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PitThe A**hole Club Series

Blue Saffire


Perceptive Illusions Publishing, Inc.

Words From Blue


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The A**hole Club Series

Blue Saffire

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Pit: The A**hole Club Series/ Blue Saffire. -- 1st ed.

Words From Blue

One day it all comes together and makes perfect sense.

That’s when we send a thunderclap through ethers and show what we’re made of.

Move in purpose.

―Blue Saffire


All Comes Down


Voices ring out with laughter and a bunch of shit talking. Engines rev around me, excitement is thick in the air. I’m in my element as the adrenaline pumps through my veins. I get off on the power of a good drag race.

This isn’t for everyone and not everyone should try it. Each driver here tonight knows the risks. Some take it serious, others, not so much.

Me, I’m tasting the reward. It’s time to pay my tuition and this race is going to cough up the purse to make that happen. The beast I’m leaning against is going to ensure that. My Viper has been feeding me well in the last few months.

My father can suck a dick with his threats to cut me off. I don’t want shit from his drunk ass anyway. One day none of us will need him.

I’ve raced everyone here before. Well, with the exception of one. I narrow my eyes on the newcomer.

“Pit,” Abby growls, punching me in the arm.

“What?” I turn and snap.

“Why the hell do you keep staring at her?” she snarls pointing her finger.

“Maybe it’s because she’s the only girl out here trying to drive. Or it could be because she’s black. Where the fuck did she get the money for a ride like that. She better have the money to cover the fucking purse,” I mumble the last part and cross my arms over my chest.

Abby’s blue eyes nearly pop out of her head. She looks at me like I’m shit. “You’re such a fucking asshole,” she hisses. “God, what do I see in you?”

“My fat eleven inch cock for starters. Not to mention the money you suck out of my pockets when you finish draining my dick,” I say and shrug, turning back to the black chick with the sweet pink and black Aston Martin.

“Fuck you, Pit. You’re such a dick.”

I don’t turn to watch her storm off on those too high heels as they click loud enough to announce her exit. She’ll be back. She always comes back.

“Better have my cash, Pitman,” Kelex crows as he walks pass.

Joshua Kelex. I hate his fucking ass. Entitled sack of shit. His family has more money than they know what to do with. He’s also the only one out here who could threaten me walking away with my money tonight.

“Fuck you.” I flip him the bird.

His laughter fills the air, but I’m already focused on the black chick again. Seth is the organizer of this shit. He doesn’t let just anyone drive. This girl must of either wet his dick or she has skills.

I lower my eyes to her fat ass and thick hips. Yeah, she wet his dick. Lucky bastard. Never fucked a black chick, but I’d definitely slide in that ass.

Just as the thought crosses my mind, she turns and looks over her shoulder. Oh shit, she’s gorgeous in the face too. This is the first time my view of her features hasn’t been blocked. Yeah, I’d totally fuck her.

“All right, all right,” Seth calls out. “Let’s get this party started. I got studying and shit to get to.”

The crowd whoops and drivers start to climb in their cars. I push off the driver’s side door of my ride and go to climb in. That is until one guy starts to spew his own shit.

“She’s not racing with us. She has no business out here,” he growls.

“Doesn’t matter either way. Your ass is still going to lose,” Kelex claps back.

“Fuck off, pretty boy. No one’s talking to you,” Jeremy replies.

I can see this shit is about to get heated. I don’t like Kelex, but of all these assholes out here I loathe Jeremy. He’s a self-centered, reckless prick. If you ask me, he’s the one that shouldn’t be on this track.

Fucking douchebag.

“Well, I’m talking to you,” I say rounding my car. At six three, 220 pounds, I’m not the first guy Jeremy is going to swing on. “Shut the fuck up and get in your car.”

“Hey! All of you can shut the fuck up and let your engines do the talking for you,” someone hollers behind me.

I’m already headed for Jeremy to kick his

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