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GoneA Shadow Slayers Story

Nellie H. Steele

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2021 by Nellie H. Steele

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without written permission from the author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

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A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped get this book published! Special shout outs to: Stephanie Sovak, Paul Sovak, Michelle Cheplic, Cathi Colas, Mark D’Angelo and Lori D’Angelo.

Finally, a HUGE thank you to you, the reader!


The Immortals

Celine Devereaux Buckley – A two-and-a-half centuries old powerful supernatural entity who has the ability to open time portals and revive the dead. She lived as a human until she was sixteen when Duke Marcus Northcott saved her life with his blood. She then turned immortal by drawing blood from Marcus. She lived again as a human for almost twenty-five years when she was Josephine “Josie” Benson.

Grayson Buckley – A centuries-old supernatural entity. Grayson Buckley is married to Celine Buckley, having met her after her transformation. Grayson has spent his immortal life aiding Celine in her battle with Duke Marcus Northcott, who hopes to possess her power for himself.

Alexander Buckley – A centuries-old supernatural entity and cousin to Grayson Buckley. Alexander Buckley transformed from human to supernatural creature in the 1700s along with Grayson. He, too, spends much of his life aiding Grayson and Celine in fighting Duke Marcus Northcott.

Celeste VanWoodsen – Older sister to Celine Devereaux Buckley. Celeste achieved a supernatural transformation before her sister, Celine. She hoped her sister would join her in the supernatural realm, joining forces with her good friend Duke Marcus Northcott.

Theodore VanWoodsen – Husband to Celeste Devereaux VanWoodsen. Theodore is a centuries-old supernatural entity who joined the ranks of Duke Marcus Northcott.

Duke Marcus Northcott – A centuries old powerful supernatural entity and leader of a dark coven. Marcus Northcott’s full abilities are not known. He hoped to gain Celine Devereaux as an ally to his cause, saving her life with his own blood on her sixteenth birthday, however she refused to join his dark cause.

The Humans

Damien Sherwood – A computer-savvy history buff and near genius. He is Josie Benson’s cousin, who followed her to Maine when she returned to her life as Celine Devereaux Buckley. He, along with friend, Michael Carlyle, traveled to 1786 to help a young Celine in her fight against Duke Marcus Northcott.

Michael Carlyle – A savvy international businessman and Josie’s former boyfriend. He followed Josie to Maine with Damien Sherwood and the two traveled to 1786 to assist a sixteen-year-old Celine in stealing The Book of the Dead from Marcus Northcott.

Dr. Amelia “Millie” Gresham – A doctor and full-time resident at the Buckley estate. Dr. Millie Gresham monitors and assists with the physical and mental health of both the supernatural creatures and humans in the household.

Charlotte Buckley-Stanton – The current owner of the Buckley estate. Charlotte Buckley-Stanton is a descendent of Grayson’s brother, Aiden Buckley.

Avery Hughes – Daughter of Charlotte Buckley-Stanton. Avery Hughes has two children, Max and Maddy.

Chapter 1

“What do you mean ‘gone?’” Damien questioned. He, Michael, Gray and Gray’s cousin, Alexander, stood in an unused room of the Buckley estate. He and Michael had just revealed the hidden location of Celine’s portrait. Stolen prior to the events that brought them to Bucksville, Maine, its theft prompted Gray to seek out his wife, Celine, twenty-five years after her disappearance. In a whirlwind chain of events, Damien’s cousin, Josie, learned she was a supernatural entity named Celine, married to Gray and alive since the late 1700s.

After learning the truth, Damien and Michael, who had known Celine as Josie, stayed with her in her old home, living amongst the Buckleys, some who were human, others who were not. Their lives were forever changed by their experiences with the supernatural, including their latest ventures, which involved time traveling to correct events of the past.

Together, Michael and Damien had secured Celine’s portrait in 1791 when it had been painted, then returned to the present time. When they returned, Gray had given them the incredible news that Celine had disappeared.

“I told you,” Gray answered. “No one has seen or heard from Celine in almost a week. Since the night she sent you back to 1791. She hasn’t called, texted, or come home. We can’t find her. She’s gone.”

Damien stalked a few steps away, disbelief on his face. Michael approached him, putting a steadying hand on his shoulder.

“I realize this is difficult to hear, Damien,” Alexander began, his British accent still strong despite the centuries of life in America.

“Difficult to hear?” Damien interrupted, incredulous at the comment. “Difficult to hear? No, difficult to hear is ‘you lost your job’ or ‘I’m leaving you for your brother.’ No, this isn’t difficult to hear this is… this is… incomprehensible!” Damien raked a shaky hand through his brown hair.

“Damien, please,” Alexander replied. “You’ve been through quite a bit. You’re tired and upset. Why don’t we…”

“Upset? You’re damn right I’m upset!”

“Hey, Damien,” Michael said, squeezing his shoulder. “We’ll find her, man. Let’s go grab a drink and discuss this.”

“Grab a drink? Are you serious? This isn’t a case of a lost set of keys or a

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