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A big variety of genres offers in Today we will discuss romance as one of the types books, which are very popular and interesting first of all for girls. They like to dream about their romantic future rendezvous, about kisses under the stars and many flowers. Girls are gentle, soft and sweet. In their minds everything is perfect. The ocean, white sand, burning sun….He and she are enjoying each other.
Nowadays we are so lacking in love and romantic deeds. This electronic library will fill our needs with books by different authors.

What is Romance?

Reading books RomanceReading books romantic stories you will plunge into the world of feelings and love. Most of the time the story ends happily. Very interesting and informative to read books historical romance novels to feel the atmosphere of that time.
In this genre the characters can be both real historical figures and the author's imagination. Thanks to such historical romantic novels, you can see another era through the eyes of eyewitnesses.
Critics will say that romance is too predictable. That if you know how it ends, there’s no point in reading it. Sorry, but no. It’s okay to choose between genres to get what you need from your books. But in romance the happy ending is a feature.It’s so romantic to describe the scene when you have found your True Love like in “fairytale love story.”

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Book online «Stay with Me by Awesomekristii (jenna bush book club .TXT) 📖». Author Awesomekristii

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C H A P T E R 1

Current cover by: Erika Page. (16.06.22) 



The dark forest under the hidden moonlight looked like a deep endless tunnel. My naked feet scrambled over the dried twigs and branches, crunching under my weight, as I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I could feel the thudding of my heart, and the fear whirlpooling inside me. Short and frequent breaths filtered in, as I constrained my eyes solely on the pathless way in front. Don’t look back.

Do not dare to look back.

Facing your death is the greatest fear of a being, even who thinks themselves as mighty as Hercules. Death brings them all to their knees, and what’s more fearful was experiencing your death chasing you. I could feel my feet wet and burning, realizing I must be bleeding but that is the least of my concern now. I never dared to look behind me. My legs burned, lungs exhausted to supply any more breaths but I didn’t stop. For I know, once stopped, I would never see tomorrow’s sun again.

The sound of the crunching of dried leaves, twigs, and branches echoed in the silent dark forest. The moonlight was the only source giving me a somewhat clear vision of the way in front. Despite the sound of running footsteps and the crunching, I didn’t dare to look bad. If they got hold of me, I knew even my angels couldn’t protect me. They’re like the scavengers, tearing and feasting on you, and I had already faced some trailer of such situations.

A sharp branch cut through the sole of my feet, and with a bad staggering, I fell on the patchy, wet forest floor. My eyes travelled to the deep gash of a cut and the blood pouring out of it. A hiss left my lips when I pulled out the twig and penetrated into my skin. More blood poured out, and despite having fear with them at some point in my life, I no longer fear them. After all, one doesn’t fear what they see every day.

I tore the long end of the battered dress I had worn and tied it tightly around my feet to stop the blood to pour out anymore. I tried standing up, but with this leg, it felt kinda impossible. I dragged myself against a tree trunk, before bringing my legs near to my chest, hands wrapping around them. I cocooned myself hearing the sound of running footsteps. Please don’t be here.

The sound simply turned sharper as I heard voices now. Voices which are nightmares.

“Where the fuck the bitch ran?” I heard a deep familiar voice before the sound of running stopped and I could hear them so near to me. I hold in my breath, pressing my palms tightly against my mouth, not to escape even the slightest sound. I pushed myself more against the tree trunk, letting the slight bushes hide my cocooned form as much as possible. 

“I think she is further deep into the forest, Let’s look for her there.” The sound of footsteps faded and I released the breath I was holding back with fear and anticipation.

I tried to stand up with my injured feet but it felt impossible at the burning sensation hitting there. My legs felt wobbly and too tired. Still, with whatever energy I left, I dragged myself up, hissing in pain but it was okay. This wasn’t the main concern.

I didn’t know when they will be back again, and I have to lose my newfound freedom again. As if my brain registered the seriousness of the situation, I began to walk. Pain shot up in my legs and feet but I didn’t stop. Maybe I couldn’t run but could surely walk. All the sounds of the night insects and the animals filled in the air, and death still lingered around me among the wild animals of the forest. But, getting caught by them isn’t as painful or shaming as being feasted by the animals dressed in shirts and pants.

I didn’t even have the least idea where would I go, or where I would find myself a little safer.

Trapped in that house for the last five years of my life was nothing but worse than hell. A sob wanted to break through me still it didn’t, but maybe the tears have also dried up, and now I didn’t have any more to express. No one listens after all.

I scrambled over the forest floor under the moonlight, looking for any way out of here. The night was almost towards its end and I wish for it so much. At least under the light of dawn, I would have a way to go somewhere. I shivered at the cold freezing wind breaking on my skin, and cold trails left behind. My bare arms and legs felt the direct coldness.

There is home nowhere for me.

Walking aimlessly I found myself welcoming the daylight I didn’t know after how long.

Basements didn’t provide you with that.

The way in front got much clearer now, still due to the onset of winter I couldn’t much figure out through the veils of fog and blurriness. Shivering still I tried to scramble forward as much as possible. The overbearing pain in my legs and feet made me feel dizzy but I tried shaking it off.

This was not the time to feel such.

I pushed myself forward more, and with every step I took, the dizziness only got worse. I closed my eyes tightly, letting the feeling past me but with time it didn’t go away. My legs began to feel so wobbly, and heaviness like huge boulders settled on my head, crushing me more. I could feel my legs bending and the numbness on the soles doing nothing but worsening the situation.

And I didn’t know when but, I couldn’t take it anymore and before I could reach the road a couple of steps away, I felt my body slamming on the ground, head hitting the tiny stones, and the body laid over the wet and patchy forest floor.

And soon numbness and darkness took me in.




The beeping sound buzzed near my ear, causing me to open my heavy-lidded eyes. A groan left my lips as the worst headache was like someone hammering my head to their pleasure. It felt too heavy to lift up. I blinked my eyes multiple times to open it, feeling the heaviness settle on my eyelids.

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