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PrinceBillionaires in Disguise: Maxence

Blair Babylon

Billionaires in Disguise: Maxence

Series Order

Free Series Starters:

Indecent Proposal (Book #1)

A Game of Billionaires (Book #2)

Main Series:

Rogue (Book #3)

Order (Book #4)

Prince (Book #5)

Royal (Book #6)

Reign (Book #7)

The first two books are free series starters. They contain part of Rogue so people can read a longer, expanded sample rather than just what the “sample” allows.

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1. Appearance

2. Sea Breeze

3. Prayer

4. Nicostrato Grimaldi

5. Kissin’ Cousins

6. Michael Rossi

7. Kir Sokolov

8. Marie-Therese Grimaldi

9. The Desk

10. New Year’s Eve

11. Conclusion

12. Lady Christine Grimaldi

13. Boats

14. Caught

15. The Little Prince of Monagasquay

16. Prayer II

17. His Highness, Prince Jules Grimaldi

18. The Pigeon Tunnel

19. Norberta von und Lichtenstein

20. Downstairs

21. The Good Sisters

22. App

23. Death by Tiny Toddler Stomping

24. Prayer III

25. Taking Notes

26. Kir Sokolov, Again

27. Some Hillbilly Stuff

28. Temptation

29. Cinderelly

30. The Sea Change Gala

31. An Extravagant Honeymoon

32. A Decent Proposal

33. Kidnapped

34. Dark

To my husband, who is always my Prince.


Billionaires in Disguise: Maxence

By: Blair Babylon

Giving away a billion dollars shouldn’t be this hard.

Maxence saved Dree Clark from some bad guys in a Parisian bar, then he turned up on a charity mission to Nepal, so how the heck is he the Prince of Monaco?

Or, well, not the prince. A prince. He’s the not head honcho because Monaco doesn’t have a sovereign prince right now. But it needs one.

Maxence is the next person in line for the throne, but he doesn’t want it. He doesn’t want anything to do with it. But other people do want the throne and the billions in wealth that go with it, people with evil agendas or who just want the money. Max is the only guy who stands in their way.

And good people seem to be in short supply.

Plus, he’s distracted by the constant thorn in his side, Dree Clark, whom he’s conscripted to be his new secretary. Her curves drive him out of his mind, and her sweet soul is more than he’s ever hoped for. He wants to chase her around the desk and then run away with her to somewhere safe.

Because Monaco is anything but safe for Prince Maxence.

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Published by Malachite Publishing LLC

Copyright 2020 by Malachite Publishing LLC

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and Mammon.”

The Gospel of Matthew 6:24

Chapter One



In the rear bathroom of the private airplane, Deacon Father Maxence Grimaldi braced his hands on the teak countertop and stared into the mirror at his own dark eyes.

Dree was going to see him differently soon.

Beyond the oversized porthole window, emerald forests and pastel granite streaked the crumpled Southeast Asian landscape in the afternoon sunlight. The engines near the tail of the Bombardier Global 5000 growled through the walls and the floor under Max’s feet.

The black shirt Maxence wore had a square ecclesiastical collar, into which he’d inserted a white tab that marked him as a Catholic religious. He lifted his hands and touched the pristine square, intending to pry it loose and tuck it into his suitcase since he wasn’t going to need it for the foreseeable future, but he paused.

The black shirt and white tab sometimes seemed to be a suit of armor he wore, and other times, a disguise. Either way, he donned the ecclesiastical garb willingly for months at a time, trying to live up to the ideals it represented.

His hands returned to the wooden bathroom counter as he hesitated, drawing out these last few moments before he stripped off the shirt.

His cheeks and jaw weren’t gaunt under the black scruff of his thick, two-day beard, just a little harder than usual. Max had only been in the field for a month this time. When he returned from extended missions of six months or longer, his eyes sank behind his too-prominent cheekbones as his ribs surfaced along his sides. Losing thirty, forty, or even fifty pounds over the course of one of those charity ventures didn’t concern him because he packed muscle on again when he returned to Europe.

As soon as he’d boarded the plane in Kathmandu, a flight attendant had handed him a plate piled high with sandwiches before they’d even begun to taxi toward the runway. The savory scent of roasting meat had wafted from the galley soon after they’d taken off. He suspected that a memo went out among his friends and staff to press food upon him because it seemed to be a coordinated effort.

He was still staring at the white tab embedded in the square opening of his shirt collar.

Moping in a bathroom was pathetic.

Besides, once Maxence’s feet hit the soil of Monaco, he no longer held the position of deacon in the Catholic Church, at least according to that odd clause Pope Vincent had inserted into his ordination. That clause had been a compromise among Maxence, who’d desperately wanted to be ordained as a priest, Pope Vincent, who’d understood his vocation, and Max’s uncle, Prince Rainier IV of Monaco, who’d insisted Maxence not be allowed to take Holy Orders until Monaco’s line of succession was assured.

He suspected it was less of a compromise than a Faustian bargain.

Max grabbed the stiff collar insert and wrenched it loose, tossing it in the outside pocket of his toiletries bag. Several similar white strips in there rattled as it hit them. He unbuttoned the top few buttons of his shirt and dragged it off over his head then yanked the rest of his clothes off before stepping into the shower.

Hot water cascaded over him, easily

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