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Cristina Martinez – usually called ‘Tina’ by her friends, is that one friend who seems to have no luck in finding the love of her life. All of her friends are either engaged or married, it is only her who is left single. She is almost desperate to find ‘the one’, so one night she decides to go drinking, and the next thing she knew she was already having a steamy encounter with a very hot and handsome stranger whose name she never got to know, until they met again five years later.

Felix Romanov. A very influential man and a sought-after bachelor. The stranger whom Tina has shared the steamy night with.

How will these two individuals react once destiny brings them to reunite with each other through one unforeseen event?

Heaven Amelie Javier or also known as the "unlucky girl".
Her life is characterized by continual setbacks and misfortunes.
Although she's being cast out by the people around her, she never stop having a kind and soft loving heart. Her Name really suits her.
Deus Niccolli Cavelli also known as the ill tempered moster.
He is handsome, intelligent, and wealthy. Almost perfect but the problem lies on his attitude.
Two different worlds but fate has its own plots and twists.

(Book 2)

"Vihaan wait....." I shout. He flinches or was it my imagination. "How are you?" I ask in broken voice.

He turns and this time I flinch. His eyes are bloodshot. The vein on his face are popping. I have never seen him this angry.

"How am I? What a brilliant question you have asked Mrs Malhotra....ops sorry ex Mrs Malhotra. Well I am doing fine with my wifey." Tears starts welling up in my eyes.

"Vihaan you don't get to hurt me." I mumble.

"Oo..... I do. Just like you gave me pain 3 years ago....." the mocking voice was exchanged with a painful voice. " didn't even thought of me. You just left me. YOU. FUCKING. LEFT. ME."

"Then what should I have done. We were toxic for each other vihaan." I cry out. My heart was in pain and I didn't know how to stop it's pain.


Omni Systems, the world’s largest tech company, has discovered a way to combine lucid dreaming with the experience of RPG and virtual communities. They select five young adults from across the globe to take part in the trial run of the revolutionary technology, SKYE.

A backpacker, a pro gamer, a veterinary student, a fitness motivator, and a brittle bone disease survivor; these five individuals must learn to harness their imaginations and innate mana, which take the guise of guardian spirits called Anima. The Imagineers, as they’re fondly dubbed by the press, will journey through the highly unpredictable environment of their collective dream to meet a mystical character known as Atom the God of Creation.

Shhh don't raise your voice at me dollface",he says and fists my hair pulling it tightly."your family ours is too much, your brother will substitute for Federico",.

" That will never happen over my dead body,you bastard, you're out of you mind if you think I'll let that bat shit crazy mother of yours raise my brother",I say despite feeling my skull painful burn from him pulling my hair.
"I don't like this smart mouth of yours,a woman should never speak unnecessarily and should agree with her husband but you are one disobedient little bitch",he says and pushes me to the ground.

" I never asked to be your wife you forced me, I'm not the one the killed your brother,I was never there!",I yell as tears stream down my face,they can't take away my brothers I won't let them.

Paula Ricci is a beautiful twenty-two-year-old girl, who possesses a heart of gold. She is a simple waitress, struggling through the hardships of life. Her mother died when she was just a child, leaving her and her younger sister alone to fend for themselves. The circumstances of life led her to do things she had never imagined. But everything changes when she crosses paths with none other than the arrogant Dante D Luca, a thirty-five-year-old billionaire who believed that money and power can buy everything, including her.
Will he be able to have her as much as he want or would the green-eyed girl will turn his world upside down?
(Book 1) Addiction Series

Arthur Spencer, 30 years old C.E.O. and Golden heir of world’s biggest business empire, Spencer Enterprises, he’s a powerful billionaire and an eligible bachelor of New York City, He’s cold, Self-centred, Impulsive, and extremely possessive. He has the power to destroy anyone’s life in just a blink of an eye, and his family is acknowledged as Dark Royalty.

Davina Ellis, a divorced 27 years old sweet, and naive woman, works as a restaurant manager at Neens Restaurant. In just three years with her hard work and determination, she made the restaurant popular and successful than other branches of it.
What happens when Arthur discovers that It was Davina's husband with whom his fiance cheated?

Dark Romance.
Mature Content.

"P-please leave me. I don't even know who your brother is. " Luciana

He snickered at her helpless form under him completely at his mercy.

"You don't have to know him baby. I will make sure you will only remember me. Your hell like husband." Damon

With his words he started his beasty acts not caring about how badly he tortured her. How badly he's damaging her soul.

A pure broken doll who was already shattered inside and out. Her only hope was someone to come and save her from the nightmare in which she was living.

But like people say nothing happens according to your wish.

He came. Not to end her suffering but to increase it.

A beast. Heartless psycho. Mafia boss. And

Her worst nightmare.

Will she be able to make him believe her innocence or will he end up in a pit of her love.

Five years ago, Amberleigh Dubois was plucked from a slum and given a job in the exclusive Cobra Club. At the Cobra Club all your fantasies can come true for the right price .She's grateful for her position as one of the club’s goddesses in The Circus Room. One night a VIP makes an offer she can’t refuse. He's young, handsome, and one of the richest men in Omega City. And Grayson Godwin is also in desperate need of an heir. It seems too good to be true, two million dollars to have his child. Like a dream job to live in a swanky highrise, have sex with a hot billionaire, and get paid. No strings attached. But it seems the billionaire playboy has something to hide...
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