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Mia is an ordinary girl who just wants to graduate successfully from the university and get a good job to help her family move to a big city and, finally, live happily.

Henry is a powerful billionaire who owns one of the biggest construction companies in the world. The confident man who is used to getting what he wants out of life.

But what happens if these two people from completely different worlds accidentally meet? He wasn't ready to let her go, and she couldn't get him out of her head. Let's find out what happened.
The beautiful love story with a happy ending ❀️

Carrie was unable to find her mate, but despite that, her life was going great. Chosen mate to the alpha, acting luna to her pack, and in love with her fiancΓ©, she had nothing to complain about.

At least, until Alpha Dane found his mate and everything Carrie loved and worked for quickly unravels before her eyes. Banished from her pack, she works to build a life for herself until the unexpected happens.

This story comes chronologically after Rejecting the Alpha, but can be read standalone.

Mature due to violence, language, and sexual content. Not intended for the under 18 crowd.

Rebecca Eyre has written down all her thoughts without the fear of being found out, but one day, the dark secrets of her diary are exposed to the public and she will try to find out who is in control of her life and why they want to destroy her.

Cat short for Katherine is Eric’s lover because honestly she can’t call herself more and she has finally had enough she wants more and because Eric has been so busy with work and is forever travelling, he has started to spend less time with her.... is he bored, has she really gone past her used by date?

So to protect herself, Cat tried to end things with him but Eric being the man he is doesn’t see the need to end their relationship. Even though this is the longest he has been with anyone.

"How much?" She asked angrily. Completely ignoring the fact that he called her something in spanish.

"One million dollars!" He spoke with an emotionless face.

She understood it now. The maids didn't get too much pay and like this it will take her whole life paying off the debt. That is why he's so smug.

She was in her own thoughts when his next words got her curiosity.

"There's a way through which you can pay the whole amount at once. Then you'll be free to return to your family." He spoke in deep voice.

Her bright blue eyes met with his icy grey orbs. For the very first time she saw an emotion in his eyes other then anger. His icy grey orbs roamed at her body from head to toe. She felt chills at his gaze. His eyes turned darker and a smirk plastered on his face.


Alaya Sarim was a muslim girl, her mother died when she was 12. Her father married a rich christian women to support his business. Alaya's stepmother arranged a party, and invited her rich friends. Gerard hawkins, her stepmother's best friend and one of LA's richest man saw Alaya at the party. His sexual desire and lust for her leads to kiss her forcefully, but ended up with a slap! To satisfy his lust and revenge, he kidnapped her with the help of her stepmother and married her forcefully against her will. Her father remain unaware of the whole situation.
And she ended up in a cruel world of Gerard Hawkins!!
She spent months with him to only face his beast lashing out at her. She remained faithful to him. The months were in agony, he abused her as he wanted but suddenly he disappeared le

Ida gave birth to a new born baby on the day of her wedding anniversary, but her happiness didn't last for long, cause the nurse informed her that her baby died.

Before she could break down in tears, her husband and her sister appeared and claimed they killed the child, what's worse, her husband told her the only sex she thinks they had was with another man and not him. He declared heartlessly to her that he had never loved her and that it was her sister that he loved.

On that same spot, he threw the divorce paper to her and forced her to sign.

Five years later, a cute little boy held onto her leg clingingly and was demanding her to be his mum, since she has less than twelve months left to live according to the doctor, she thought she could spend that time with this adorable kid.

Ayeleen was a passionate doctor, who achieved her dream after many struggles. She was committed to a man whom she loved for seven years, and he loved her too. They wanted to marry each other with their parents permission after they both will get settled and build their carrier. It was the time when she wanted to tell her parents about him and they both could start a new life, but a nightmare changed her life completely and she was forced to marry a man whom she never even knew.
This man named Umer was a well settled business man in the city of Dubai, who went to meet his parents in Pakistan. He was a playboy, and always had what he wanted, but was ill mannered and had ill tempered behavior. He got sick during his stay and went to hospital where he met Ayeleen as his doctor. And his lust to

"You are mine, No one has a right to touch you, hold you or love you...You're all mine get that in your thick skull...I'll kill every single one who desires to have you or even think of having you, You belong to me only me your soul, your body everything belongs to me, only me...Do you get that" He said while gripping my chin with pressure, making me look into his eyes.

"Please... You're hurting me" I said, trying to free myself from his iron-like grip.

"Say it" he shouted on my face, gripping my chin even more tightly.

"Yes( sobbing ) yes... I'm yours" I said, sobbing and struggling to be freed from his grip.

Venessa foster 18 years old naive and kind-hearted. she is a brilliant student living a normal life with good grades until she meets a monster.


This story is about Eitan khan...... he is a maffia king he is the only son of his parents he is rude, powerful, handsome, tall,rich, control freak what happen when this power full man falls in love with an innocent girl name noor she is extremely beautiful, intelligent, caring kindhearted..... Noor was living a simple life until she met the king..... she doesn't hv any idea who has fallen for her . .... he has now only one aim in his life to make her his queen will she adjust in her lifestyle? or she run away? will eithan let her go?