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Book Four


Kevin Sinclair

Copyright © 2021 Kevin Sinclair

All rights reserved

This novel is entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters and situations portrayed in it are the work of the author’s imagination.

The Author has no medical experience whatsoever and is in no way offering dietary or health advice. Any situation herein, are purely of the authors imagination.

All resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

No part of this book may be reproduced or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the express written permission of the copyright owner except for the use of quotations in a book review.

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First edition 2021


Thanks first and foremost goes to my wife, who without her support, none of this would be possible. From being alpha reader and editor, to help with all aspects of this crazy journey we have embarked on.

As always, I’d like to thank my children, Ewan, Lydia, William and Alexander. Just for existing and bringing me pride and joy.

To the Guildmasters, for all your help, support and friendship. Just a thoroughly fantastic group of people.

To my beta readers, Denny Johnson, Jeff Walsh, Joe Jelliffe, Liam Johnson and Cody Whitfill for your time and amazing feedback.

To my Editors, Andi Marlowe and Victoria Sinclair for your excellent work. Gaiusprimus for some amazing proofreading. And Eko for yet another amazing cover!


A handy reference, to help navigate the galaxy through Shaun’s garbled use of the English language.

Bottling it:      Loss of courage at the last moment.

Dicky Radge: To become incredibly upset and lose all

                             composure.Similar to a temper tantrum.

Jammy:             Lucky / fortunate.

Manky:              Dirty and unpleasant

Snaffled:           The hasty acquisition of an item, without


Mug:                    Gullible, easily swayed, foolish.

Nutter:                  Prone to unbalanced and erratic behaviour.



Chapter 1 Hiding in the Dark

Chapter 2 Handy Skills

Chapter 3 For God’s Sake

Chapter 4 Fade to Black

Chapter 5 New Friends

Chapter 6 Float like a Butterbean

Chapter 7 Going Nowhere Fast

Chapter 8 Tools of the Trade

Chapter 9 Astridoid

Chapter 10 The Curtains are a-Twitching

Chapter 12 Rufus the Doofus

Chapter 13 Mother Knows Best

Chapter 14 I’m Omni Gonna Say This Once

Chapter 15 Only the Lonely

Chapter 16  Fight Club

Chapter 17 Spare Ribs in Kim Do Sauce…18

Chapter 18  Dual POV Dies For Now

Chapter 19 Stockholm Syndrome

Chapter 20 The Plan

Chapter 22  Ship Shape

Chapter 23 Choices

Chapter 24 The Message

Chapter 25 No Contest

Chapter 26  Dental Work

Chapter 27 Be My Frankenstein

Chapter 28 The Great Leveler

…Incoming from Shaun…

Kevin Sinclair

Coming Soon…

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Chapter 1

Hiding in the Dark

The journey through the Dark Sector was uneventful. We passed several more of the gargantuan space stations, all of which looked identical to Beler 3103. Other than those, the whole place was just like any other part of the galaxy we had been through.

Even so, anxiety coursed through me as we approached Accre, the home planet of these rogue Fystr. Ember stood by my side on the bridge, her hand in mine, as we watched the planet grow closer. So reminiscent of Earth, with green and blue hues striped through with white wisps of cloud. Details you would expect from an inhabited planet slowly began to reveal themselves. What surprised me most was the lack of sprawling metropolises; in fact, it seemed that most of the planet consisted of dense forests and open meadows, pockmarked with the occasional small settlement.

We descended, taking all of our ships down to the surface. While I’d have preferred to keep some cover up in orbit, at this point it didn’t really matter. If something untoward were to happen, there was fuck all we could do against these guys. Plus, we were definitely better suited to fight out any issues that arose on the surface. Our space battle game was average at best.

Once the ships had all landed, we received a communication to head out and join them, preferably unarmed. Damn did it hurt to leave Havok on the ship. He ranted angrily in my mind about what a bad idea it was, but I felt pretty confident they wouldn’t do anything to us. They could’ve shot the shit out of us at any point, from our first contact.

The door hissed open and all those concerns were swept from my mind, as I took in Accre firsthand. I was blown away by how beautiful the place was. Like someone had taken all of the best parts of Earth, then multiplied them tenfold. The weather was a perfect temperature, warm without causing discomfort, and complemented by the gentlest of breezes passing by. The sky was almost clear, with the occasional fluffy cloud floating lazily by.

Ember’s loud exclamation broke me from my reverie. “Fuck me, Shaun! It's gorgeous here.” I chuckled at her.

“It’s like a little slice of paradise,” I agreed, before setting off down the ramp. Calegg and Elyek were with us as we headed toward this fateful meeting.

Six Fystr waited patiently for us, a few yards back from the ramp. They were as you would expect: very tall, but these guys were dressed in grey robes, like monks and appeared non-threatening. Which was a huge contrast to every Fystr we’d had the pleasure of meeting so far. Just before we reached them, I spoke quickly into Ember's mind. “Watch my back, if you know what I mean.”

“I never know what you mean, but I'll always watch your back. Such a nice back,” she quipped and proceeded to pat said back.

We were greeted by the guy who I’d spoken to over the comms shortly after our great escape from the Galactic Empire.

“Welcome to Accre.'' He spread out

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