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They knew the kid who would’ve become Father Giovanni.

It was time for them to meet Crucifix—the man who would make them confess before administering Last Rites.

Holy Mary, Mother of God—even you can’t hear their prayers. They’re damned.

Copyright © 2021 B.B. BLAQUE

All rights reserved

Cover Designer-Lou Gray/Gray Creations

Cover Model-William Newton

Photo credit-James Critchley Photography

Editor-Proofed Positively

The Royal Bastards MC is a COMPLETELY fictional 1% motorcycle club. The chapter depicted in this book is based out of NYC. They do not represent any MC known to exist. The Malevolent MC is also a COMPLETELY fictional 1% club based out of Brooklyn, Indiana, Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida. None of the chapters or characters in this book is meant to depict any known MC or riding club. None of the scenes portrayed in this book are from any actual events. The logo was conceived and designed solely for this series by Simply Defined Art Jay Aheer. Other artwork and teasers connected to this book were created by the author.


PROTECT: The club and your brothers come before anything else, and must be protected at all costs. CLUB is FAMILY.

RESPECT: Earn it & Give it. Respect club law. Respect the patch. Respect your brothers. Disrespect a member and there will be hell to pay.

HONOR: Being patched in is an honor, not a right. Your colors are sacred, not to be left alone, and NEVER let them touch the ground.

OL’ LADIES: Never disrespect a member’s or brother’s Ol’Lady. PERIOD.


LOYALTY: Takes precedence over all, including well-being.

HONESTY: Never LIE, CHEAT, or STEAL from another member or the club.

TERRITORY: You are to respect your brother’s property and follow their Chapter’s club rules.

TRUST: Years to earn it...seconds to lose it.

NEVER RIDE OFF: Brothers do not abandon their family.


RBMC NYC Chapter Rotten Apple (FOCUS)


RBMC Los Angeles, CA Chapter J.L. Lombard (Blayze)


RBMC New Orleans, LA Chapter Crimson Syn (Jameson)


RBMC-Tonopaugh, NV Chapter Nikki Landis (Grim & Azrael)


The character of The Bishop is in almost all of my books (except Angel to Butterfly-Golden Doll and the Sawree Duet)

Redhook, Colt, Kash, Sundown, and The Bishop are all characters from my Masters MC/Malevolent MC series


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2 Heaven and Hell

3 Cry Little Sister

4 The Lady Wore Black

5 Sleeping in the Fire

6 Every BreathYouTake

7 Sweet Sister Isabella

8 Sympathy For the Devil

9 Lonely In Love

10 Walk in the Shadows

11 I Feel a Sin Coming On

12 Come Back to Black

13 Christian Woman

14 Sold My Soul

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16 The Longest Day of My Life

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18 God Was Never on Your Side

19 This is Gonna Hurt

20 Crucify the Dead

21 The Oath

22 How Did You Love?





“Giovanni! What do you think you’re doing?”

That wretched old nun started to smack me with a yardstick as she screamed, “You disgusting . . . filthy boy! Leave that sister alone this instant!”

I’m thinkin’ no.

I felt the hard slaps on my back, but they were nothing in comparison to what’d been done to me so many times. Hit me. Beat me. I can take it! Give it your best shot!

Her wailing wasn’t enough to make me stop—not then—not when I was about to bust a nut. She didn’t know what it felt like to be a teenage boy with a hard-on, believe me, nothin’ she was doin’ was gonna break my stride.

“C’mon! Just a couple more strokes, sister . . . I’m almost there!”

I can’t stop yet.

I banged into Sister Antionette as hard as I could. Nothin’ the other nun was doin’ was worse than what I’d suffered at Antoinette’s hands. She never took no for an answer without punishment. When I didn’t do what she wanted and spill my evil seed, she was downnright vicious. At the moment, all I could think about was how good she felt and how hot it was to be mid-stroke and get caught with my dick in her wet pussy. I shoved up the back of her habit and pulled out to jerk off all over her ass. The last spurts hadn’t even stopped when Father Maurice’s hands grabbed my shoulders and yanked me back.

“After all we’ve done for you! You motherless ingrate! Get your stuff and leave! Now!”

I was wrestlin’ an arm away from him and tryin’ to get outta reach. He was a pretty tough old goat and we’d fought more than once.

“Don’t ever come back here, Giovanni . . . so help me God, I’ll . . .”

His fist was cocked back and I laughed, “You’ll what? Hit me? G’head! We can go a round for old time’s sake.”

The priest put down his arm and I smirked. “Yeah, that’s what I thought! Wasn’t so hard when I was younger, but I’m taller and outweigh you now. Trust me, you’d regret it, old man.”

I didn’t pay attention to the rest of what he was yelling as I walked to my bunk and threw stuff in a bag. There wasn’t a lot of shit and it only took a few minutes to be dressed, packed, and headed for the door. I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of yellin’, cryin’, or lettin’ them know how scared I was. I’d gotten off and the thrill of gettin’ caught was subsiding fast. It was cold as a witch’s tit outside and had been flurrying on and off for most of the day. Welcome to Hell.

I didn’t get to say goodbye to Snaps! I’ll go back for her when I get

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