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DeWitt’s Pack 5

Eli’ s Reluctant Mate

Eli Martin has sunk into a severe depression after the death of his brother. He hides his grief behind cheap liquor, and he hardly cares that his alpha is considering banishing him from the pack.

Until he meets Chris Lefroy, the gorgeous man with the multi colored eyes who offers Eli some of his humanity back.

Though Chris feels something for Eli, he is insistent that he is straight, and wants nothing to do with the dangers of being mated to a werewolf, while Eli is suddenly finding himself wanting to become the man he knows he can be, and whom he knows his mate deserves.

Eli is forced to come to terms with the fact that Chris will be in constant danger if he stays, always a target of the wild werewolves. Eli struggles with the idea of whether or not it is responsible of him to convince Chris to stay, lest Chris pay the ultimate price.

Genre:  Alternative (M/M or F/F), Paranormal,


Length: 32,361 words


DeWitt’s Pack  5

Marcy Jacks



Siren Publishing, Inc.



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IMPRINT: Everlasting Classic ManLove

ELI’S RELUCTANT MATE Copyright © 2012 by Marcy Jacks E-book ISBN: 978- 1-62241-519-9

First E-book Publication: November 2012

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DeWitt’s Pack 5


Copyright © 2012

Chapter One

The first rule of surviving as a werewolf was to stay away from all the normal people. Werewolves weren’t allowed to be overly social with humans beyond what was necessary. It created too many complications if some human got too close, too chummy with the werewolf in question, and they started to figure things out.

The only reason for being in the same room with someone not of the paranormal variety for more than an hour was for the basics.  Buying food, clothing, or if a mate was scented nearby.

The second rule was that werewolves weren’t allowed to get drunk in bars, partly because it was linked in to the first rule, and alsobecause it called into question the behavior of the wolf getting wasted.

Werewolves were fast healers with amazing metabolism, making it difficult to get drunk, but enough alcohol down the chute and anything was possible.

It was a risk because of the way  the alcohol impaired judgement and thinking. People did stupid things while they were intoxicated, and a werewolf could not afford to be stupid in front of humans.

Last week, Eli, being too far gone to notice, had taken off his clothes and transformed into his wolf after last call had been

8                          Marcy Jacks

announced and he’d been getting ready to head home sometime after  midnight. He’d thought he was alone as he did it behind the bar, but  had been too drunk to scent that kid nearby.

Eli hadn’t even known about him until his alpha, James DeWitt,  woke him up the next day with a bucket of ice over the head and a  newspaper shoved into his face, telling the story of how a teen boy  had cried wolf after getting drunk at the local bar.

Luckily the writer had been more interested in  putting the bar  owner on the spot for selling to minors, and nothing else was said  about the werewolf the drunk kid had supposedly seen.

Eli had never seen James look so pissed, and with his scarred face,  it wasn’t hard for him to appear angry.

James had always been a softy, however, and Eli had been let off  with a warning, which Eli was promptly ignoring as he downed the  last of his Blue and signalled for another.

The new bottle thrust into his hands was cold, and the beer went

down his throat the exact same way, which was welcome on a

scorcher such as this.

It seemed the heat outside was doing its best to overthrow the power of that weak-ass air conditioner, because it was fucking hot in here.

At least

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