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"What the hell is this?" I nod toward the guys in our seats.

Alex, my redhead pal, gives me a disgruntled look.

"It's Tom Davis and his mutts. They've been hanging out here for a month now.

"And? What's the problem with moving them?

"I tried, Matt. We explained it to him, that these are our seats. He doesn't get it.

A motorcycle blows up nearby, and the speakers go full throttle, blasting rock to my eardrums.

I light a cigarette and pull my neck to the sides, stretching my muscles. How much things has changed in the six months I've been gone. Everyone seems relax a lot. But that's all right. It is easy to change everything back.

I walk up a few steps and walk over to the jerks who sit their asses on the most trumpy seats on the benches, where you can see the whole track. Our seats.

I whistle to attract their attention.

The most feisty one lazily turns his face toward me.

"What do you want?"

I grin and stand right in front of him.

"Get up and move!"

I get a galling laugh in return.

"Seriously? I'm sitting here with my pals!"

"Six months ago I was sitting here"

Now I start laughing. Loud and prolonged, so that the face of the dickhead stretches out.

"Well, that was six months ago. Get off!"

"What's the matter with you?"

I take the cigarette out of my mouth and with a characteristic hiss extinguish it on the palm of his hand which is hanging out from the back of the bench.

The asshole withdraws his hand, and I grab him by the back of the head and kick him in the face. He can't quite put his head together from the surprise. He moozes and grabs his nose, and his buddies jump off benches. I bend down, hearing the whistle of a fist flying over my head, and punch my own into the chubby's liver. I glance to my right and see Alex beating two more. Finally woke up!

I grin and kneel down in front of the bastard, who obviously got his nose broken. The blood covers his chin and lips and leaves drops on his yellow T-shirt.

Now he looks much better!

"Get off!" I return the words to this idiot.

I get up, grab him by the scruff of the neck, and then push down the stairs. I roll into my seat and put my feet up on the bench in front of me. Home sweet home. It turns out I missed it.

The redhead falls contentedly beside me. He lights a cigarette and rests his feet on the bench, just like me.

"Soo... You couldn't deal with them without me?" I chuckle and look at the track.

Juli falls on my right. The chick whose name I remembered only because of her size four tits. Yesterday I had a great night with her. After arriving, I'm still acclimatizing so to speak, and good sex and friends help me with that. It's not that I haven't fucked abroad, but I miss my girls here.

"Maaaatt" The blonde scratches my jeans with her long red fingernails "Are you coming tonight?"

"I don't know. I haven't decided how I'm going to spend the evening yet."

Her fingers slip over the leather belt. She's not even embarrassed that Alex is watching her every move and probably thinking about fucking her. I'm basically a good friend, always share what I have with my pals. Almost always. I didn't share Anastasia, my ex-girlfriend, even though that was exactly what the bitch deserved, as it turned out.

While Juli tries in vain to get my attention, I light a cigarette and look around the track. Something has changed during my absence. The guys have widened the track, added a couple of new turns, and brought new equipment for the after-party.

Now the music is humming and the adrenaline is kicking in.

"Grid girls got new rules on the track" Redhead yells in my ear as the music gets even louder before the race.

I arch an eyebrow.

"You'll see. You're going to love it!" Alex says with unconcealed enthusiasm, nodding his head and pointing to the start of the track.

I turn my eyes down and spot a girl heading toward the middle of the road. A brunette in a tight top, shorts that reveal half of her taut ass, swaying sexily at every step. Wearing red over-the-knee boots. She nods to the race participants and stands directly in front of them. She's about nineteen years old at first glance. Slim waist, flat belly, and fucking nice tits.

Juli begins to lick my ear, annoying me even more than Davis five minutes ago. I pull her away from me.

"Go take a walk!" I came to watch the race after all. And sex can be left for a dessert.

The blonde exhales in anger, but I'm not interested in her anymore. All my attention is stick to the race. I know both bikers well. They've been training for a long time and they've been doing great. You can make good money on them, which is what I do from time to time.

I look back at the brunette. The scalding summer breeze is fluttering her long hair. She smiles broadly, showing two rows of straight white teeth. On her wrists are leather gloves, trimmed at the fingers. The music changes abruptly. The girl spreads her legs, slowly raises her arms, pulls back the collar of her top with her left, and pulls the lock down sharply with her right. The top unbuttons, and riders off as soon as her tits, hidden in a lacy red bra, are out. Holy shit, that's an awesome show!

The Redhead whistles contentedly, and the audience echoes his delight, while the brunette drowns in the whirlwind of the rising wind. I gaze into this magical picture. Slowly I wrap my eyes around her small breasts and feel a hard-on. Juli's efforts were useless, but now my cock is full and sticks into my jeans. There's so much buzz on the girl's face this second, it's like she took a puff of marijuana. And I can even see why. The frenzied adrenaline of being rushed past you at full speed. At any second, every one of them could lose control and smash a grid-girl on the asphalt. Only the most reckless go down there. And in that undisguised pleasure on her face I recognize myself. Her pouty lips stretch into an intoxicating smile, her closed eyes showing me how she soaks up the thrill. My hands begin to tingle with the desire to share it.

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