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Chapter 1

Alaya was a 20 year old girl, focusing on her passion. Her Muslim family used to live in Washington. At the age of 12 her mother died, leaving behind a new born brother. Alaya took care of her brother alone, leaving studies. Alaya’s father, Wasim Sheikh was a wealthy man, but became weak when his beloved wife left him. As he woke up from his depression, he realized that his business was facing loss. To support his business instantly he married a strong woman of Los Angeles, Angelina Parker. 

Angelina was a enthusiastic women, leading a powerful business in state of her own since she was young. Being busy in her work, she never decided to marry. But when she reached mid-40s, her desire to start family grew strong. And then she found Wasim Sheikh, a 45 year old man with just two kids, who needed help in his drowning business. The thing which inspired her to marry him was his handsome face. He looked younger than his age and most of all he was a Asian. And when she found a man of her taste, she wanted to achieve him at any cost. 

So they married when Alaya was 15 years old. Wasim didn’t asked Angelina to convert her religion as he knew that she will never do so. 

Angelina never had to look after his kids, as Alaya got mature before her age. So they never entangled, or any family problems arose. 

Alaya never liked, when her parents attend rich parties or arrange parties at their own home. She used to lock herself in her room with her brother until the party was over. She didn’t liked his father behavior, that despite being Muslim he used to live like his wife. He never used to pray or read Quran and all he cared about was his business. On the other hand Alaya used to pray five times and even taught his brother. She left studies because of his brother but she continued them at her home. She loved painting and it was her passion to be a artist. 

Years passed silently and she was going to turn 20 this year. She started to wear hijab since she turned 18. And it was her time to turn her passion into her profession. Alaya was a fair skin, light body, with big eyes and 5’3 height. She was not just pretty but attractive due to her innocent face as she grew all years in home. She never knew that her innocent face can make people go hard. As she never got to see the outer world or meet new people with confidence. She took admission in university to take first step towards her dream. 

It was her 20th birthday and for the first time Angelina suggested to celebrate her birthday, which meant to hold a party. Alaya didn’t like the idea but she had to agree as her father explained that it will be her opportunity to meet new people and introduce herself. It will be beneficial for her carrier. So the arrangements took place and Angelina invited her rich friends from Los Angeles. Alaya was although not happy but she took it as her opportunity. Angelina choose a designer dress as per Alaya’s preference. It was a long maxi dress, with full sleeves and navy blue color. It was not revealing at all. Angelina asked her personal make-up artist to make up Alaya for her special day. 

Alaya stepped down the stairs, facing all the gazes of richest people from the state. She had a very light makeup revealing her innocent face in full glow. She didn’t wore hijab as her stepmother insisted her. Her long black hair with curls at end, swaying on her back, were breath taking for many men. As she reached, Wasim and Angelina stepped forward and hold her hand to introduce her to people. 

Gerard was the first man, Angelina’s best friend. Angelina took Alaya to meet him. As Gerard saw the incoming innocent face towards him, he got stunned at the first sight. He never saw such a lady so pure, her flawless skin was speaking truth, she was never touched. He had so many girls on his bed everyday but he never saw such a beauty. He looked at her curve body , which the dress was hugging like it was only made for her. And her black, shiny, silky hair with loose curls at end like a dark night, touching her back and making her face glow more. Alaya felt uneasy with his eyes studying her body from head to toe in an unusual manner. In desire to touch her, Gerard ask for her hand to kiss but instead she said hello. Gerard was a bit disappointed but didn’t let go of hope. But inside he got to knew that this one was hard to get. He cannot achieve her with his charm, for which every women out there was dying. As he was popular among girls, as a rich sex god.


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