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The Runaway Lover


Cristina Martinez – usually called ‘Tina’ by her friends, is that one friend who seems to have no luck in finding the love of her life. All of her friends are either engaged or married, it is only her who is left single. She has already tried every way there is – dating apps, blind dates and even matchmaking companies, but nothing seems to work for her. 

She is almost desperate to find ‘the one’, so one night she decides to go drinking and the next thing she knew she was already having a steamy encounter with a very hot and handsome stranger whose name she never got to know, until they met again five years later. 

Felix Romanov.  

Anyone who hears this name would shiver in fear or bow their heads down for he is known to be a very strict and private person – even the media does not dare to go against him. A very influential man and a sought-after bachelor. The stranger whom Tina has shared the steamy night with. 

How will these two individuals react once destiny brings them to reunite with each other through one unforeseen event? 


Hi Everyone!

This is the 3rd book for the Sweetheart Series.

If you still have not read the first two books, I suggest that you do, because this book might contain a few spoilers about the first two stories.

Sweetheart Series I - The Politician's Wife (Completed)
Sweetheart Series II -  The Beautiful Mistake (Completed)

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