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For those who don鈥檛 want to keep fighting. Fight on.

Shout-outs to Becky Albertalli and Elliot Knight,

who were always with me even when they couldn鈥檛 be.

The World of Gleamcraft

Gleamcrafters鈥攑ractitioners with powers. Applicable to both celestials and specters.

Celestials鈥攖heir true origins unknown, these people carry powers that have a connection to the stars and sky. Some powers are presented at birth, others surface later in life. The range of their abilities is wide. Celestials can be distinguished by the way their eyes glow like different corners of the universe as they use their gleam. Notable group: the Spell Walkers.

Specters鈥攕ixty years ago, alchemy was developed as a way to use the blood of creatures to give humans powers. People who receive their powers this way are known as specters, and the range of their abilities is limited to the blood of that creature鈥檚 breed. Specters can be distinguished by the way their eyes burn like eclipses as they use their gleam. Notable Group: The Blood Casters.



Emil Rey鈥攁 reincarnated specter with phoenix blood who can cast gray and gold fire, self-heal his mortal wounds, sense feelings from other phoenixes, fly, and resurrect. Known as Fire-Wing and Infinity Son.

Brighton Rey鈥攖he creator of the online series Celestials of New York. Drank Reaper鈥檚 Blood for the powers of a phoenix, hydra, and ghost.

Maribelle Lucero鈥攁 celestial who can levitate and glide.

Iris Simone-Chambers鈥攁 celestial with powerhouse strength and skin impervious to most gleam attacks. New leader of the Spell Walkers.

Atlas Haas (Deceased)鈥攁 celestial who could conjure winds.

Wesley Young鈥攁 celestial who runs at swift-speed.

Eva Nafisi鈥攁 celestial who can heal others but gets harmed in the process.

Prudencia Mendez鈥攁 celestial with the power of telekinesis.

Carolina Rey鈥擡mil and Brighton鈥檚 mother. No powers of her own.

Ruth Rodriquez鈥攁 celestial who can create clones of herself.

Bautista de Le贸n (Deceased)鈥攁 reincarnated specter with phoenix blood who could cast gold fire, self-heal his mortal wounds, resurrect, and remember details from his past life. Founder of the Spell Walkers.

Sera C贸rdova (Deceased)鈥攁n alchemist and celestial who had psychic visions. Founding member.


Ness Arroyo鈥攁 specter with shifter blood who can change his appearance at will.

Luna Marnette鈥攁 supreme alchemist who created the Blood Casters. No powers of her own.

Dione Henri鈥攁 specter with hydra blood who can grow extra/regrow missing body parts and

Stanton鈥攁 specter with basilisk blood who has serpentine senses and venomous, acidic, petrifying, and paralytic abilities.

June鈥攁 specter with ghost blood who can phase through solid objects and possess people.


Senator Edward Iron鈥攁 presidential candidate who opposes gleamcraft. No powers of his own.

Barrett Bishop鈥攁 vice-presidential candidate and chief architect of the Bounds. No powers of his own.

Congresswoman Nicolette Sunstar鈥攁 celestial presidential candidate who can create burning hot dazzling lights.

Senator Shine Lu鈥攁 celestial vice-presidential candidate who can turn invisible.


Tala Castillo鈥攁 Halo Knight with no powers of her own.

Wyatt Warwick鈥攁 Halo Knight with no powers of his own.

Nox鈥攁n obsidian phoenix that excels at tracking.

Roxana鈥攁 light howler phoenix with stormlike powers.


Keon M谩ximo (Deceased)鈥攁n alchemist and specter with phoenix blood who could cast gray fire, self-heal his mortal wounds, and resurrect. He developed the alchemy to give normal people powers and became the first specter.

Kirk Bennett鈥攖he curator for the phoenix exhibit at the Museum of Natural Creatures.

Dr. Billie Bowes鈥攁 celestial who can cast illusions.

The Silver Star Slayer鈥攁 conservative YouTuber.


But true rulers are not born. We are made.





