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Blagger’s Code series #3


Copyright Heather Atkinson January 2021



Dillon Enfield gasped with fear when the tip of the baseball bat was pressed against his chest.

“J…just take it easy Vance,” he stammered.

“I’ll take it easy,” he glowered, blue eyes bright with rage. “When I find out what happened to the drugs you were supposed to deliver to Tariq.”

“I gave them to him, I swear,” he cried.

Dillon was a squat, stumpy man with a passing resemblance to a beaver and Vance towered over him, using his height to gain the psychological as well as the physical advantage.

“He’s says you didn’t.”

“Then he’s lying. Honestly Vance, I put them straight into his hand.” He went silent when the bat was jabbed into his throat.

“I know you didn’t give them to him because my brother Jason was with him when you were supposed to deliver them and they both said you didn’t turn up.”

“Then they’re lying.”

Dillon groaned when the bat was slammed into his stomach and he dropped to his knees onto the dusty floor of the small industrial unit Vance had lured him to.

“Don’t call my brother a liar,” roared Vance while Dillon gasped for breath. “You’re a fucking thief and my family doesn’t like thieves. Now, are you going to tell me what you did with the drugs or am I going to have to break a few bones?”

When Dillon remained silent, Vance raised the bat.

“No, wait,” cried Dillon, holding out his hands in a futile attempt to ward him off. “I sold them at Nightmare, that new club on the north shore.” He sighed with relief when Vance lowered the bat.

“Did anyone else know what you were doing?”

He shook his head with defeat. “No. The staff are all numpties, they don’t have a clue how to keep out the dealers. It was easy.”

Vance studied him hard before nodding. “I believe you.”

“Thank you. Can I go now?”

“Do you seriously think I’m going to let you just walk out of here after what you’ve done? If I don’t make an example of you everyone will think they can start taking the piss out of us. Sorry Dillon,” he said before raising the bat again, not looking in the least bit apologetic.

After dealing with Dillon, Vance ran a few errands around town and met up with an old friend for a coffee before returning a few hours later, just as it was getting dark, to the block of flats where he lived right on the seafront in Blackpool, overlooking the Irish sea. It was a secure community with gated access and a key card was required to gain entry. Rather than go to his own flat on the second floor, he headed up to the fourth floor, unlocked the very last door on the right and stepped inside.

“Only me,” he called.

He closed the door behind him and locked it, smiling as he walked through the flat to the kitchen, the smell of something tasty cooking filling the air. Finally he was living his dream. He wasn’t a complicated man. All he’d ever wanted was a warm, cosy home with the woman he loved and now he had it. Officially this wasn’t his flat, it was Faith’s. He was hardly ever in his own apartment, he only kept it for appearance’s sake. This flat was his real home but only he and Faith knew that. To the rest of the world they were brother and sister, even if biologically they weren’t related.

He walked into the kitchen to find Faith bending down before the oven, peering inside. She closed the door and straightened up.

“Hi,” she smiled. “Tea won’t be long.”

“It smells amazing,” he said, sliding his arms around her waist and kissing her neck. “What are we having?”


“I don’t suppose there’ll be any meat in it?”

“No there will not. It’s made with soya mince. You can piss off to a burger bar if you want that.”

“Okay, I surrender,” he smiled, sliding his hands under her top to stroke her stomach. The feel of the small scars left there when Marlow had stabbed her as always caused his anger to spike. How he wished he’d slaughtered that fucker before he’d almost killed Faith. Fortunately Marlow was dead, killed by the Maguires and she was safe.

“How did you get on with Dillon?” she said.

“The little git stole the drugs and sold them on at that new club, Nightmare. I don’t know why he thought he’d get away with it.”

“And what did you do to him?”

“I gave him a good hiding.”

“You didn’t go too far, did you?”

“He’s alive and he’ll walk again, so he should think himself bloody lucky.”

“Your eyes are bright blue. I take it you enjoyed yourself?”

“I wouldn’t say enjoyed.”

“I would. I know you Vance.”

“He got what he deserved. Anyway, let’s not talk about him anymore,” he said, kissing her.

She smiled and pulled away. “That’s going to have to wait. I need to get the lasagne out of the oven before it burns.”

“Fine,” he sighed.

He helped her dish up and he was grinning as they sat down together to eat.

“What?” she said, his smile infectious.

“I can be happy, can’t I?” he said, digging into the lasagne with his fork and popping some into his mouth. “Actually, that tastes better than it looks.”

“You can always start doing the cooking.”

“Oh good. Sirloin steak with bacon it is tomorrow.”

“Not in this flat you don’t. If you want to eat that you can go back to your own flat then brush your teeth before coming anywhere near me.”

“That sounds like way too much effort.”

“Then be a good boy and eat your soya.”

“And if I am a good boy?”

“You can help me wash up.”

“That’s not a big incentive.”

“All right. We’ll curl up

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