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My nightmare wedding...

I was sitting in the car crying and holding my sister's hands. But my mom made us release each other from the grip. i tried to come out but couldn't . Because now he has sat beside me . And the driver had also ignited the engine. i looked at my father who was also crying but didn't show it up to everyone. After all he was the Sarpanch.  I for last watched my mother , sister and brother crying. And waving their hands. 

The car finally started and they all were left behind. i wiped my tears. and stared out of the window. Within 2 months of my graduation here i am , married and sitting with my husband. The driver turned on the music to ease the ambiance  of stress .  

" Stop the music." His deep voice commanded. i shivered at his rudeness.  We drove to his house in silence.  He is the only son of the Kaushiks .  And we are lucky they accepted our proposal.  It is the purest or we can say the realest arrange marriage like that of old times.  We didn't see each other till the wedding. The main reason can be that he has a job in Delhi and he couldn't take a leave. 

The car stopped outside a big house. it is better than ours. The house was decorated. And there were females standing with smiles. i walked out of the car and some girls helped me . The women didn't come to attend the wedding. it was the ritual here.  A women with too much jewelery was holding a thaali with diya in it. she did the ritual and they all went away leaving us out of the house. But i don't think it happens. They should take us with them inside the house. the heavy lehnga was making me shake.

Then he also went in. Leaving me standing all alone out of my new home. And this time he closed the door.  i was shocked and wanted to cry so badly.  For like some 15 minutes i looked around to not find anyone watching me in this situation and laughing at my helplessness.

I was standing there in front of his house shivering as the december breeze hit me. I was trying to get hold of my heavy lehnga and the dupatta. A newly bride was not allowed the entry to enter the house. And that bride was me and i didn't know even the reason. Suddenly , the door opened and he was in his casual outfit as if we weren't married just 2 hours ago.

" You can come inside. But learn to be out of the fairyland. I don't want to be a husband that you have dreamt of. " he was looking straight as he told me all that. " you can't leave. i mean i don't like to let go of my things."

But i didn't dare look up. i couldn't leave him. i knew it. My parents were orthodox . They would kill me.

He went inside the house leaving the door open. And i slept on the couch.

I wanted to leave but i couldn't . My father was a very reputed priest and Sarpanch of the village and he will kill me rather than allowing me to divorce him. And here this man had other plans .

Oh Shiv! what to do now??

Where are the other members? Why are they behaving so weird to me? with all these thoughts in my mind i fell asleep. i was awoken by someone shaking me. i opened my eyes and he was standing there. i think it is early morning. the night was so short. 

 " come and sleep in my room. " and he started to walk . i followed him up to his room. That is when i saw the time it was 1:30 AM .  I went inside and he locked the door.

" We will leave tomorrow.  Sleep now. " i looked up at him. " And forget about what i said earlier. "  with this he slept on the bed. And i couldn't find my bag in there.  i had to sleep with all the makeup and jewelry .  but for 10 minutes i kept on staring his back. And the thought that this 6'2 tall man is my husband and that also type of confused man made my eyes teary. 

But i had to stay here . Listen to his every word. I had to be a good wife. if i will try to make any scene then who will marry my younger sister. that's what ma told me.  i had to be in this marriage because i knew no one is going to support me..

Author's Note:  So this is the chapter of my first novel. Hope you like it.  so please do share ,vote and comment.  

                Thank you....

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