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Back to Atlantis

Bar Sagi

Copyright © 2020 Bar Sagi

All rights reserved; No parts of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or by any information retrieval system, without the permission, in writing, of the author.

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Chapter 1 - The arrival

Chapter 2 - The ball

Chapter 3 - Training

Chapter 4 - A princess

Chapter 5 - Training & forest fires

Chapter 6 - The fight

Chapter 7 - The queen

Chapter 8 - A spellcaster in training

Chapter 9 - A rouge army

Chapter 10 - Prince David’s birthday ball

Chapter 11 - A fight with old friends

Chapter 12 - The magic block

Chapter 13 - Secrets hidden under a crown

Chapter 14 - A visit home

Chapter 15 - A ball to remember

Chapter 16 - The price of magic

Chapter 17 - A talker, not a fighter

Chapter 18 - Letters & unspoken feelings

Chapter 19 - Wishes under the stars…

Chapter 20 - The new mission

Chapter 21 - Enemies and Alibis

Chapter 22 - The portal

Chapter 23 - The betrayal

Chapter 24 - The second-in-command

Chapter 25 - After the battle

Chapter 26 - “I will be there!”

Message from the Author

Chapter 1

The arrival

Yasmin couldn’t believe it. She was finally going to Atlantis. After months of training, she was really looking forward to it. But at the same time, she never wanted to leave home. She wanted to be with Digdig forever. Who wouldn’t?

She put down her big suitcase—like huge—and looked at her family. They had come to David’s house to say goodbye. She had already said goodbye to her cat, Digdig—It involved much crying—and to her school. They thought she was going out of the country for a little while.

Miriam looked at her, smiling. “Yasmin! I want to eat! It’s already noon! Let’s just go to Atlantis!”

Yasmin looked at her best friend and stuck out her tongue. She knew Miriam was just kidding. But then, simultaneously, both their stomachs rumbled. She snorted. Maybe Miriam wasn’t joking.

Hugging her father one last time, she tried smiling. “Bye, Dad.”

He held her at arm’s length. “Come back soon, and don’t get yourself killed, okay?”

“I’ll call you every day,” Yasmin promised. “Take care of Digdig.”

Her father grinned. “He’ll be miserable without you, you know. Maybe I’ll start calling him chicken.”


“Come, on, Yasmin, we have to go.” David was standing there, looking a bit anxious. He wasn’t normally, but these last few days he had been nervous and quick to explode. Something was bothering him, and he refused to tell her what, no matter how many times she asked—twenty-four.

Grabbing her suitcase with a grunt—it had twenty books, perfect for a month-long stay—she stepped through the mirror Jon had used when he travelled from Atlantis.

Yasmin blinked, sneezing in the bright sunlight. It was a cool day in November, but with no clouds, the sun and the chilling breeze sent poor Yasmin into a fit of sneezing.

A few minutes later, putting on sunglasses and a scarf, Yasmin could breathe again. Hearing snickers, she saw that David, Miriam, and Jon were laughing at her.

Daniella was nowhere in sight, though. Yasmin sighed, both because of her odd friends, and because of her worry about Daniella.

Daniella had changed drastically since she met Jon. Nowadays, Yasmin wasn’t sure who Daniella was, or if she liked her at all. She seemed freer, which was good, but Yasmin just didn’t know if Daniella liked her.

Yasmin looked around at the surroundings for the first time. She gasped in wonder. David said the portal would put them in the royal garden, but this was nothing like anything she had ever seen! There were roses in light blue shades, poppies in all the colors of the sunset, and the yellowest lemons ever! She loved making lemonade.

The sky was clear blue, and the path sparkled in the sun, made of marble stone that didn’t have a streak of dirt. Everything looked perfect.

“Ahh-hhchoo!” Except for a cold that Yasmin seemed to be developing.

“You ready?” David asked her, his fingers sliding into hers.

Yasmin nodded as she looked around the garden, feeling an urge to protect it. This was David’s home. She wasn’t going to let anyone, especially a ‘beast’ burn his life to the ground.

They started walking along the path. Yasmin started talking with Miriam excitedly, and she let go of David’s hand so she could carry her suitcase.

“Can you believe my parents are only letting me stay here for a week? But I would miss real life if I stayed in this Kingdom too long.” Miriam said kingdom carefully.

“Only you.” Yasmin laughed. “Me, I would much rather be in a fantasy.”

“I suppose that’s why you started going out with David, right?” Miriam teased Yasmin.

Yasmin looked thoughtful. “I don’t know why I started dating David. Maybe it was an idea I had built of him, the fact that he opened me to a whole new world, or yes, the fact that he was a prince. But now that I know him, these things seem pointless. The person inside, the REAL David, is the one that I love. He could be a poor peasant and I would still love him. He’s so full of life, and during those rare times he is vulnerable, I want to protect him, and everything he loves. I want to get to know him better, and see what comes next.”

“You really love him, don’t you?” Miriam said softly. Yasmin saw that though her face was sort of sad, she smiled happily. “I hope I find something as amazing as you guys have someday. Even if he is just a friend.”

Yasmin hooked her arm into Miriam’s. “You have me!”

They laughed, and kept talking, with David walking ahead, and Jon and Daniella behind.

Suddenly David stopped in his tracks, and his whole body went rigid.

Yasmin looked at his face, wondering what could have made him this pale. She didn’t get to think for long, though, because–Wham!

A beautiful girl with dark red hair kissed David, on the lips! She pulled away, hugging him tightly, while

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