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A big variety of genres offers in Today we will discuss romance as one of the types books, which are very popular and interesting first of all for girls. They like to dream about their romantic future rendezvous, about kisses under the stars and many flowers. Girls are gentle, soft and sweet. In their minds everything is perfect. The ocean, white sand, burning sun….He and she are enjoying each other.
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Reading books RomanceReading books romantic stories you will plunge into the world of feelings and love. Most of the time the story ends happily. Very interesting and informative to read books historical romance novels to feel the atmosphere of that time.
In this genre the characters can be both real historical figures and the author's imagination. Thanks to such historical romantic novels, you can see another era through the eyes of eyewitnesses.
Critics will say that romance is too predictable. That if you know how it ends, there’s no point in reading it. Sorry, but no. It’s okay to choose between genres to get what you need from your books. But in romance the happy ending is a feature.It’s so romantic to describe the scene when you have found your True Love like in “fairytale love story.”

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Read books online » Romance » The Second Wife by Melinda Mulera (good books to read for 12 year olds TXT) 📖

Book online «The Second Wife by Melinda Mulera (good books to read for 12 year olds TXT) 📖». Author Melinda Mulera

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Chapter 1: Mr Bronze

Mr Bronze, the coldest abusive man I had ever seen in this world, the moment he stepped in those large glass doors, even the little flies hanging around died in an instant from his intoxicating aura and the strong masculine perfume going up the remaining breathing space.

All the workers had to cower and hide from his unforgiving eyes and yet I remained put at the reception desk leaning against it as I watched him walk by, almost as though in slow motion.

His hair was short but long in the middle and always heavily gelled and slicked back in a wavy manner that complimented his entire professional look. He always had his suit on and if not with his jacket, then he had his T-shirt well pressed and tucked it with an expensive belt for him to show off. He was a spoiled man and I could tell, probably by far the most spoiled of the sons of the grand owner of this hotel. He was also the worst and as a matter of fact the youngest at twenty nine.

I clicked my tongue as he stopped to talk to his secretary who had flown in for him last week to make sure his company was running even whilst he was away.

To be honest, his father ran a mansion of a hotel, his four older brothers had massive companies of trade, factories and jewels and he ran a fashion industry of which I also am a fan of.

I only liked his clothesline and not him in general. I had never talked to him before but I never hid even when he was in the corridor like everyone did. He'd spotted me a couple of times and at one point threatened me with his eyes and I wouldn't care less. I was working for his father, not him.

Just as I suspected, he glanced towards the reception where his grey eyes met mine one again and I could tell he was giving me that 'oh hell, not you again!' Look.

Like I would hide under the desk like Linda was doing at the current moment. If he didn't like people then he better not book hotels.

"Get down here Iris!" Linda hissed from under the desk and I sighed out as I clicked my tongue and glanced elsewhere.

"He's not my boss." I said as I glanced out of the glass windows and onto the street.

Damn it was hot today.

"You'll get in trouble if he finds out!" She hissed and I smiled to myself as I leaned from the counter and unbuttoned a few buttons just to release the heat cloud gathering in my shirt. I was sweating beyond normal.

I glanced back at Mr Bronze and he was heading my way this time, forcing me to curse under my breath.

"He's heading here." I sighed as I told Linda who gasped and squeezed herself further into the desk. She wasn't the only one down there, there was the new boy, Bran who just got the job and had to meet Mr cranky pants here and he shouted at him like he was shouting at his dog that pooped on his bed. "May I be of service, Mr Bronze?" I pulled on my working smile when he was close enough and straightened my back.

I might hate him but I was still an employee.

He clicked his tongue as he leaned onto the reception desk, his grey eyes glazing mine and almost as though he was purposely trying to seduce me through them. He lowered his grey orbs until they rested where my breasts were glistening on display. I cleared my throat and he redirected his eyes back to me with a smirk on his face.

"Anything you need, sir?" I asked through greeted teeth for having no shame to show his perverted side when he hasn't shown any good sides so far.

"I believe my father has a strict dressing code, exposing your chest like this isn't appropriate." He said as he leaned from the desk and deliberately glanced down at my breasts again, causing me to click my tongue in annoyance.

"It's just really hot." I pointed out and he smirked.

"But it's a dress code, button up. You're distracting my attention." He said and I clenched my jaw and smirked at him.

"I'm sorry if you are easily distracted Mr Bronze, only shows how perverted you-" I was nagged roughly in the leg by Linda and I threw a working smile at Mr Bronze who raised his brow and maintained his dirty smirk. "How perverted you are." I finished my sentence and he smirked even more as he bit his lower lip.

"Never heard someone talk back to me like that. You have some balls." He said as he crossed his arms over his chest and I shrugged my shoulders a little.

"At least one of us needs to be a man." I whispered and winked slightly. He raised both brows and sighed out as he glanced at the ground.

You can't fire me, I'm your boss's employee.

"I need a bottle of champaign delivered to my room by five. I don't want it just left at the door, I'm receiving a guest and I need someone to pour it for me the entire evening." He said and I nodded as I glanced down at the monitor to the list of names that weren't busy right now.

"I will send someone up." I smiled and he nodded before he left with a smirk.


"Is he gone?" Linda asked and I nodded down at her only to have her stand and smack the back of my head.

"What the hell is wrong with you!?" She thundered in anger as she glared at me. "Mr Bronze, his father, gave him the right to fire and hire as he pleases, you're lucky he's in a good mood! He's fired nearly ten people since he came last week." She hissed and I sighed out.

"I can't stand him, he looked at me like a pervert and you expect me to be fine with it?" I asked and she glanced down at my breasts and shot me an annoyed glance.

"You have enormous breasts, why the hell wouldn't he want to look at them." She rolled her eyes. "Who are you sending up there?"

"I was thinking the experienced ones, Mrs Melding." I said as I tapped on the woman's photo. She was well above fifty and very experienced in her job. Every client recommends her on the hotel's website and she was by far the most liked, there was no way in hell he would fire her.

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