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The Viper’s Successor

Somsiddha Deb Saha


The characters and mannerisms inculpated in the book are purely fictitious and are not meant to disparage any community, cultures and traditions. Religious and Divine perspectives are totally author’s viewpoint. Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Authors note :

Hello there!

Let me take a moment to thank you for choosing my book! I’m humbled that amidst your daily chores and errands, you have managed to take out your precious time to get overwhelmed in this techno-thriller. Nowadays, because of the indigenous prevalence of eBooks, podcasts and audio books, the habit of reading paperbacks and magazines is slowly getting diaphanous. But no one could avert that enthusiasm of turning pages, smells of a new book, putting bookmarks and marking favorite quotes, while reading is unswerving. I still am indulged to primitive form of reading books as of what are available but it’s really tough for some to put concentration, as uncanny notification tones and time constraints put a snag on that.

The habit of reading and writing one should not digress from, what I opine. It’ll augment your articulation and vocabulary, trivia about unknown facts. It helps you to tone your cerebral muscles and makes you stand out of the herd.

Quite vehemently though, I have embarked on writing my first novel about a dystopian world in the near future where mankind suffers evil’s snarky endeavour. Emerging as a novice writer, there will be flaws and mistakes, so feedbacks are what I request. Always a pleasure to get opinions from your end!

Lots of Love,

Somsiddha Deb Saha


(3 Years Ago)

Takla Makan, CAMBODIA: Notorious criminal and the Kingpin of Bio Arsenals Jade Viper was killed in an air strike by the US Military yesterday. In this attempt, Lieutenant Tricas Alkin and his troops failed to survive, as it was purpoted that terrorists presumed the infiltration would take place and diabolically murdered them mercilessly inside Vipers campaign before the air strike. Incendiary reports have been retrieved and 3 hostages was rescued from the campaign. The hunt for rest of the Guild has been initiated as the perpetrators of Viper’s plans are still at large as per the testimonials and blueprint recovered from the campaign. From a disposed drive a plan of radioactive destruction charted across the major cities of world was retrieved, though detailed information, exact locations and strategies were not found.

Earlier this evening, a Gun Salute was held at the premises of Washington monument for military’s valiant contributions and gallantry at the battlefield. As per the official reports of the press meet those troops and marines whose whereabouts were oblivious, the US security officials disavowed their identity. It’s still uncertain how many marines survived that day and further information was unavailable from them.

Washington DC, NY: Today, the Honourable President showed heartfelt condolences to the families of the martyred; He affirms,

“My solemn homage to the marines and troops and condolences to their family. But, fellow citizens, its no time for mourning. We have survived the plight of a virus outbreak previously, we have survived the precarious calamities, the abominable faces of Apocalypse including Dermatoxia and we must stay strong and square off the insidious threat too. We must show them as a nation we stand strong, we are united, and no threats could doom us. It’s a moment of reckoning for them not ours. This affliction to us caused by them will inflict themselves. No intimidation could survive the concoction of courage, tolerance and tenacity.”

Mumbai, INDIA:The city just shooked by a devastating explosion this afternoon around 3pm, dilapidating the headquarter of India’s Tech Giant Bhavishya Group of Industries. and its adjoining neighbourhood and edifices. Approx. 6000 residents found dead and 1546 were severely injured. No employees and people inside the office survived. Bomb squad and ballistic experts are called immediately in action to scavenge the cause of explosion. Many are presuming that it might be the endeavours of Vipers protégées as per the conspectus of the plan was recovered 7 months ago at Cambodia. The Indian Government promulgated RAF and paratroopers for utmost security of the citizens.

Somebody does care!

Location: Unknown

Time: 10:51 pm

He fell out of the bed in pathos. A gloomy nightmare of his teenage life, his bygone days of joining as a cadet, his best friends demise incessantly haunting him now and then. He knew that his fighting days are over, he is incapable of any duties, and have to decompose at the corner of his room, dying with all those laments and suffering.

“Your task is to infiltrate into the campaign and take a position to devastate the arsenal trailers and eliminate Viper. Remember no hostages are killed in action!” the mission report still sirens and bursts his heart. Just for a moments fault, he had to pay such a price? His friend Adik, Colonel Tricas, his troops?

“Adik, don’t you dare leaving me! Listen to me! Adik!” The infidels were wiped off by air strike, and amongst the corpses, he was still holding his friend’s mutilated torso. Leftovers of war are just some bloodshed hues and mourning. He is still uncertain why Adik called the air strike inside the lair in the midst of nothing? His mission was to rescue the hostages and put them in safe zone for extraction. Why he suddenly altered his plans and entered directly into Vipers lair?

Yes, Viper was shot dead by bullets punched to his forehead. But his final mission in battleground is stained with the blood of His pal and troops.

“PERILS OF WAR, MY FOOT!” Gun Salutes now are so incoherent for him, reparations cannot be compromised by professionalism. How will they know the solidarity at campaign night fires, the fun they had at simulations, the heartfelt camaraderie cannot be gratified and ingeminated?

Alcohol is now his ally, and he is desperately searching for a moment to purge his emotions for the price of one drink. His psychedelic emotions help him to abstain from that excruciating subtraction. Intoxication of

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