Title Page


The World of Gleamcraft


One: Bright Night

Two: Prisoner

Three: Death鈥檚 Hold

Four: Nightmare

Five: Iron Manor

Six: Like Father, Like Son

Seven: The Journal

Eight: High and Mighty

Nine: Oblivion鈥檚 Edge

Ten: Poison

Eleven: Reunion

Twelve: The Luminary Union

Thirteen: The Heroic Crime

Fourteen: The Odds

Fifteen: Fire and Flight

Sixteen: Resetting

Seventeen: Propaganda

Eighteen: The Unchosen One

Nineteen: The Cloaked Phantom

Twenty: Dark Hearts

Twenty-One: Ultimately

Twenty-Two: Halo Knight

Twenty-Three: Silver and Sapphire

Twenty-Four: Infinity Savior

Twenty-Five: Training: Brighton Edition

Twenty-Six: Brighton of New York

Twenty-Seven: Bright Star

Twenty-Eight: Another Knight

Twenty-Nine: Impersonate

Thirty: The New Ember Sanctuary

Thirty-One: Paper Bird

Thirty-Two: Track

Thirty-Three: Reversing the Cycle

Thirty-Four: Pawn to Queen

Thirty-Five: Morning Nox

Thirty-Six: Infinity Senses

Thirty-Seven: The Scent of Blue

Thirty-Eight: The Sound of Skin

Thirty-Nine: The Weight of Nothing

Forty: Power Couple

Forty-One: Dayrose

Forty-Two: Predecessor

Forty-Three: Mother

Forty-Four: History

Forty-Five: Sera C贸rdova

Forty-Six: Bautista De Le贸n

Forty-Seven: Honor

Forty-Eight: Oblivion Night

Forty-Nine: Forevermore

Fifty: The Silver Star Slayer

Fifty-One: Sunrise

Fifty-Two: Eclipsing

Fifty-Three: The Debate

Fifty-Four: Breaking

Fifty-Five: The Void

Fifty-Six: Changing the Narrative

Fifty-Seven: Ghostly

Fifty-Eight: The Speech

Fifty-Nine: Fury

Sixty: Unmasked

Sixty-One: Villainized

Sixty-Two: Strategy

Sixty-Three: Cell

Sixty-Four: Rebel

Sixty-Five: Strike

Sixty-Six: The Bounds

Sixty-Seven: Manhunt

Sixty-Eight: Firefly鈥檚 Flames

Sixty-Nine: Solitary Confinement

Seventy: Hunt the Shifter

Seventy-One: Winner

Seventy-Two: Infinity Reaper

Seventy-Three: The Smile

Seventy-Four: Marnettes and C贸rdovas

Seventy-Five: Skybreaker and Shape-Shifter

Seventy-Six: Family

Seventy-Seven: Traitor

Seventy-Eight: Overpower

Seventy-Nine: Shining Brighter


About the Author

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About the Publisher

OneBright Night


I drink every last drop of Reaper鈥檚 Blood while looking up at the Crowned Dreamer.

The elixir smells like burning bodies and tastes like iron and charcoal. The blood from the century phoenix, the golden-strand hydra, and the dead ghosts is heavy on my tongue like mud. My throat is burning and I鈥檓 this close to spitting out the rest, but I force myself to swallow it all because this Reaper鈥檚 Blood is game changing. I wasn鈥檛 lucky enough to be born with powers鈥攖o be born a celestial. But now that I鈥檝e absorbed these creatures鈥 abilities, the world will get to welcome me as their new champion鈥攁 one-of-a-kind, unkillable specter.

I drop the empty bottle and it rolls toward my brother, who has been stabbed. Emil is eyeing me like a stranger as I lick my lips clean and dry them with the back of my hand. I鈥檓 about to help him up when I stumble, falling onto my knees. My vision becomes fuzzy. It鈥檚 as if everyone in the church鈥檚 garden is spinning slowly, then faster, faster, faster. My entire body feels like countless fingertips are grazing my skin. I suck in the sharpest breath of my life, like someone has been strangling me and finally lets go, and before I can full-on panic about whatever is happening, light surrounds me.

I鈥檓 glowing. I鈥檓 nowhere near as bright as the Crowned Dreamer above me, but I still feel like my own constellation鈥攖he Bright Brighton, the Bright King, whatever you want to call it. I have no idea if all specters experience this warm white glow when getting their powers.

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