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Cyber Kittens & Cowboys

by ipam

Smashwords Edition Copyright 2012 Pamela JoanBarlow

Smashwords Edition, License Notes This ebookis licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not bere-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to sharethis book with another person, please purchase an additional copyfor each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did notpurchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then pleasereturn to Smashwords.com and purchase your own copy. Thank you forrespecting the hard work of this author.


Arthur Ennis, FBI special agent

Ashley Slanton “Tag”

Geneva Lassater, director of Cyber Crimes

Ilenn Yelling, Retriever

Lacy Grove, Retriever

Pamela Craft, Retriever

Preston Kingly, FBI special-in-charge

Stockton Wingard, Retriever Thornton Slanton“It”

Present day.

Thursday 11:00 am. July 14. Federal Building,Birmingham. Alabama. Sunny. 97*F.

“Peer review is one of the hottest evaluationtools around town, Miss Yelling. Valuable input from yourco-workers offer deeply personally insight for me in assessing yourassignment needs and additionally provides me with your regularwork habits and influences from outside forces.” Geneva talks,rapidly, grins, toothy at Ilenn Yelling, four-year employee forFederal funded US State of Alabama Department Division of CyberCrimes in Birmingham, Alabama. Her job title is “Retriever.”

“Am I going to be fired, Ms. Lassater?” Ilennasks, weakly.

“No dear, where on Earth did you get thatoff-the-mark impressive?” Geneva eye burns Stockton Wingard. Hecringes, slightly. Geneva scans, quickly room filled with giftedcomputer programmers working in Division of Computer Cyber Crimeswith primary goals of halting hackers into Internet against allAmerican companies, Federal, State and local GovernmentAgencies.

Ilenn continues, softly. “I work for theFederal government. I thought my job was…” She eye burns tablesurface, talks, sensibly. “I mean….times are very difficult withfinding a new job.”

“Ms. Yelling, don’t fret, dear. You do workfor the Federal Government and your job is safe. This is just aformal tool to evaluate your work. Now, I want to use the gentleword ‘assess’ your performance potential.” Geneva pauses,dramatically, grins, toothy at Ilenn. Geneva reads, silently notes,begins, slowly. “Let’s start with technical assessment qualities,shall we? Would you care to provide feedback, Lacy?”

Lacy eye burns finger pads since her palmsare upright in her lap then comments, meekly. “Regular coder.” Lacydoesn’t like peer review and doesn’t like to tattle on herco-workers. She enjoys doing her own professional job, freelywithout any additionally emotional or political entanglements.

Stockton Wingard voices in tenor trumpet,loudly for Angels in Heaven to hear. “And Cobol is notorious forits overrich syntax and overlong code making the programmer’s workassignment almost double in nature.”

Ilenn nods, once, talks, nervously to hersupervisor. “But I must add to both those statements by myco-workers during peer review. I am a Cobol programmer with extractbusiness knowledge of code base coupled with C++, Fortran, Lips,OCaml, Perl, Java and SQL….”

“What, no Assembly Language?” Stockton mocks,selfishly.

“No, Mr. Wingard. I feel, Ms. Lassater thatme, my programmer serves as a bridge between the Cobol code and allnew apps.” Ilenn pauses, dramatically then recites, pridely. “I amthe bridge.”

Stockton quotes. “With emergence ofservice-oriented architectures, Cobol is reused, not created…”

“Mr. Wingard is correct. I’d like to includethat with the emergence of old and sometimes new SOA languageenvironments provide common runtime for many different languagesincluding Cobol. Cobol is the root.” Llenn adds. “75% of theworld's businesses data is still processed in Cobol, and about 90%of all financial transactions are in Cobol.”

Stockton counters, swiftly. “Now days….newand newer Web-based technos add all kinds of bot subroutines thatupfront and overlays ancient Cobol, making friendly andun-friendlies access portals easy and fast than finger drummingtime waste on worn key pads.”

Geneva concludes, finally, nods, once.“That’s a very good point, Mr. Wingard. Ilenn, you and I willdiscuss, maybe tomorrow you upgrading and updating your serverskills complimenting your Cobol tags. Do you agree?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Ilenn voices, flatly.

Geneva subject changes to Pamela, newestCyber Crimes Retriever. “Miss Craft, you handled a tough assignmentresolved by…what exactly did you do?”

Pamela smiles, fully, talks, interestingly.“I halted san hacker by using his own restored data files andactivated his disaster protocols using IT silos. These protocolsare set up automatically, proactive alerts displaying vividlyacross the dashboard…kinda like driving your sports car. I simplymonitored pulsating messages then attacked one of the smaller podthat maintained one of many critical systems, not the securitysystem. It accessed the driver for pics.”

“You robbed family photos?” Lacy inquires,interestingly.

“I surfed pic drive then sailed the plane,bot plane that is…” Pamela giggles, lightly. “…directly to the .exefiles, stomping them dead.”

“How did you stomp them dead, Miss Craft?”Geneva asks.

“Secret of my homemade meals starts as rawscrap of code in small, tight, lean and mean assembly language.”Pamela boats, arrogantly.

Stockton debates, well. “That’s impossible.Assembly language too obtuse and too lengthy for san attack.”

“I can open apps and solve return rightbefore your eyes as I generate code on the fly…in real time, notbatch.” Pamela returns, swiftly.

“Headers?” Stockton bats.

“Portable assembler with source code, fullheaders finished with the exclusive created by me….exe that runshyper speed engines on any app without using Microsoft’s assembler,MASM, Linker on multiplatform running under MS-DOS, Win9x & NT,OS/2, Linux, Unix 8086/Alpha/SPARC and etc.” Pamela smacks,brilliantly.

“Show me!” Stockton challenges.

Pamela grabs paper & pen to hands thendraws geometric symbols with numbers. “Assembly language is seriesof mnemonic….”

“We all have advanced understanding ofassembly language, dear.” Geneva reminds, gently.

Pamela details, educationally. “Yes, ma’am.The mnemonic instructions coupled with data of numbers and words.Music to Lacy. I use the binary common object code: 10110000 whichtranslates into ‘10110’ to move and ‘000’ the data from itsoriginal position to computer ram.”

“Opcode 10110000 is part of machine’soperation, not programmer’s instruction. Very nice, Pamela.” Ilennposes, professionally & nods, once for the creative idea to herco-worker.

Stockton notes, carefully. “Ah! So youcreated common short sequences of inline instructions instead ofcomplex subroutines. But where did you move it?”

“I talk virtually to the machine sendingvirus, bootleg or worm into Cyber Hell if you wish, then add asimple looping routine to keep it there. Then, I expose theInternet Protocol Address management (IPAM) work space in thenetwork and attack all apps.” IPAM is defined in computer scienceas the means of planning,

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