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LegionA Dragon Rules Novel

Tia Didmon



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Ten years ago

A druid’s heart can kill you. Those words had defined his existence. Legion shimmered, allowing his soul to enter the temple. He inhaled the dank scent as he glanced out the misty windows, shrouded in gray stone. Blue smoke swirled in the background. When he could make out the eerie landscape, the air thickened, blocking his view.

Adara formed like a wraith before him. The dim folds of her gray robe moved to an unseen wind, becoming more transparent with each second that passed. “Legion.”

“Your magic is failing.”

Her voice echoed, spoken with an accent long forgotten by the modern world. “This is the last time we will meet in my current form.”

He glanced around the dim room containing a hand-carved table and six chairs. “What do you mean?”

“When I sent my magic out into the world. I left enough to guide you until the druids resurfaced. Their time is coming.”

Legion’s heart stuttered. “They will be reborn?”

“My magic has lain dormant and has seeded the next generation. You must be vigilant if you wish to be victorious over the dark dragons.”

“I will be.” He drifted to the end of the stone room. His resolve had not wavered in two thousand years, but he rubbed his chest, unsure what was causing the vice like sensation. “I will miss you, Adara.”

“You know, this avatar is a representation of my magic. My soul surrendered when I did.”

“I know. You were a special woman.”

“I will be again.”

Legion’s dragon stirred, roused from its ancient slumber. “You will be reborn?”

“All unmated druids will be reborn. I was one of them.”

His chest squeezed. “Did you know who your mate was?”


“The council presented you on your twenty-third birthday. No dragon chose you.”

“I was a seer. Born knowing that my destiny was to give up my life and my mate, so my people and yours would have a second chance. I cannot stop fate, Legion. I can only suggest variations to gain a more favorable path.”

“How did you avoid your mate?”

“I cast a spell as a child so he would not recognize me. I felt no love. No regret until I cast my magic out into the world. As I lay dying on the floor of this temple, I retracted the spell. I will not deny my mate his one chance at happiness, but my selfishness came at a price.”

“What was the price?”

“There will never be another seer. The one now born, will be the last.”

“Adara. I am sorry. We will find her. Protect her.”

“The magic of that final spell, is tied to you. You must shift and destroy this place. Sever the connection to the past.”

Legion’s form rippled with his anger. “No. I will not destroy the last druid temple.”

“This is not the temple, Legion. It’s a manifestation in your mind.”

He held up his hand, turning it back and forth. “This isn’t real?”

“No. I have guided you for as long as I can. The druids are on the cusp of emergence. You must let me go. Please remember two things. One, reactive magic is the easiest to invoke in an emerging female druid.”

“What is the other?”

“When I sent my magic out into the world, I had a dark passenger. Something clung to the disbursement spell.”

“What was it?”

Her form wavered, becoming more translucent. “I don’t know.”

“What should we do next? How much time before the druids emerge?”

“Time is different where I am. My human body has been born, but is not of maturity. That is why you must destroy me. This place I created to be close to you.”

Legion’s heart stuttered. “Your soul has been reborn?”

Her eyes raged in blue flame. An eternal fire that made the leader of the dragons wary. “Yes. For my magic to fuse with my new body, the magic of old must die.”

“I can’t destroy you, Adara.”

“I destroyed you, Legion.”

“What are you saying?”

“I was your mate.”

Legion’s magic exploded in a ball of fire and pain. The one friend throughout the centuries, the one person he had trusted above all others, had been his intended mate. And she had refused him. Hid from him. Denied him.

The largest, strongest dragon ever born, hung its head as red tears, laced with gold, dripped to the earth.

Chapter 1

Present day - Aurora, Colorado

Mara’s eyes skimmed over the acceptance letter. Her hands clutched the paper to her chest. She stilled the excitement that raced through her blood, then opened her laptop. The power key stuck three times before the company bank account popped up, revealing a flashing red number with a minus sign. She placed the letter for the upscale art school back into the envelope. Time may heal all wounds, but it didn’t pay the bills. Still, the dream of having her artwork in an upscale gallery wouldn’t die. The laptop slammed shut before her hand touched the screen to close it.

Natalie sat across the kitchen table with papers in her hands. Her blond hair was in a ponytail, which made her blue eyes appear bigger. Her diminutive size was the complete opposite of Mara, yet they had been inseparable since

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