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Bondsof Love


Blue Star Visions

Minnetonka, MN 55345-1128




Copyright © 2021 by HarrietSkarie.

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This is a work of fiction. Allof the characters, organizations, and events portrayed in this novelare either products of the author’s imagination or are usedfictitiously.

All rights reserved. Withoutlimiting the rights under copyright reserved above, no part of thispublication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into aretrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means(electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise)without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.


1. Skarie, Heidi2. Science Fiction 3. Romantic Science Fiction 4. Visionary Fiction



Formy husband with love.

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The story reveals the excitingevents that led up to Toemeka joining the Coalition and becoming anundercover operative.

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Bookone of theStar Rider Series

“Fast-paced! I couldn’t putit down. Waiting for the next book.”

—Carolyn Veno

“I’d recommend this novel toeveryone who likes sci-fi action novels infused with spiritualinsights.”

—Iva Kenaz, author of TheGoddess Within

“Skarie’swriting has great appeal. I admire her ability to thread theuncertainties and heat of romance into a high-tech plot set well intothe future—onethat maintains our interest with its unusual weaponry, modes oftransportation and surprising tactics… StarRiderkeep you guessing on several fronts until the surprising end.”


“Fantastic book… very wellwritten… I cannot recommend this book highly enough.”


“This is a sci-fiadventure/romance, the first in a series. Ethereal and fascinatingdescriptions, mixed with everyday realism, spring from the pen ofthis skilled writer. Toemeka's code name is Star Rider and everythingchanges for her when she meets Michio and discovers he is an AhimsaWarrior. They are both on a mission with narrow escapes from deadlyscreeching tawkus and unexpected rescues in a fast-moving narrativewith breathtaking action. Will their separate missions drive themapart or bring them together? You won’t know till you reach the endof this thrilling story!”

—Marie Flanagan

“The first book in a brand-newseries, StarRideris full of action, adventure, science fiction, and romance. Theauthor introduces you to a fascinating new world. It is a fast-pacedbook. There is also a spiritual side to the book that surprised me. Iwill definitely be reading more of this series. It is a highlyentertaining read.”

—Jen Sut

“StarRider on the Razor's Edgehad me from page one! It has the perfect combination for qualityentertainment—I didn't want to put it down, but I also didn’twant it to end.”

—Lyndra Hearn Antonson, author, Howto Find Love: A Spiritual Approach

“Without a doubt, StarRider on the Razor’s Edgeby Heidi Skarie instills creative imagination. It takes you to realmswhere illusions of power for the enslavement of the many are soonuncovered… It was exciting, spell-binding, artfully choreographedand provocative!”

—Jean Weber, author of PetsAre Soul, Too


Chapter 1 Setting Traps

Chapter 2 The Child

Chapter 3 Cadmus

Chapter 4 New Challenges

Chapter 5 Tests

Chapter 6 Devil’s Eye

Chapter 7 Double-Cross

Chapter 8 Repercussions

Chapter 9 Escape

Chapter 10 Reunited

Chapter 11 The Ring

Chapter 12 Master Bakka

Chapter 13 Hard Choices

Chapter 14 Prison Camp

Chapter 15 Unholy Sacrifice

Chapter 16 Ceremonial Hall

Chapter 17 Desperate Measures

Chapter 18 Wilderness

Chapter 19 Unexpected Complications

Chapter 20 Bvundo Mountains

Chapter 21 Rushing Water River

Chapter 22 Owayan Tribe

Chapter 23 Misunderstandings

Chapter 24 The Fight

Chapter 25 The Attack

Chapter 26 End of a People

Chapter 27 Waiting

Chapter 28 Farmhouse

Chapter 29 Heart of the Enemy

Chapter 30 Home

Chapter 31 Nyla

Chapter 32 Dangerous Enemies

Chapter 33 The Trap

Chapter 34 Final Battle

Chapter 35 Epilogue


About the Author


Setting Traps

Country of Jaipar, Planet Borko

The sound of steel-against-steelrang in the cavern as two Borithon swords crashed together. The lastrays of sundown sliced over the rock wall, shining on Michio Kimes.He moved agilely away, watching his footing on the uneven ground ashis blond sparring partner, Prince Erling Fenian, slashed his swordat him. Michio was now in the shadows and Erling stood in the shaftof light with a confident smile on his well-formed features.

Michio watched for Erling’snext move, tension building in his arms and shoulders. He’d neverfought with a Borithon sword before and was having trouble gettingused to the weapon’s unusual qualities. It vibrated in his hand andseemed to have a life of its own. It repelled or attracted the otherBorithon sword in an unpredictable manner.

Erling leapt onto a boulder andMichio came after him, slashing the sword in a wide arc. Erlingbarely managed to deflect the blade. Michio relentlessly struck againand Erling swept up his sword, meeting Michio’s blade in midair.The two swords locked, causing a flash of light to shoot out. Pullingback, Michio lunged, feinted, then thrust again, while struggling tokeep his balance on the uneven terrain.

No longer smiling, Erlingcountered in a circular parry, turning aside Michio’s blade in anequally aggressive move and retaliating with forceful blows. Thespirited battle continued with neither man getting the upper hand.They were too well-matched in size, strength and ability.

Michio began to tire from theenergetic encounter, but he didn’t dare let down his guard.

Wiping sweat from his brow, hewatched Erling.

Erling’s blue eyes flickeredand Michio knew he was going to release the second blade on hissword. In one fluid motion, Michio leapt aside and pressed a buttonon his own sword.

The two blades split apart,opening at a forty-five-degree angle joined at the hilt; it was as ifthe weapon was a pair of shears. Michio swung the lethal sword at hisadversary, meeting Erling’s double blades with his own. His armshook from the force of the impact.

Erling drew back his sword.Michio paused, watching for Erling’s next move. Fighting with twoblades was difficult and he couldn’t afford to make a mistake. Twoblades came slashing at him again. This time he hit one of Erling’sblades head on—the other blade sliced into his jacket.

Michio moved above his discomfortwith the unfamiliar weapon and fought with renewed vigor,instinctively sensing Erling’s next maneuver. Michio’s swordflashed out in a fluid, smooth rhythm and his body moved gracefullyin total harmonious control.

Erling’s thrusts were lesscertain, his arm unsteady. Michio forced him to back up as he struckrepeatedly.

“Stop at once!” a woman’svoice exclaimed, breaking Michio’s concentration.

He glanced toward the door of thevirtual reality workout room, relaxing his grip on the sword. Erlingleapt forward and slid his blades between Michio’s, one over andone under, then gave a quick twist. The sword flew out of Michio’shand.

“Effective maneuver,” Michiosaid, realizing he shouldn’t have taken his attention off the matchfor even a moment. He knew how good Erling was from their days offighting together in the revolt that won Jaipar’s freedom.

“What do you two think you’redoing?” demanded Queen Koriann, the youthful ruler of Jaipar.Captain Zachary, head of the royal guards, followed her into the roomand hit the control button

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