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A big variety of genres offers in Today we will discuss romance as one of the types books, which are very popular and interesting first of all for girls. They like to dream about their romantic future rendezvous, about kisses under the stars and many flowers. Girls are gentle, soft and sweet. In their minds everything is perfect. The ocean, white sand, burning sun….He and she are enjoying each other.
Nowadays we are so lacking in love and romantic deeds. This electronic library will fill our needs with books by different authors.

What is Romance?

Reading books RomanceReading books romantic stories you will plunge into the world of feelings and love. Most of the time the story ends happily. Very interesting and informative to read books historical romance novels to feel the atmosphere of that time.
In this genre the characters can be both real historical figures and the author's imagination. Thanks to such historical romantic novels, you can see another era through the eyes of eyewitnesses.
Critics will say that romance is too predictable. That if you know how it ends, there’s no point in reading it. Sorry, but no. It’s okay to choose between genres to get what you need from your books. But in romance the happy ending is a feature.It’s so romantic to describe the scene when you have found your True Love like in “fairytale love story.”

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Read books online » Romance » With Love, xxxx. by Varshitha Kancharla (trending books to read .TXT) 📖

Book online «With Love, xxxx. by Varshitha Kancharla (trending books to read .TXT) 📖». Author Varshitha Kancharla

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Chapter 1

A brunette stood infront of the mirror and looking at her reflection, she started practicing the verse which she is going to recite in a poetry competition that'll held in J&J building complex within an hour. J&J organisation was famous for holding many competitions. They sponsors many events.

While she was practicing, her mobile rang. It was from her friend Nina. She picked up the call and started talking to her friend. 

“Where are you?” She asked. 

“Kitty-Kat listen! I can’t come to your competition. The car broke down again. I’m so, so sorry.” Nina said with apologetic voice. 

Kathleen furrowed her brow and  yelled in frustration

“Again! I told you to take cab or go by bus. What on earth made you take that car?”

“I’m so sorry Kat. Please forgive me. I’ll call or text you later. All the very best.” 

Before Kathleen said anything, Nina cut the call.

Kathleen and Nina has been best friends since childhood. Nina is a brunette too and a bit taller than Kathleen. Probably 5’4 where as Kathleen is 5’2. With her hazel eyes and perfect shape, Nina always looked so beautiful. They were neighbours and went to same school. Kat always spend most of the time with Nina more than her family. They shared a great relationship and everyone kept calling them as sisters. 

Kathleen looked at the wall clock and noticed the time. It’s 4:50. Forty minutes left for the competition. She applied the eyeliner and put on a rose lipstick. She straightened her brown hair that fell till her mid back. She looked dazzling with her black eyes, curled lashes and rose lips.

She stared at her rose coloured full length dress which perfectly fit her curves. She mumbled “Perfect.” 

Then she strolled out of her house and locked the door. She started walking enjoying the rays of the setting sun on her face. Within few minutes she reached the place. She entered a room and sat among the audience. She stared at everyone. Most of them looked so professional. She stared at the huge room and the glass partition walls. Everything looked so rich. 

Soon the competition started. The judges kept writing the scores and reviews on their sheets of paper which were placed on their corresponding desks while participants was articulating their verses. 

“The next participant is Ms. Kathleen Young.” The anchor announced.

She strolled to the stage and stood on it. The anchor gave a mic. She felt nervous looking at the audience but mustered up the courage and started reciting 

Like the Sun thinking to give the light,
I am thinking...
Like the Moon thinking to shine so bright,
I am thinking...
Like the Warrior thinking to handle tough fight,
I am thinking...
Like the Writer thinking to sky to write,
I am thinking... about you.
I am thinking about you every day and night,
I am thinking about you to be my Knight,
I am thinking about you even in the plight,
I am thinking to stand by you in every Wrong and Right.

She stopped telling and looked at everyone. They all started clapping and her lips curved in smile. 

“Thank you.” 

After finishing her verse, Kathleen gave the mic to the anchor. She walked down the stage and sat with the audience. She texted Nina that her verse was finished. The people around her kept praising her for the verse. She smiled looking at them. She thought to listen to other poems and poetries but instead of that she started thinking about her life. While her mind was preoccupied with many thoughts, She got a text from Nina telling to meet her at a cafe. She noticed the time as 6.00 P.M. She then stood from the chair and walked out of the building. 

After crossing few streets she reached a cafe and saw her friend waiting for her. They both went inside the cafe and ordered two cappuccinos.

“Submitted our assignments?” Kathleen asked. 

“Of course. That’s the reason why I went to college. God! I should have listened to you. I should have taken a cab or bus. After submitting, I headed to our house and the car broke down in the middle.” 

“How did you manage to come? Thank God! You are safe.” 

“What will happen to me? No one dares to mess with me. Even if someone left me in an unknown place, I can survive with my courage and intelligence.” She said with a proud face. 

I crossed my arms and kept looking at her with my raised eyebrow. 

“Ok. Don’t look at me like that. To my luck, the car broke down near a mechanic shop. I left it there and walked to the nearest bus stop. By the time I’m here your verse was finished and so I came here.” 

While we were talking, the server brought our cappuccinos and we started sipping our coffees. 

“So Kitty-Kat! How did your poetry go?” Nina asked. 

“It went well. I felt nervous while articulating and stammered a bit.” Kat replied.

“Never mind about that. It’s you who’s gonna win the prize money. I’m so excited for your party with all the party music and Yummy-Yummy Delicious food that will go into my small belly.” Nina said licking her lips and gently patting her belly. 

“Don’t jump into conclusions babe. There were many others who did extraordinary than me.” 

“Huh! I don’t think so. What about the results?” 

“They will mail in few minutes and the prizes distribution is tomorrow. Fine let’s leave this topic Nina. I’m worried about my future very much. Very, very much.” 

“Why? You are 23, beautiful and going to finish the masters in few months. You will get a job and settle in the life. Apart from this, your parents arranged a rich and handsome guy who is waiting to slid the ring into your finger in few years. You know he is really so handsome. His eyes, his physique...”  While Nina was praising him, she was interrupted by Kat. 

“That’s the problem. I don’t want to marry...” 

“Please. Stop. Don’t tell me that you are going to be another Mother Teresa. I can’t see you in those white costumes, travelling the places and...” 

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