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The Fight In Us

The Four - book 4

Becca Steele

The Fight In Us

Copyright © 2021 by Becca Steele

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

Editing by One Love Editing

Cover photography by Miguel Chazo

Model: Sergio Carvajal

Becca Steele


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s crazy imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.



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Author’s note

The author is British, and British English spellings and phrases are used throughout.

This book contains topics that may be triggering to some readers.

Another note

While The Fight In Us is a standalone novel, it is best enjoyed after the previous three books in the series, in order to gain an understanding of the characters and continuing storylines. All are available on Amazon, and are in Kindle Unlimited.

#1: The Lies We Tell

#2: The Secrets We Hide

#3: The Havoc We Wreak

If you haven’t read them, or read them a while ago and need a reminder of what happened, read on for a quick recap of the trilogy. Please note that this recap contains MAJOR spoilers!

Becca xoxo

A Quick Recap

*Contains spoilers for the first three books in the Four series*

Winter Huntington moved to Alstone in order to investigate her father’s mysterious death, moving into an apartment on the campus of Alstone College, which she shared with Kinslee Stewart, who would later become her best friend. When she arrived in Alstone, she reconnected with her estranged mother, Christine Clifford. Christine was now married to Arlo Cavendish, one of the three founding families of Alstone Holdings and a powerful man.

Arlo had two sons, Caiden and Weston, who lived with their two other best friends, Zayde Lowry and Cassius Drummond. Collectively they were known as the Four. All sexy, tattooed, girls falling at their feet…you know the type.

While Weston was friendly enough to Winter, Caiden hated her. Or so he tried to tell himself. This all stemmed from the fact that he despised Christine, who had been having an affair with his dad. During their affair, Caiden’s mother had committed suicide (a fact that Caiden and Arlo took care to keep hidden from Weston, to protect him. Instead, they’d told him that she’d passed away from a brain haemorrhage).

Then came the story of boy meets girl, boy hates/lusts after girl, girl is confused, oops we kissed, we kissed again, my dick slipped into you, some fireworks, and yay we actually like each other!

Alongside all that, the investigations continued, and Winter and the Four drew closer to the answers. Weston was a computer genius, and with the help of his hacker connection (codenamed Mercury), he was able to procure information that would help them. At a party at the Cavendish residence, Winter met Cassius’ younger sister, Lena, for the first time, later finding out that Lena was there to investigate an illegal dog fighting ring, which was being live-streamed in one of the side rooms at the party. She later helped Winter and the Four, becoming a friend to Winter in the process.

There was a situation involving Winter’s friend James Granville, ending up with Caiden jumping to the wrong conclusions and telling Winter it was over between them. Unfortunately right after that happened, Winter ended up being knocked out and taken by the Belarusian gang that were working with her mother, and when she was eventually found, things were a little awkward between her and Caiden.

Circumstances kept them apart (i.e. Caiden needing time to come to his senses), and at a masquerade ball, they finally reconnected, although they’d both been coerced into attending with other dates (Caiden with Jessa De Witt, and Winter with Cassius).

There was more fun/stress, some more sex, an argument or two, and then Joseph Hyde (James Granville’s cousin and a complete asshole) cornered Winter on New Year’s Eve. It wasn’t pretty, but Zayde and Caiden saved the day.

Winter went rogue, and found out that the Cavendish butler, Allan, was also involved. It eventually came to light that he was even more involved than they’d originally thought.

Winter and Zayde decided to get help from Credence Pope, aka Creed. He was one of the most powerful men in the country, and his connections were far-reaching. Thanks to him, they ended up with a surveillance van and all sorts of fun things, culminating in the interception of a meeting between Christine, the Belarusian Strelichevo gang, and the Hydes. Shit went down, Winter nearly got caught, but they managed to capture Joseph Hyde and Allan. It was time to get some answers.

Answers were forthcoming, but Christine was one step ahead. She’d managed to kidnap Jessa thanks to

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