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The Moonlight Breed 9


Zuriel knows what people think about him. Hell, he’d made it his mission to give them the impression he cared about nothing more than sex. It wasn’t the best reputation to have, but it was a lot better than getting his heart broken.

Then Dr. Spiro Araceli swept into his life and changed everything. Spiro looked right past his outward façade, saw through all of his insecurities, and offered him a chance that no one else had ever given him—a chance to be normal.

Spiro never wanted to lead his people, but when a curse takes him back to his family’s home, he’ll have no choice. With tragedy around every corner, his instincts tell him to grab his mate and run, but he has a responsibility to protect his people. When death comes knocking at his own doorstep, however, how will he choose between love and duty?

Genre: Alternative (M/M or F/F), Paranormal, Shape-shifter

Length: 39,297 words



The Moonlight Breed 9






Gabrielle Evans





Siren Publishing, Inc.


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IMPRINT: Everlasting Classic ManLove


Copyright © 2013 by Gabrielle Evans

E-book ISBN: 978-1-62242-538-9

First E-book Publication: March 2013

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The Moonlight Breed 9



Copyright © 2013






Chapter One

“Look, Rissian, I don’t have time for this. You’re an elf. Heal him.” Spiro glanced at his watch and sighed. “I have to go.”

“Do you think we haven’t tried to heal him? Nothing is working. Spiro, Father is going to die.”

“Then the world will be a better place.” A small voice argued that he was being too harsh, but there was no love between him and his father. The man was a sadistic, psychotic bastard who ruled his people and his children with fear and manipulation.

“I’m not arguing that.” His brother had lived through his share of painful injustice at their father’s hands, and part of Spiro felt guilty for abandoning his siblings to the man’s cruelty. “You know what happens if he dies, though.”

Yes, he knew, but he didn’t think it would come to that. Whatever plagued his father would pass, and life would go on exactly as it had been. “Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.” He glanced at his watch again as he hurried along the dirt path that would lead to the pack cabins near the pond. “Look, I really have to go. I have an appointment.”

“Fine.” Rissian sighed over the line. “I’ll keep you posted.”

“Right. Take care, Rissian.” Spiro disconnected the call, stuck his phone in his pocket, and exhaled slowly, releasing his irritation on the breath.

As he continued toward his destination, the most alluring scent he’d ever encountered hit him, sending shivers down his spine. His gums itched and ached, his fangs elongated, and he suddenly couldn’t remember why he was walking along that stretch of muddy road.

Walking toward him, practically bouncing along the path, was the most gorgeous creature he’d ever seen. His sandy-blond hair flowed behind him like a hero on a romance novel cover, and the smile on his lips surely lit the clearing, brighter than even the sun. He wasn’t alone, either, but Spiro barely noticed the other man with him except for the vividly pink hair.

“Oh, hello.” The little blond tucked a strand of hair behind his ear and smiled shyly. “You must be Dr. Araceli. I’ve seen you with Cicero. You’re his psychologist, right?”

Clearing his throat, Spiro tried to force his canines to retract with no success. “Yes, but please, call me Spiro.”

“I’m Zuriel.”


Oh, yes, Spiro finally understood. After so many years of searching, he’d finally found his chosen, his sienota. Gods, he couldn’t have handpicked a more suitable mate. “It’s very nice to meet you.”

“Mmm, you are delicious.” Sauntering forward, the shyness

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