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David Bishop and the Mystic of Creation

T.C. Crawford

Copyright © 2021 T.C. Crawford

All rights reserved

The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

No part of this book may be reproduced, or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without express written permission of the publisher.

ISBN-13: 9798700267168

ISBN-10: 1477123456

Cover design by: Rae Merritt Design

Library of Congress Control Number: 2018675309

Printed in the United States of America

This book is dedicated to everyone out there with a dream - don't give up on it, you never know what kind of adventure it could take you on!


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Map of Hurea

Chapter I

David Bishop stood in awe, watching helplessly as the Defiant One rose from the Dark Abyss, stopping just over the Royal Palace. He could barely hear Orin yelling for him to run, but his feet wouldn’t move - he was paralyzed with fear.

The thunderous cheers and stomping of the demon army was deafening and filled David with a dread unlike anything he had ever experienced. What’s worse – he knew he was responsible for their awakening. Without his powers, none of this would have happened.

He had gone into the battle with the intention of stopping General Krauss from harnessing enough energy to perform the ritual and breaking open the rift between the world of the living and the Dark Abyss. Instead, he only brought the General the power he needed to bring his plans into fruition.

His gaze fixated on the green star-like light shining brightly above the Royal Palace. It was mesmerizing. He briefly wondered why he even tried resisting – what could he, an orphan from nowhere, possibly hope to achieve against such a powerful foe.

To his side, David could see that Erin was screaming something – her face distorted with her mouth open wide in an endless array of screams. He couldn’t hear what she was saying over the deafening roar of the demons, but he could see on her face that she was terrified and that her message was urgent. She kept pointing behind him and pulling on his sleeve, trying to get him to go with her, but he just couldn’t muster the strength to comply.

Suddenly, the green star seemed to zoom into focus – David could see him for the first time, as clear as if he were only feet away. The first thing he noticed was his eyes – they were empty and lifeless, devoid of everything that David was accustomed to seeing in a person. But he knew that the Defiant One was no person – he was a Mystic. The Mystic of Destruction…and he was hell bent on revenge.

Just as quickly, David realized those empty eyes were focused directly on him. His heart stopped and his breath failed him as the Defiant One rushed toward him with such insane speed that he had no time to react. He was inches from crashing into him and there was nothing he could do to stop it – it was over, he had failed.

“David! David, wake up!” came a distant, familiar voice.

David opened his eyes and was nearly blinded by the intensity of the light.

He was in his bed back in Ravenfell, and the morning sun was shining brightly through his window and onto his face. Erin was standing by his bed, franticly shaking him, trying to get him to wake.

“David!” she cried, shaking him fiercely again, “You’re having another nightmare, wake up!”

David slowly blinked away the dream, relieved to see he was safe in his bed until he remembered the harsh reality that his sense of security, too, was a farce – he wasn’t safe, no one was. The Defiant One had been released from the Dark Abyss, and it was all his fault. There was no one else to blame.

“I’m up, I’m up!” he said, waving his arm at Erin as she tried to shake him once more for good measure.

“It was the same dream again, wasn’t it?” she asked, a hint of concern in her voice.

“Yeah…” David said, nodding, a distant look in his eyes as he recalled the events of the dream.

It was always the same dream. Every night since the Awakening, David had been plagued with nightmares – always the same, always taunting him for his failures, always reinforcing them with the realization that he was solely responsible for unleashing the greatest evil the world had ever known.

“It will be okay, David. We will find a way to defeat him, I just know it!” said Erin reassuringly.

She had been so supportive since they returned from the battle of Eldergate. She knew he blamed himself, but she also believed in the prophecies that said he would be the one to seal away the Defiant One and defeat the coming darkness. David suspected that the prophecies were wrong, given the circumstances they now found themselves in, but he appreciated Erin’s support, nonetheless.

“You keep saying that, but I can’t help but feel like it won’t be okay. Ever since the battle, I’ve lost my connection to the Orb. It just sits there, lifeless – much like how I feel.” said David, looking down at the image of the orb in his hand.

The orb softly glowed in the back of his hand, as if it were mocking him and his impotence.

“Don’t worry about it.” said Erin reassuringly, seeing the look on his face. “You are the warrior from prophecy, that much I am sure of! It never said

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