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She is the most beautiful girl in her mountain Village in the USA, also she is very intelligent. She is preparing for a competitive exam so that she could get a seat in one of the most expensive universities in America. Since childhood, she had only one dream and that was to do something which could bring fame to her village's name and she could support her family financially. She is a very lovely person in her village, everyone adores her. Her father is a fisherman who does fishing and supports his cute little family of three, him, his 21 years old daughter and 10 years old son. His wife died when his son was only 2 years old but he never let any of his children feel any kind of sadness because of not having a mother. He always supported his daughter's dream and now she wanted to go to New York to study finance. People always advised him to not let his daughter study, AND get her married to any man who would be rich because she was truly very beautiful. But he always neglected their recommendations. His daughter was his pride, his respect, his son, his moon, and her name is EMBER, EMBER WILLIAMS.  

He is 25 years old and studying at one of the most expensive universities in New York. His father owned 95% of nightclubs and casinos in America and people also knew him as the king of nightlife, while his son was called the prince of nightlife. He changed girlfriends like his t-shirt. Everyone called him a PLAYBOY, who always used girls for his lust and never loved them but in reality he had already forfeited his heart when he went to the hill village and saw a girl near the river 1 year ago. He wanted to get to know her, but due to their financial differences, he dropped the idea of ​​meeting her. He always saw her in his dreams and now gets irritated seeing her bathing in the river. He wants to have her and pacify his desires. One day God heard his prayers and the girl came for her studies in the same university as his. When he first saw her at his university, he decided to drag her to his bed. And unfortunately, he did what he wanted to do. He is another name for victory. His name is IVAN, IVAN ALEXANDER BLACK. 


" For poor people like us, our respect is everything." The same sentence echoing in his head burnt him alive, how can she slap him. Every girl would go to her knees to please him but this cheap, country girl turns down an offer to spend a night with him. He took an expansive bottle of liquor and threw it on the wall making a loud noise.

" I'll make you lay down under me, I'll make you cry my name, I will fuck you so hard that all your honor, your RESPECT will fly away ... I will tarnish you in such a way that you, yourself, will feel disgusted with yourself. "He said, looking at the broken pieces of the bottle. 

"I will, Amber. I will." He made a promise to himself while looking at his bed. One day he will see her naked on his bed. under his mercy. 




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