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She was broken, sad and in pain. She built high walls around her that no one could break. She hid behind a fake mask which was to always smile so that she could hide the pain on the inside.
He saw past this mask and was willing to help and protect her because she was fragile. Was it gonna be as easy as he thought it would be?

Ace Roberts,

The owner of Robert Corporation. He has everything a girl wants. He once a Prince charming. But, when his girlfriend cheated on him. He became a heartless womanizer.He starts using girl like clothes..

Bella Knight,

A sweet, simple yet beautiful girl. She loves Ace since her childhood but Ace never notice her. She is the princess of her parents. When she saw her love turned into a heartless womanizer she wants to change him but she end up being his obsession.

Will Bella able to turn the womanizer into the prince charming aging?

Will Ace ever notice Bella?

Will his obsession will turn into love?

Let's find out dear readers..

Meet Angelina Moore, a young lady who is determined to bring her parents out of poverty they find themselves in.

Meet Daves martins a young billionaire who works night and day to grow and promote his business.

what happens when they cross path. Angelina was hired to be his maid by his dad but Daves never accepted as his maid. but them how did their love grow?

read to find out.

Vanya, a girl from a small town in India comes to the big city Mumbai. A girl who has never seen the outer world she is now struggling to find a decent job, to save her family in the village. Rejected from everywhere she has to make a friend who helped her financially, now her friend asked her to join her for a party as one of the complimentary girls. There she met Mritunjay Sehgal. Multi-billionaire and one of the world's most eligible bachelor. He was attracted to her and that sealed the fate of Vani's future. To save her family, she agreed to be his mistress. But the time she spends with him, she started to fall for him. When he breaks their relationship, He asked Vanya to leave and she left with their unborn child in her womb. This is the story of a mistress and a billionaire.

Anahita Maurya is the modern image of independent, liberated girl with an equally modern family background. Despite this, she is betrothed to her father's best friend's son, Yuvraaj, who knows nothing but to get under her skin. She clearly despised his presence in her life and adamantly employs all the devices to get out of his vice clasp. Even if this means getting a boyfriend and defiant her family. Now, she has successfully involved herself in a relationship and Yuvraaj has chosen the exact moment to turn her world upside down. From persuasion to rebellion, all the measures have been plied. Finally, headstrong and ball breaking Anahita decides to elope on the eve of her wedding. Except, her boyfriend never turns up.