.

Absentmindedly, my hands fall to her hips. I stay silent, questioning what she’s doing.

“This is the guy you’re meeting up with?”

I glance over her shoulder as I see a guy Jack introduced me to earlier.

She leans up, kissing the side of my mouth and damn it if I don’t want to turn into her, but I stay still.

“Yep. This is the new guy I’ve been dating. So as you can see, you can run along.”

Suspicion lines his eyes, so I pull her closer and whisper in her ear, “Giggle like I’m telling you something dirty. He’s not buying your act.”

On cue, she giggles, pressing her body even closer to mine. Then she leans up and whispers in my ear, “My name’s Cassandra.”

“Xavier,” I respond.

And just like that, we are having our own private conversation in whispers. I glance once more over her shoulder to see the guy stomp off.

“Your ex just stomped off. I think you’re in the clear.”

She leans back, rolling her eyes. “He’s not my ex. It’s a long story. I should go home though. I knew it was a bad idea to show up here.”

She pulls out of my grip.

“Let me walk you out,” I tell her.

“No, you don’t need to do that. Really.” I see a faint blush cover her cheeks.

“What kind of guy would I be if I didn’t even walk my girl out?” I quirk an eyebrow.

She smiles. “I guess you’re right.”

I wrap my arm around her shoulder as I escort her to the door. I give a two-finger wave to Jack as we move through the party. He gives me a confused look, but waves back.

I watch as she gives her own across the room goodbye to a girl, but instead of confusion, she gets a thumbs up.

Once outside and a few houses down, Cassandra shrugs out of my embrace. I give her a little distance.

“This is weird,” she says, breaking the silence. “I shouldn’t be going anywhere with you really, let alone let you know where I live. I can hear my brother cursing me for my idiocy.”

I chuckle. “You’re right. You shouldn’t be out walking with a stranger and leading him back to your place. It’s dangerous. You know what else is dangerous? Rescuing a damsel in distress only

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