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Phavy Prieto

For my dear Conchi,

cheerful and funny florecilla,

who is always able to make me smile.

"When you start to believe that love doesn't exist, someone comes along to prove you wrong."


Maria works in the finance field and her whole life revolves around numbers. She plans every aspect of her life in her inseparable planner so that everything is always organized and under control, whether it is the time to brush her teeth, watch television or have sex.

What could happen if her planner ended up in the hands of a man who is not so organized but is extremely attractive?

In order to get the planner back, she is going to immerse herself in chaos and discover that, perhaps, being spontaneous is not so bad.

Discover the story that will make you smile and throw you in a whirlpool of emotions from the first page.

Copyright © January 2021 by Phavy Prieto

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, translated or transmitted in any manner whatsoever or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews and certain other non commercial uses permitted by copyright law

First Edition

ISBN: 9798591418373


Publisher: Independently published

Phavy Prieto is the pen name of a young Spanish woman of Andalusian origin who graduated from the University of Alcalá de Henares (birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes) in 2016 with major in Civil Engineering.

She wrote her first stories in 2017 by combining her passion for books, which has always accompanied her, with her professional activity. At the moment her readership exceeds 250,000.

Her first publications in Spanish were historical novels, such as the Saga Ordinales which includes, among others, The Ninth Daughter of the Count (La novena hija del conde) and The Seventh Sin (El septimo pecado). Her latest publications also include erotic novels, such as The Russian Pearl, and humorous novels, such as Oh là là, which allowed her to reach the top positions on Amazon's sales lists and to position herself as one of the emerging writers of our days.

She is currently happily married and resides in Sardinia, Italy, where she carries out various projects and draws inspiration for her next works.

If you like to find out more about the author, publication dates and all of her works, you may visit her website or her social network profiles.


Phavy Prieto


Table of contents

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Chapter II

Chapter III

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Chapter I

Since I was a child, I have always liked two things: lists and numbers. My mother used to take me to the supermarket, and I would sit in the shopping cart and read out the items on the list, then check them off after writing down the price. I think those trips may have been a big influence on my fascination with lists and numbers. What I really liked, actually, was crossing things she would put in the cart off the list. That feeling, so satisfying, of being able to eliminate something accomplished with a thick line was the reason why I am a big fan of endless lists today.

I began by making school homework lists, like any normal kid who wanted to get good grades, I suppose, but those lists were too short, and so I began to add more things: regular daily activities, such as eating, going to sleep or just washing my face. It was then that I calculated precisely how long it took me to do everything and decided, therefore, to add a certain amount of time for each activity in order to fill all the gaps on my list.

My passion for numbers and control led me to study accounting and finance. Although this may seem like a lack of modesty on my part, I have to say that I am competent, very competent: that’s why I work in Madrid in one of the largest national financial companies listed on the stock exchange. As someone who was passionate about numbers, I couldn't waste even a minute. Now I have every second of my day under control, from when I get up until I go to sleep, to leave no room for unexpected events or accidents.

"Maria, do you know where my red shoes are?" my best friend and roommate, Nerea, asked me.

"Did you look under the bed?" I asked, as I finished brushing my hair in the mirror in my room. I had discovered that the more things I did locked inside my room, the less time was lost, especially because of the constant interruptions by Nerea who would even walk into the bathroom to ask me about her usual platitudes.

"Yup!" she shouted. "You're the best!"

I don't know why she did not look there in the first place, since the free space under Nerea's bed was like Doraemon's bag, where you could find a bicycle or a pair of red shoes, like in this case. After all it was obvious since Nerea cleaned her room by putting everything that lay on the floor under the bed and pushed everything that was lying around into the wardrobe.

For her that is "cleaning"... better not to say what it is or I risk losing my best friend.

I don't even know how it is possible to be still such good friends, considering that she is my complete opposite. At first I was afraid that she could suddenly

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